20s themed

~Cute Childish Asks~

What’s your favourite…

1) MLP Pony?
2) Care Bear?
3) Pokemon?
4) Animal?
5) Toy/Activity?
6) Cartoon?
7) Drink?
8) Sweet food?
9) Fictional character?
10) Outfit?

Do you…

11) Have a fear of the dark?
12) Collect anything?
13) Play with make-up?
14) Have a bedtime?
15) Like bubble baths?

X or Y

16) Videogames or board games?
17) PBS Kids or CBeebies?
18) Bratz or Barbie?
19) Disney or Ghibli?
20) Theme park or arcade?

Post a picture of…

21) Your favourite toy!
22) You in your favourite outfit!
23) Your pet!
24) A piece of artwork by you!
25) Your favourite place!


26) How + when did you get your favourite plushie/stuffie?
27) How did you meet your best friend?
28) Have you ever made your own jewellery?
29) What was the last dream you had?
30) What is your nickname?

anonymous asked:

Friend: "Hahaha you're addicted to making new secondary blogs, you have wayyyy too many!!" Me: *ocd literally tells me I shouldn't post too much on my main blog and that every kind of post needs it's own place"

Theme #20 by raiidens
I started a poll a few days ago cause I couldn’t decide which theme to make next, and a Yuri on Ice inspired one got the most votes, hope you guys like it!
Static preview + install
  • 500px, 400px or 250px posts
  • Up to 4 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
  • Mirror layout available
  • Gradient background (optional)
  • Falling snow (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Removable captions

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better.

tagged by @quiznaks thank you!!<33

Nickname: cj; coob; scobles; scoob.

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4″

Last Thing You Googled: ‘john everett millais’ i don’t even remember why tbh

Favorite music artist: i love EVERYONE i listen to (check out my spotify *wink wink*)

Song stuck in my head: hayloft by mother mother. also! dead girl walking from heathers is constantly in my head.

Last movie you watched: the history boys

What are you wearing right now: skull shirt and minnie mouse pj bottoms. i’m a fashion icon.

What do you post: voltron, lots of pidge.

Why did you choose your URL: faerie is such a visually appealing word and pidge is just appealing. mash them together.

Do you have any other blogs: too many. they’re in my links if you’re actually interested lmao.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: it was a 2 day relationship. it’d be a wonder if i learned anything. well ok, i learned that i wasn’t interested in him lmao.

Favorite Color: yellow!!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-5 hours

Lucky Number: 2 & 72!

Favorite characters: pidge [vld], dirk [dghda], haruhi [ohshc], sailor venus/minako [sm], marceline [at], sayaka [pmmm], tracer [ow], lapis [su], yurio [yoi]. i have so many so i’ll stop here fhajdkdjak. 

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet and my fluffy blanket if i’m ill or especially cold.

Dream Job: eh, it changes. thinking about jobs is stressful. i don’t have any talent really so there’s nothing i’m good at.

I tag: you don’t have to do it but!: @allura-x , @riprover@iamhereforthejellybears@kidpidge, @transgrrlpidge

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Could you explain that first Saturn square? I mean I found a couple articles & read them but I just enjoy how to the point you are but in a descriptive way. I want to see through your summary if I got the gist of the descriptions. Thank you💕

Sure! I wasn’t really aware of it until a very nice blogger reminded me that I was gonna have it soon!

  • You usually experience your 1st Saturn square when you’re around 20-21.
  • Traditional Saturn themes will come up during the Saturn square. There’s the feeling of restriction, the feeling of stopping. I personally think this is Saturn’s way to tell you to show down before you crash and burn.
  • You will often have to slow down your aspirations during a Saturn square, depending on the House it’s transiting. It’s a time to break everything down and see what is worth keeping.
  • The House Saturn will transit through during your Square will be the House that will be reconstructed or reevaluated.

all I know is
when we’re sleeping
our friends, they creep in
and all the rest

alternatively titled, i can’t believe i’ve made three vriskanroserezi fanmixes

femmes, brooke waggoner // actor out of work, st vincent // all i want is to be your girl, holly miranda // rose, 1956, waxahatchee // sleep tonight, stars // gravity (amy’s response to pauline), the blow // hollow bedroom, waxahatchee // you’re the best, wet

listen here


★ ★  hi! my name is alder, i’m between jobs and i love to do web design so i’m opening up theme, general web design, & icon commissions ! ★ ★ 

i mostly do work similar to tumblr pages & i am not comfortable doing a full-blown Website as such, but anything like a blog layout, a custom page design, a forum skin– i can hook you up. if you’re not sure, ask!

                    ★  basic can-do / price breakdown  ★

  • themes - around $20 and up. same for jcink/invisionfree skins or similar major page-level work.
  • custom pages - around $10 and up (depending on complexity)
    • this includes: about pages; link & tag pages; character/kin/etc pages; more creative things! see my codes tag for a few i did for general use.
  • icons - $5-10 for 10-ish icons (depending on complexity)
    • comics, anime, live action television, photoshoots, etc.
    • i do not draw these but i CAN photoshop out text bubbles, change colors to a fair extent, add background patterns, etc.
  • mix covers, image banners, text edits, etc - $10-ish
    • similar to icons, i can heavily edit one image, mash together a bunch of images, add a lot of textures, etc. see my nicer 8tracks covers or some of the graphic resources above.

(these prices are a little wiggly because this is a general guideline– all prices are clearly quoted and agreed on after the ideas & work are discussed and decided. :>)

generally: if you have an idea or something you want or need, ask me about it! i can quote you a price and/or help you nail down what you have in mind. either way there’s no pressure.

                       ★ ★ ★  signal boosts are appreciated!   ★ ★ ★

CONTACT INFO & any updates can be found below:

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                                  for an ostara holiday (3/20)/spring themed starter. should’ve done this a few days ago but slipped my mind oops

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what... that's like uhh. i don't even watch riverdale but all of them/most of them definitely look closer to 18/20. aren't the themes also pretty adult-like? i surely wasn't having affairs etc at the age of 15 lol.

yeah, i’m pretty sure the actual people are in their 20s! but nah, they really are sophomores riverdale is truly that wild lmao