Deadpool 2 - First Teaser // a film by 20th Century Fox (2017)

Well shit. This is officially the best fucking trailer I’ve seen in 2017. 

  • Disney: So, how are we all doing today?
  • Fox: Well, we released Logan a few days ago, and that has gone perfectly.
  • Disney: Did people cry?
  • Fox: They were bawling.
  • Disney: Very good, very good. How about Netflix? I believe you have Iron Fist out in a few days.
  • Netflix: Uh, yeah, but the reviews haven't been great.
  • Disney: OK, I see. Don't worry, it's only one show, and we've got the Punisher on the way, we'll make it through. How about the comics division?
  • Marvel Comics: Um....
  • Disney: What have you done?
  • Marvel Comics: What?
  • Netflix: We know that sound. How bad is it?
  • Fox: Look, as long as it doesn't involve Nick Spencer, we'll be fine.
  • Marvel Comics: ...
  • Netflix: Oh god, what's he done now?
  • Marvel Comics: He..... he made Magneto a Nazi.
  • Fox: *flips the table*

You know what I love about 2017′s line up of superhero films? There are 6 of them, all in one year. One from Fox, Two from DC, Three from Marvel Studios. And all of them are nothing like each other. I mean, just look at this line up:

Logan, a Western inspired R rated film that redefines what the phrase ‘dark/grim superhero movie‘ means.

GotG 2, a sequel to perhaps the most proudly weird superhero movie ever made that’s set to be even weirder.

Wonder Woman, the first female led superhero film (ignoring Supergirl and Catwoman, which we do, cause those movies bombed big time), which is about a warrior from Themyscira fighting Germans in World War 1.

Justice League, DC’s first big team up movie.

And then there’s Thor Ragnarok. Which seems set on out doing Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of over the top comic book weirdness.

Of all the movies coming out this year, the only one that doesn’t feel completely unique is Spider-Man Homecoming. But even that has a villain never before seen in a Spider-Man film, an extremely diverse supporting cast compared to the previous SM films, and it’s going to co-star Iron Man.

We’re in for one hell of a ride, folks.

Recently news has been popping up that Disney is in meetings with 20th Century Fox about buying everything from the company that isn’t sports or news related. It’s obvious the main reason Disney is considering this is so they can get the film rights for X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool as well as the complete rights to Star Wars episodes 1-6. Though this would also mean they would get the rights to Fox made animations such as all of the Blue Sky movies and their TV cartoons including The Simpsons.

With news this bizarre I couldn’t resist making a short comic about it. Though a few news sites are stating that the talks are already over and this isn’t gonna happen, so this comic might already be out of date. Then again there are some articles saying that the more talks could still happen so you never quite know.

Also this marks the first time I’ve drawn Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, and Deadpool.