#20tags #20 #facts about #myself 1. Im #lactoseintolerant 2. I have #stagefright 3. Im the #oldestsibling 4. Im a #sagittarius 5. Im #ocd im #superclean 6. I dont have any #kids 7. I was #married at a very young age 8. Im #single 9. I love #sushi 10. I love #peruvianfood 11. Im a #hopelessromantic 12. #adamlevine is my #celebritycrush 13. #ilovehiphop 14. My favorite #candy is anything #sour #sourcandy 15. I have 2 #tattoos & want more 16. I can play 5 musical instruments 17. I hate #shopping 18. #halloween is my #favoriteholiday 19. I love #horrormovies 20. Pregnant women scare me

Selam #20tags #20tagsaboutme beni etiketleyen sevgili arkadaşlarım @senabrn @tbdural @cocugumlaevdeyim teşekkür ederim çok zevkliydi.Aslında yazsam daha çok yazardım da “Bu ne yahu!” derler diye yazmadım😂😂😂

I figured it was about time I did this since I don’t have the photos for the daily challenges xP

1) I’m a guy
2) I’m twenty
3) my birthday is three days after Christmas
4) I was born in Germany
5) I’m left handed
6) I’m gay and dating someone who I’ve known for even and a half years now I think
7) I have Asperger’s syndrome, eczema and acid reflux
8) I injured a nerve in my shoulder a couple of month back from carrying too much weight on it so now I have to take painkillers daily just to use it to carry my bags
9) I love books
10) I love toys
11) I love Disney
12) I have a sister and two nieces and when I was growing up my dad was in the army so my m and sister raised me
13) until I was 13 I adored my dad, now I hate him for a few personal reasons
14) I love playing sims 2
15) I’ve met a bunch of fairly famous people including the poet Levi Tafari(I can’t remember how to spell his name it was like 9 years ago), authors: Steve Feasey, Andrew Lane, Jenny Valentine, joe Dunthorne, some female author who writes for teens I forget her name and my favourite author Cliff McNish <3 I also met Rolf Harris after I painted a portrait of him when I was like seven or eight and it got put up in like the town hall area on the camp near where I lived I was like 67th place out of 200 or something xD
16) I really want a kitten
17) I’m starting a childcare course at college on Wednesday
18) my sister is nine and a half years older than me
19) I adore the marvel movies - wade and Clint are my baes - and so far GotG is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years
20) I love horror movies and watching youtubers play horror video games since I’m too scared to do it myself lol #tag #20facts #20tags

So I’ve been tagged 5 times on this thing so might as well. Let’s do this!!
1. I have a mouth like a sailor
2. I LOVE spicy food, like Thai super duper hot.
3. I can make the best salsa ever (I only say this because if that’s what people want from me all the time, including my Mexican friends that must say something).
4. Fried chicken, white rice, and Mongolian beef= are my favorite foods.
5. My personal IG I once had almost 8,000 followers until I started blocking people I didn’t know.
6. One of my goals this year is to give more.
7. The other one is to be more INVOLVED.
8. Natural born leader.
9. I can easily smell a bullshitter and I try to stay far away from those.
10. I mainly date white guys, but back in the day from 13-19 I was all about them Filipino boys lol.
11. I have 11 god children but zero of my own kids :/
12. I want to be a nurse practitioner, but my ultimate dream job is to be a mom.
13. I’m 27 and my birthday is March 24th.
14. Many people mistake me for a Scorpio though.
15. I can’t spell for shit
16. When new products come out, I HAVE to get it -_- I can’t wait.
17. I’m going to be doing “FUCK SPENDING FEBRUARY” and yes I just made it up right now lol.
18. I’ve donated my hair to locks of love and I’m never going to cut it short ever. Never. Ever.
19. PhD motivated
20. Getting my learn on now, so I can get my earn on later and be able to retire my parents so they can relax and enjoy life. But the typical Filipinos that my parents are they’ll work till the day they die if they could.
DAT. IS. ALL. FOLKS! If could tag everyone I would. Do it if you can. Who cares if you’re not tagged :P #aboutme#20tags

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http://8tracks.com/volpestarks/tevinter-imperium (<— LOVE this playlist)




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