20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

18. It’s all in the details.

The storytelling in this show makes me all ‘skdjfhdjfhd gahhh’ the majority of the time.. and I think a part of that is the writers’ abilities to create parallels, connections from the past and also weave everything back together so seamlessly. Sometimes it’s bigger things, like the comparison of Sam and Dean to Lucifer and Michael, but a lot of the times it’s the little things. The things the writers think a lot of people won’t notice because they might not be looking hard enough. But they’re there. And they’re so beautiful.


2.14 - Houses of the Holy

Dean: “She used to tell me when she tucked me in that angels were watching over us. In fact I think that was the last thing she ever said to me.”

5.13 - The Song Remains the Same

Mary: “It’s okay, baby.. angels are watching over you.”

In 1.03 (Dead In the Water) Dean goes up to Lucas who’s playing with army men, and he picks one up and says, “I used to love these things..”

In 5.22 (Swan Song), Chuck references that Sam put a army man into the glove compartment of the Impala. 

In 6.11 (Appointment in Samarra) Tessa is talking to Dean about the girl he chose to save when he was supposed to kill her as part of his deal. She says, “she’s disrupting the natural order by being alive. Chaos and sadness will follow her for the rest of her life,” referencing essentially every time Dean came back to life when he wasn’t supposed to.

All I’m saying is, it’s obvious the writers take pride in their work to take the time to put all these little details in.

Reason #6 I love Newsies: Spot Conlon. What can I say about Spot that probably hasn’t already been said repeatedly by our entire fandom? I love his mystery and his tough guy stance. I adore his oddly comfortable brotherly relationship to Jack. I am excited by his sense of action, his obvious loyalty and his strength. But I think most of all I love that Spot gives us just enough, just enough surface character to take off running. I was never a Spot girl, in terms of being in love with him romantically. So imagine my surprise when it is he that appears as the first newsboy in my epic fan fiction saga. Or when it’s him that drives half my plot points. For it is Spot Conlon that gives me a clearer playground for creative thought. But also he gives me a rough character, tough little guy who controls a tough bunch of guys that are older than him. An all knowing, all seeing youngster who is admirably based on an actual leader of the strike (one who didn’t think beating up girls was good for the newsboy image). So Spot Conlon, I applaud you and definitely think you’ve earned your place on the top ten.

20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

13. The music.

So when it came time to write and produce the Pilot, it was so important to me, with all due respect to my beloved network, not to have music that is usually on that network. I was so rabid about it that in the original draft of the pilot, I even wrote in the script, ‘Cue music. And you can take your anemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass.’”

- Eric Kripke, on the music of Supernatural

Supernatural’s music is undeniably fresh and original, and I for one am so glad that this show has given me a chance to appreciate such amazing music that people in my generation usually don’t get the chance to. From AC/DC to Foreigner to Bob Dylan to Blue Oyster Cult, Supernatural is a homage to pure and eargasmic classic rock. Now if only the CW treated us as well as they treat Vampire Diaries and actually give us music for fucks sake.

Reason #3 I love Newsies: Enter David Jacobs, big brother, newly established breadwinner, educated, filled with conviction and morally sound. Storytelling at it’s best, David was the introduction into the Newsies world and the most obvious character to access as a 21st century kid. Because I had never had to peddle papers, I never spent a month one night in Brooklyn, and I definitely never hitched a ride with Governor Teddy Roosevelt. So the older brother who suddenly had responsibility shoved in his lap and he gladly accepted, yeah I related to him. He had to learn to sell papers, and act like a newsboy and grew accustom to the spit shaking. Davy was the first newsboy I fell in love with and not just because I related to him naturally. The Walking Mouth had convictions and couldn’t keep his mouth shut! Yes, at first he needed Jack to be his voice but as he grew confident and knew he had people supporting him the boy became a beacon of trouble who couldn’t keep from stating his opinion. The book smart to Jack’s street savvy, David Jacobs was the voice of reason with a unique patience and unwavering loyalty that earned him spot #3 on the top ten. 

20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

17. The Motherfucking 1967 Chevy Impala..

“On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville–a blue two-door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches, the lieutenant governor even showed up. Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have. because that 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car–no, the most important object–in pretty much the whole universe.”

This car means so much to the boys and their whole era, this car IS its own main character and the show wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s Dean’s baby, and it’s probably the one thing throughout the entire series he and Sam have been able to depend on no matter what. This car is Sam and Dean’s sanctuary, their place to talk, their home, it’s where they know the other to be and where they have endless memories from. They’ve probably spent more time in this car with each other (and their dad) than in any other location. And more than that, this car is beautiful and is the undisputed HBIC of Supernatural. It saved the motherfucking world, okay. And as Dean said, “this thing will still be badass when it’s 40,” and he was right. 

Reason # 2 I love Newsies: It’s unconventional, but very real way of portraying family. Yes, the Jacobs were a “real” family with a mother, daughter, father, son… but what Jack Kelly had, or realized he had by the end of the movie was his own kind of family. He had not just the newly acquired brothers of David and Les but also the rest of his brothers. The boys are each others family. When in their capacity they protect each other, they feed each other, they tease each other and they love each other. Knowing what Jack knows at the end of the movie, remembering that he states he has family here… watch the movie and see how the boys are constantly brothers. The way Skittery scoops the littler boys into his side when they are walking along, protectively. Or how Skittery, Specs, Itey and Snitch jump to stand next to David when he faces off with Synder. Or how Blink seeks out Jack to hide him from the police and then takes the hit for him. Notice how Crutchy brings Jack food in the refugee, or how Snipeshooter playfully steals from Racetrack. Basically acknowledge what the stage show now does from the beginning, the boys are a family. 

20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

19. It gets progressively better instead of flaming out.

I think just about any show can have a good first season, and probably a second season too. It’s a new concept, it gets a lot of press because it’s shiny and ~new and in general, it’s not tired yet because it hasn’t had enough time to do so. But then suddenly it becomes the show you laugh at and feel nostalgic and wonder what happened. My personal opinion is that Supernatural is just the opposite of that, every season is better than the next and it has new storylines everywhere you turn. The longer it goes on, the better the writing gets and the more attached to the characters you become. I know season 5 was the peak moment that was meant to be the ending, and I understand a lot of people wanted it to end there.. but that’s why they have sequels. Just because a book says “The End” doesn’t mean the story doesn’t go on afterwards. Season 6 and on to me is just like extras, like icing on the cake. 

Reason #8 I love Newsies: Sometimes I wake up saying just what Skittery said in this moment. I didn’t do it. And sometimes I hear that annoyingly logical voice of Kloppman saying, when you got to get up you got to get up. But more importantly, I’ve declared this one of my top ten reasons because aside from my need to mimic it this line is important. No, not just because of Skittery’s pink underwear and adorably asleep state. It is important because this shouts to me that the audience should remember that these are boys… children! Children use to being blame, use to having to talk their way out of situations… Boys carrying around guilt because let’s face it they have probably stolen something, lied about something or gambled away something in the last day or two. So this line deserves my love because it makes me giggle and it makes me sad all at the same time.

20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

14. The one-liners.

There are more of these beauties in the show than I can count. I can’t even describe how many times it’s a truly serious moment and then someone will come out of nowhere with a line that just fucking kills me. And the greatest part about them is how much they trademark us - SPN fandom can spot other fans just by seeing someone used a quote as their username, or put it in their description or header. They’re the little things that make each episode have something worth remembering.


There has always been this invariable moment… every time I coax someone new to watch Newsies when they turn to look at me and say, what are we watching?

Here is the thing, almost every time this happens it is during this moment. The instant in Carrying the Banner when the nuns break the stride of the song and add an unexpected layer of character to the first moments of the movie. But the magic of this moment is after that shadow of doubt comes from any new viewer, that I might be insane and this movie might not merit the years of adoration which I have poured into it. It’s during Santa Fe and The World Will Know and Seize the Day and all the songs in the rest of the movie when that new audience member is still watching. Maybe it’s to placate me at first, maybe. But by the end, usually there is some spark of understanding and possibly even a hint of budding adoration of their own.

I am not saying that everyone falls in love with this movie, because that is not by far any of my reality. I am saying that this movie, for all of it’s quirks and obsolete-ness it has become a foundation of communal understanding. 

So reason #19 that I love Newsies: It was the first narrative which compelled me to share with everyone I knew. Friends, strangers, co-workers, peers, everyone and anyone who would listen to the merit of this story. Because stories are something worth sharing, they give each of us some common ground. Sometimes all it takes is one voice… 

(You all thought I had forgotten my 20 reasons to love Newsies for the 20th Anniversary… I just get distracted easily…)

20 Reasons Why Supernatural will be My Favorite Show Long After it Stops Airing:

15. Supernatural women be fierce.

I really honestly do not care how many women die on this show, what I do care about is what they did before they died. (Most of) these BAMFs were amazing and just because they died doesn’t hinder that fact. I find myself hating them at first, and then when I go back and rewatch i realize it was much more of a “I love to hate them” scenario. And the ones I don’t hate, I just love. Some of them evil, some of them good, some of them helped to end the world and others died trying to save it, but they all played a part. There are many women to appreciate on this show, and I know lots of people don’t like certain ones (or many), which is fine, it’s all about personal preference and I respect that. But you can’t deny they were… are.. all badass. 

Reason #10 I love Newsies: this scene. I am not entirely sure why, but I know that this the scene that originally made me love with this movie. Something about how this was the moment, the raw reality of these boys being all they’ve got. Kids fighting the world, the underdog holding each other together. Huddled in the darkness watching their leader be taken away and yet to me it’s one of their strongest moments. Because there they stand: Boots, Mush, Blink, Race, David and Les with reckless abandon driven by impulse, prepared to do whatever it takes for one of their own. 


In 1992 I fell in love with Jack Kelly, and all the other newsboys (somewhat equally, if not really equally at all). Sometime after that, not exactly sure when I fell in love with Christian Bale the actor. I watched almost everything he’s been in his entire career, and continue to sort of jump excitedly whenever I hear his voice in a trailer or see his name attached to a project. The amazing thing about my fanatical following of Christian Bale, is that he as an actor has pursued an incredibly versatile career. I can say with quite a bit of confidence that because of Mr. Bale, I have watched movies I might never have stumbled upon before.

It wasn’t just Christian Bale’s career that I followed, or that impacted my cultural experiences. In the 90s, Sir Michael Goorjian and a bunch of friends established a marvelous Buffalo Nights Company in Los Angeles. Skittery’s involvement in the company inspired driving out to Santa Monica to see the Pulitzer Prize play J.B. A play in verse written by Archibald Macleish, verse so epic that I spent half the play writing down quotes on my program in the dark. Aside from the delightful source material, Michael and his band of merry friends were all spectacular actors. Since then I have started following Buffalo Nights, even though they don’t put on as many shows these days.

Gabriel Damon’s career led me to several different things, most notably a film festival in 2006 at the Arclight where I caught the short film Rose. Not the film Gabe was in, but his fault I stumbled upon it, Rose is one of my all time favorite short films. It was beautifully scored, gorgeous put together and just delightful. I actually just re-watched it today as it was online and will be posting a link to it because it really was incredible. 

Aside from the actors careers leading me to other entertainment, characters, and source material to fawn over. The film has led me to experience history and places in new ways, see New York a Newsies Experience. I’m not sure I would have ever felt compelled to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit the Tenement Museum (several times) without being influence by some characters from 1899. And all of these experiences and delights are just a few, a mere peek behind the curtain that Newsies has draped over my entire lifestyle at this point.

So Reason #12 I marvel at Newsies, it has opened up an entire world of new experiences and expanded my cultural intake in countless ways.