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Doctor Who episodes | Story: 129 | 20th Anniversary Special
↳ The Five Doctors

“I suddenly realised what the old proverb meant. To lose is to win and he who wins shall lose. It was all part of Rassilon’s trap to find out who wanted immortality and put him out of the way. He knew very well that immortality was a curse, not a blessing.”

PokeSpe Week - Day 8 : Free Day - Yamamoto Satoshi

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mato’s art, but a few recent interviews have given me a new level of respect for PokeSpe’s current artist. I never knew before those interviews how much he, when he first came on board, got constantly shat on by various editors and fans for replacing Mato. (holy f*ck razor blades?!) People kept telling him and Kusaka that it would be better to discontinue PokeSpe entirely rather than go on without the original artist.

But Kusaka believed in him and he kept soldiering on, and he’s still here over fifteen years later, doing things and going places he probably never dreamed of thanks to him working his butt off. So yes, thank you Yamamoto Satoshi, and happy 20th anniversary to PokeSpe!

There’s a lot of Discourse™ happening surrounding David Bradley’s comments on the First Doctor being a little bit sexist. Apparently some people seem to think that’s out of character for the earliest incarnation of the Doctor.

I would like to ask those people which TV show they’re watching, because apparently it’s not Doctor Who.

There are plenty of canonical examples of the First Doctor having a bit of a misogynist bent. Probably the most prominent example of the Doctor leaving his Granddaughter behind with some guy they just met because… well, just because.

If your response to that is, “Well, that’s from the 60s,” you’re right. So let’s spin on to 1983, to the 20th anniversary special “The Five Doctors” where the First Doctor, played by Richard Hurndall, orders Tegan to go get some refreshment for himself, Susan and the Fifth Doctor. Later, he demands that Tegan stay in the TARDIS where she will be safe.

Which… yeah. That’s not ideal, is it?

So, two things. Firstly, and this has been quite well established, Moffat writing the First Doctor as a bit of a chauvinist isn’t particularly at odds with the established canon.

Secondly, we have zero sodding context for exactly just how often this particular character trait is going to pop up. It could be one line. Or a scene. It could be a moment used to show the Doctor how far he’s come, and how much he’s grown. We have no clue how it’s going to play out, but I’d bet on it being a brief exchange and then that more-or-less being the end of it. Honestly, I’m okay with that - contrary to the perception certain corners of the Doctor Who fandom, Moffat has increasingly shown us over the years that he can handle potentially delicate matters like this very well (a reminder: Canon Moffat is much better than Fanon Moffat).

This has the potential to be the Series Six rematerialization debacle all over again - people making a mountain out of a molehill that exists solely in their heads. I suggest reserving judgment until the episode actually airs. It’s much harder to have a discussion about something we know basically bugger-all about.


Rica Matsumoto singing Mezase Pokemon Master and Alola on Pokenchi’s 20th Anniversary Special!

So this is some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Swag I got recently. These are out of print Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Yura-Yura Clips. I got this entire set solely because of the Ryou clip. LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO CUTE. 

Also, Ryou needs more merchandise. I am a simple person. Anything with Bakura or Malik stamped on it is getting bought by me. 

I also got this phone strap with a Yami Bakura quote on it! It’s another 20th Anniversary special. 

The line is “Yami no geemu no hajimaru da ze!” or “The Game of Darkness is starting!” 

This mofo glows in the dark! It’s so cool. 

Okay, I’m done showing off for now. X’D