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Sugar Baby In Their 20s : Things To Remember

Unfortunately unlike a lot of you super young and smart sugar babies out there, I didn’t start sugaring until last year at the age of 23. I don’t know what the age limit is or if there is one but I do often get anxiety about it. 
This week was spring break and I had a sugar date EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was completely having fun and relaxing. I still have 3 more to go. One tonight, two Sunday and one Monday night. Unfortunately, in the sugaring world, you have to come back to reality.  

1) If you’re a sugar baby student, don’t forget to be a student. 

As much fun as I’ve had over the last week of spring break, I did NOT want to focus on homework, I wanted to fantasies my next date with Feline Felix (he’s on Monday :)) However, if you tell your daddies you’ll still be in school for another two years, don’t make it four. Make sure you get your assignments in, get a good grade on your tests and if you have to, TELL YOUR SUGAR DADDY TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR TESTS ARE DONE. 
I have done this many more times than not. Your sugar daddy SHOULD respect and applaud you for having your head straight in your studies. 

2) Save. 

Anyone that knows my blog well, I do give tips and tricks about how to fake your expensive wardrobe for cheap. “Be $mart In Your Wardrobe” posts if you were wondering. Always save though. Your sugar daddy can drop you like a hat at any time for whatever reason. Have money saved for a rainy day for rent, tuition, whatever.  If you can, have a day job so you don’t have a blank in your resume for 2 years for sugaring. You’ll thank me later. 

3) Learn. 

Your daddies have a world wind of experience under their belts. They became successful for a reason, why not make yourself successful too? If you’re going out with a doctor, or an attorney and your degree is going in that direction, make sure to use him as a reference to get a good job after school. Mr. Limelight has tons of connections that I could use from knowing him. Don’t ever end on bad terms and hang on to his number. 

4) You’re not in your 20s forever.

Keep this in mind always. You’re not going to able to sugar for the rest of your life. If you do, kudos to you. Make sure you have that degree, that house, that dream and never let go of the site of that. 


HAVE FUN! You’re not in your 20s forever and you may not ever get to experience these things ever again. Take it while you can!  

Hope this helps. 

- (sbmisstaylor)

“I think a big part of being in your 20s is realizing that your parents are people, and that they’re not just in the world to serve you. Realizing that your parents have their own issues and their own anxieties, it can be traumatic, because you still feel like a child. You don’t feel ready for it.”

-Lena Dunham

Who says nigga more:

Asian teenagers/20somethings from Cali
White girls with Black boyfriends
NonBlack Latinos who grew up in the hood

*cue jeopardy music*

Pyramid Scheme scammer ends up paying in the end!

(very long story)

About 6 or 7 years ago, I was trying to enlist into the military. I ended up not joining but that’s a story for another time. At this point, I was led to believe I was about 4 months away from leaving for Boot camp. I was running out of savings, and needing a part time job for some spending cash while I waited around.

So I did what any enterprising 20something would do, and searched craigslist for jobs. I normally hate sales jobs, especially those based on commissions, but figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash short term. Found a few job listings that looked promising, and put out some applications. A few days later I received a call from David. He was opening up a new store and needed associates. He liked my resume and asked if I’d be available for an interview on Friday morning. I was very up front with him, and let him know that the distance was a bit more than I’d normally drive for a retail job, and asked what he was offering for an hourly rate, to see if it was worth the drive. He told me that they were planning on offering an hourly rate in the mid teens, along with commission. Seemed like an ok deal, so I agreed to be there Friday at 8am.

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at first glance 2d looks like he’s one of those edgy 20something demon ocs but no he’s nearly 40 years old and he doesnt know how to tie his shoes

7 Cosmic Horrors You’ll Date in Your 20s
Dating is tough. If you’re not careful, you could lose your mind.
By Topher McCulloch

1. The Great Dreamer

While scuba diving in the South Pacific on spring break you’ll separate from your group and swim off to a strange, sunken city. Could this be the legendary R’lyeh? There in his house you’ll find Cthulhu waiting, dreaming. With a quick peck on one of his rubbery tentacles he’ll awake. Was he dreaming of you? His allure will be unmistakeable. In the relationship you’ll often feel more like a worshipping cultist than a significant other. Later, drunk on too much cheap New England moonshine, you’ll get a lower back tattoo in Papyrus that says Fhtagn. He’ll tell you it means “dreams.” Things will start to go south when despite your best efforts to make the long distance work, he spends most of the time you’re together sleeping. “Who are you dreaming of,” you’ll demand through hot tears. He won’t answer.

We Make Mistakes, We Fall For Snakes.

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Tonight I had a girls night and it was a BLAST. We saw a Magic Mike type show tonight. Whooo…. I’m still sweating. I eyed one male in particular. At the end of the show I wanted to get a picture with me and the girls. They weren’t for it being a bit older than I, they didn’t feel the need to spend $20 and take a picture with guys when we can get them all the time. 

I’m a Scorpio, if I want something bad enough, I do anything and everything in my power to have it. Needless to say, I went by myself. I told the guy I wanted that I wanted to sit on his lap specifically. He seemed kind of surprised, it was cute. Afterwards he invited me to an after party with them!

I WAS SO EXCITED. *hair flip* Holla, at cha’ girl! 

I did meet up with him. We talked for a bit. He asked me if I was coming the next day and that there would be a bigger and real after party tomorrow. 

THIS is where I saw through the bullshit. Damn Scorpios ability to see the truth. 

He said to bring my friends tomorrow there and the after party. He also pulled out his work phone, NOT personal line and put my number in it. 

Of course he wanted an attractive girl to come back with friends, HE MAKES MONEY that way and he has a girlfriend.

And before you say anything I KNOW it’s an act, I KNOW they tell every woman this. But hey, what if you are the next girlfriend? One of the girls who went with me, her good friend has a baby with one of them. 

Moral of the story : There will be Sugar Daddies who will promise the world, and come up short for THEIR benefit. Be smart, use your amazing woman intuition and don’t be stupid. 


Days 24, 25, 26! I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while! This summer has been amazingly great so far. I think part of that is because I am choosing to focus on happiness, notice the moments I feel joy and appreciate them. I’ve been dancing around a lot and listening to music. I’ve been forming new friendships and cherishing old ones. I focus on what I feel like doing and I go do that instead of forcing myself to do something I think I should. I’ve been eating too much chocolate, drinking too much coffee and sleeping less, but I feel so alive. I feel like I’m kinda getting the hang of this diabetes life and just my life in general. I’m growing and I can feel I’m entering an amazing part of my adulthood. My 20s feel great. I feel like my life is a summer movie. I saw double rainbows, fireflies, fireworks and the milky-way all in one night. The world is shining down on me and I hope it’s shining for you. My blood sugar was high yesterday and I was being unreasonable with my mom and didn’t want to admit that my mood was bad because of diabetes but later I apologized to her for it. I changed my needles, my lancet, and I opened new pens today. Everything is fresh and new and I’m ready to be on top of diabetes and life in general over the next couple of days. This afternoon I am going on a road trip and I’ll see my fav live band again tonight. I need to do a little better with managing my sugars and I am going to work on that moving forward, but I feel like I am establishing a base of happiness that will be my grounding point as I work toward better management.

Do what feels right and happiness will come your way! Follow your bliss 🌞 Change your lancet. Reorder your prescriptions. Don’t ignore your dexcom alarm. Move forward into the sunshine and do it right. Happy summer!