20th century coyote


The Comic Strip

  • Alexei Sayle as the MC
  • Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson as ’20th Century Coyote’ (With Rik as Rick the Poet)
  • Peter Richardson & Nigel Planer as ‘The Outer Limits’ (With Nigel as Neil)
  • Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders as 'French & Saunders’
The Dangerous Brothers
20th century Coyote
The Dangerous Brothers

Rik Mayall’s dead, so here’s nearly seven minutes of 20thC Coyote (1980s early)

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson met at my dad’s university, redbrick Manchester.  Before The Young Ones and the later version of The Dangerous Brothers and Bottom and Guest House Paradiso there was 20th Century Coyote.  Their agents provocateur live stage act of clever, sideways, and above all physical humour.

Sound can only hint at the visual nature of what was going on on stage, but you get the gist.  I’ve no idea if this audio is taken from the CD of recordings of their stage act that was haunting bargain dump-bins in petrol stations and charity shops right up until the early years of this century.  I digitised this from an ancient ferric cassette years ago, that was in turn recorded for me many a year before that.

(Edit to add: I’ve long suspected the Dangerous Brothers bit at the beginning is actually from later and simply strung together with the Alexei Sayle intro’d piece, but am told otherwise.)

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Rik Mayall doing (one of) his poetry bit(s) live.