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Dreamwork’s Me And My Shadow (2018). Property of 20th Century Fox. Not to be duplicated.The concept of the movie is that there is a secret world for shadows. The main shadow, Stan, is attached to the world’s most boring man, Stanley Grubb. When an unknown shadow commits a crime that gives shadows the ability to take control of their human, Stan is the only one that finds out. So to prevent Stanley’s life from getting endangered, him and Stan go on an adventure throughout the shadow world to investigate who did it. Along the way, they meet other shadows that help them along the journey. One of those shadows are a shadow flashlight named, Wesley, who is said to be Stan’s friend in the shadow world. Also along the journey, Stanley and Stan must face off against dangerous shadows who most likely works for the evil shadow who committed the crime. Heidi is the love interest for Stanley. At one point in the movie, they go on a date. The picture of their date is posted, it’s the one when Stanley’s tie is in his cup of tea. When the villain is exposed, he traps Stanley and Stan, and the shadow villain and all the shadows all head out to the human world to cause mayhem and turn the humans into shadows. Stanley and Stan must find a way to escape the shadow world and save the world.