20s advertising

René Vincent, Cover art for Automobilia, July 1922. 

The car is a Peugeot 15 HP

René Vincent (1879-1936) was trained as an architect, but had a successful career as an illustrator during the first third of the 20th century in France. He contributed editorial art to the likes of La Vie parisienne and L'Illustration and did a considerable amount of advertising illustration, especially for automobile companies.

Council of Paris approves citywide ban of sexist outdoor advertisements

  • Sexism will no longer sell in Paris.
  • On Tuesday, the Council of Paris voted for a citywide advertising contract that will ban “sexist and discriminatory” ads, according to Business Insider
  • Starting Nov. 20, 2017, outdoor advertising company JCDecaux will face a moratorium on campaigns that propagate sexist, homophobic, ageist, ethnic and religious discrimination, along with “degrading” or “dehumanizing” depictions of people and “images that adversely affect human dignity.” Read more. (3/29/2017 5:01 PM)
ID #58901

Name: Anna
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi there! I’m Anna and I just finished my sophomore year of undergrad. I’m studying communication studies, but I’m also minoring in film studies, gender & women’s studies, and PR/advertising. I’m 20, but I’ll be 21 in July. I’m a big fan of music (!!!), plants, cats (all animals tbh), and art! My favorite musicians include Grimes, Tegan & Sara, and Lady Gaga. Even though I’m a film studies minor, I’m not a movie buff at all /: My favorite movie is The Blues Brothers (but tbh I really just love Disney movies and cartoons because I’m a child lol). My favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. Honestly I have no clue what to write right now! I have a lot of cats at home that you’ll be seeing/hearing a lot about! You’ll probably get a lot of art and crafty things from me because I love sending things like that. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon! I’m fun, don’t worry!

Preferences: I’m going to say I’d prefer someone 18-25, preferably female, and being LGBTQ+ is a plus because I am too! Again though, I’m pretty flexible, so I welcome anyone who thinks we’d be a great fit! Also, I would really prefer snail mail so that I can send fun little things, but I’d be cool with other ways too. It’d be cool to write to someone from Canada or the US, but again anywhere is great! I just want to make cool friends!

Black Coffee (Chapter 1)

Bughead college AND coffeeshop AU

Jughead’s go-to campus coffee shop is closed so he’s forced to go to a new, much fancier one.  He’s pissed off about it until he sees a certain barista (and tastes the coffee).

My first multichapter fic!!! Title is temporary-ish? I might think of a better one. This chapter is PG but don’t worry there’ll be smut eventually ;)

The “closed this week for renovations” sign taped crookedly to the door of Coffee Planet upsets Jughead more than he’s willing to admit.  This will be the first time in the two months he’s been at this school that he hasn’t grabbed a coffee here on the way home.  Okay, maybe not the first time, but at least only the fourth or fifth, and certainly the first time that he’s gone this far out of his way just to be disappointed.

Anyway.  Coffee Planet is the only place on or near campus with a short, simple menu, which is what brought him there in the first place.  When he wants coffee, he wants it black, strong, and bitter.  And he doesn’t want to wait in line behind eight Art History majors ordering lattes.

So.  He carries on, walking past the little shop that has become a place of comfort to him over the last couple months.  He has a coffee maker in his dorm room, but he wants to drink coffee now, on the way home, and not while he’s shut up in his too-hot room with his sweaty roommate.

It occurs to him that he could go to another coffee shop, but it’s not until he walks past The Littlest Bean that the thought actually tempts him.

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