20s wedding dress

Alexander Rzewuski, L'Épousée aux Dentelles (The Laced Bride). Robe de mariée, de Worth (Wedding dress by House of Worth), La Gazette du Bon Ton, February 1921.

Wedding Dress by Mary Ruby
Date: 1924
Culture: American
Location: MFA Boston

Silk satin and silver metallic wrapped on silk core thread brocade with silver-coloured metallic rhinestone diamond, and clear glass beads embroidered on silk net, silver-coloured metallic lace in honeycomb style, silk satin and silk net

As much as I love the idea of Sherlock and Molly having a big fancy wedding with hundreds of guests and a honeymoon on a private island that Sherlock was given as payment for a case, I also can’t imagine either of them wanting that kind of attention on them all day. My alternate idea for their wedding is when they’ve been together for a few years - Molly is 6 months pregnant when Sherlock puts his newspaper down and asks if she wants to get married. Out of the blue, but it’s not like they’re not ready to commit to each other. 

The main problem is that it’s a week before Christmas, and they won’t have the time to plan a wedding when the baby arrives… so they hatch a plan. They invite their family and closest friends - 15 people in total - to Baker Street on Christmas eve, with a dress code of ‘semi-formal’. The women are sent to the living room of 221B, while the men meet Sherlock in Mrs Hudson’s flat, and it soon becomes clear that it’s not a normal Christmas party. After the situation is explained, there’s a rush to get Molly’s hair done and her dress on, while Sherlock gets the generic ‘how to be a good husband’ speech from his father, John, Greg, Mycroft, and Molly’s younger brother. Mycroft calls in a favour and the groomsmen make their way to the nearest registry office in a fleet of black cars, followed by the bridal party. 

After the ceremony, they all go back to Baker Street, where Mrs Hudson and Mrs Holmes put on a slapdash wedding breakfast - including a Christmas pudding that Sherlock and Molly burn the brandy off (using a blowtorch) to a round of applause from their guests. The wedding party lasts until 9pm, when Sherlock’s parents kiss him and Molly goodbye for the 5th time, drag Mycroft from the chair he’s dozing in, and leave the newlyweds alone to celebrate with their first dance.

The minute this dress will be in my hands is the minute I’ll quit this blog because I have find my dream wedding dress. I’m obsessed with the Roaring Twenties and since I’m small enough to wear this kind of gowns I’m dying to find this one. Seriously, I’m in deep, deep, deeply love with this dress. <3 <3

anonymous asked:

Hey I don't know if anyone ever actually asked about the genderfluid izaya headcanons but like I'd like to know what your thoughts are on that. You know, if you're cool with that.

Oh boy howdy I am 150% okay with that on every fucking level.

(these are gonna be kinda shizaya related so im sorry for that)

1) Izaya literally does not care about what pronouns are used for him. He’s fine with male. He doesn’t make a fuss getting called “ma'am” aside from the fact that he thinks he’s still young enough to be called “miss.” He always smiles at the ever safest, “them.” The only thing he has a problem with is “it.”

2) His closet is divided into three sections, pants, skirts, and black. He doesn’t believe that clothes should be gendered.

3) All joking aside I think Izaya has the entire sephora store in his bathroom even though he really only religiously puts on eyeliner and maybe some mascara.

4) Izaya has wings so sharp they could kill a man  

5) Izaya always wears high heels because he’s pretentious and likes the sound his heels make when they do the click-clack thing.

6) Shinra thinks it’s weird.

7) Izaya doesn’t care.

8) When Shizuo and Izaya first got together, Izaya kinda forced himself to be predominantly male so that he wouldn’t weird out Shizu-chan. He even went as far as to hide all of his stereotypically female clothing and make up and the like. One day Shinra asks him about it cause, while he thinks it’s a little weird, he can see that Izaya isn’t as happy with himself as he used to be. Then Shizuo starts to notice the slightly longing looks in Izaya’s eyes when he sees a very pretty dress or wig. When he asks about it, Izaya brushes him off so he goes to Shinra who is so blasé about the whole thing, that Shizuo has to ask Izaya what the hell “genderfluid” is.

9) Izaya says to forget about it, and Shizuo kindly reminds him that they are in a relationship now and the only way to make this work is if they work together, so he asks Izaya to explain so he can understand.

10) once he does Shizuo tells Izaya that he’s stupid for thinking Shizuo would care about something like that.

11) That was a bad idea because Shizuo swears if he gets dragged into another fucking make up store so Izaya can buy something that he already has (please see: lipstick) he’s gonna kill some one

12) “But this one is **some obscure color that is only slightly different from one in Izaya’s bathroom**, Shizu-chan.”

13) Shizuo getting hot and bothered by Izaya in a skirt.

14) Shizuo calling him “princess” more so because he knows it gets on Izaya’s nerves more than anything else

15) Shizuo assessing Izaya’s uniform and changing his pronouns accordingly- to which Izaya tells him it’s not necessary, but he does it anyway.

16) Izaya going to some sort of family gathering with Shizuo and everyone thinking he has a girl friend, but the next day, Izaya feels predominantly like a boy and everyone finds out that it is the boyfriend that just “doesn’t believe in genders”

17) Shizuo’s father doesn’t get it

18) His mother is gushing that she finally has a ‘daughter’ only because Izaya will gladly let this woman play dress up because a) he likes the attention, and b) it makes Shizuo happy.

19) Shizaya wedding = Izaya’s beautiful wedding dress.

20) His little sisters asking Izaya for make up tips.

21) “Gender is a construct of human perception and doesn’t apply to a god like me.” 

Oh man I love genderfluid Izaya. Thank you so much for this ask- I never get to gush about it.