20th century illustration


Dark Horse Comics Lady Killer mini series (compiled into a perfect bound graphic novel edition) is written by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones, and masterfully drawn by Ms. Jones herself. 

The gritty (and bloody!) story deals with a Mad Men era suburban Seattle housewife who’s actually a CIA assassin. 

Artist Joelle Jones explains how she playfully put together a series of vintage ad mockups while doing research for the project, shown above (with additional hand lettering by Crank). The mini-series is a dark delight, just as these playfully grim ads are. This isn’t a comics blog, of course. And Rich and Jones’ mini series won’t be for everyone. But the art is still terrific, and those ads are fun. The illustration style and typography is strictly now, but the coloring and general ‘feel’ are pure retro. And we’ll admit it: We love retro, and get a real kick out of seeing contemporary tweaks and twists of vintage 20th century design, illustration and photographic tropes. Check out more of Jones work at joellejones.com.

Tesla’s World-Wide Wireless Transmission Of Electrical Signals, As Well As Light and Power - Illustration and caption by Hugo Gernsback from Electrical Experimenter magazine, February 1919, article written by ‘The Man Who Invented The 20th Century’, the great Nikola Tesla.

#100Days100Women Day 80: Bronislawa Wajs was a poet and singer nicknamed “Papusza” (Doll). She was interested in reading & writing from an early age, and would catch chickens to sell a local Jewish family in exchange for teaching her. Her family was insular and didn’t approve of her learning outside ways, but Bronislawa persevered. During the Nazi era she hid from Germans in the forest, as they hunted Romani to send to concentration camps. Afterward she and her family would take in a Polish poet who they would befriend and who would publish her poems, but also things he learned about the Polish Romani, causing much strife in her family.