20 questions the game....with a 6 year old

Why do people like beer?
Why is alcohol bad for babies?
What is alcohol?
Who came up with words?
Why is it called Canada?
How do other people know it is called Canada?
Did god come up with words?
What is government?

(And finally) can we go to the toy store and just look at the toys?

(All of this and more in a 10 minute car ride)

A Well Kept Question (a sequel to 20 Questions)

Title: A Well Kept Question


Words: 2.4K

Summary: 10 years after they became friends, Dan wants to relive his special night with Phil where they played ‘20 Questions’, except that this time, Dan does have a last question ready. 

Warnings: alcohol

Beta: this lovely 

A/N: This is a sequel I wrote to 20 Questions, but in all honesty you probably don’t need to read the first part to understand this. but it would still be better

I originally intended it to be much different, but then I thought this suggestion was much better:

10 years later.

It was a quite chilly night, and Dan Howell was sitting on a bench in the middle of Hyde Park. The stars were bright above him, and you could vaguely hear the London traffic in the distance. He had been there, waiting, for about half an hour. Normal people would get impatient, but Dan enjoyed the quiet night. It was usually nice to spend the night alone, looking at the stars and thinking about life, but when Dan had the opportunity to do the same thing with someone other than the lonely moon, he felt blissful. There was only one person he could share the night with in the same way as if he were alone. Dan had sent Phil Lester a text an hour ago to meet him under the stars in the park. Dan’s decision to invite Phil out into the open hadn’t been spontaneous, he had big plans for the night: he wanted to relive the moment that had made Dan the happiest he had ever been. He let his hand brush over the pocket of his leather jacket, feeling the hard object through the fabric, reminding him of the other thing he had planned for the night.

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20 Questions

I asked you how you got to know her

And you said 20 Questions

Like it was such an obvious answer

And I couldn’t contain my laughter

When you asked why it was so funny

I asked if she answered red to her favorite color

And if she told you she had two little brother

And if she said math was her favorite subject in school

And you just shrugged and said yes

And I said you didn’t even know her

You just said we’re not there yet

And that’s when I knew you two wouldn’t last

Because there are no questions to get to know her

Because on a first date, you don’t notice what she orders

You look at the way she hesitates and smiles at the waiter

You take her to a museum and watch her eyes dance around

On a walk you count how many times she squeezes your hand

Or the way the snowflakes melt away on her eyelashes

And when her favorite song starts playing

Does she start dancing or does she sing along

But you played 20 Questions instead

So now she’s gone

But you tell me I’ve got a smart mouth

And maybe that’s why you don’t ask me 20 questions

Because you already know between the cracks and flaws

So it doesn’t matter that my favorite color is cobalt blue

And it doesn’t bother me that you don’t want my answers

Because you love watching my snowflakes melt

But sometimes I wish I liked playing 20 Questions

So I could ask you when you were planning on noticing

That maybe you love me too


“Cuéntame de ti”
20 Preguntas???

1. Como Estas
2. Nombre y significado
3. Edad
4. De donde eres
5. Color favorito
6. Libro favorito
7. Lugar favorito
8. Música favorita
9. Frase favorita
10.Que te hace feliz
11.Blogs favoritos
12.Tus metas
13.Tu profesión ideal
14.Extrañas a alguien
15.Ultima persona que abrasaste
16.As bailado bajo la lluvia
17.As visitado el mar
18.Sol o lluvia
19.Cuenta una corta historia de ti
20.Cuenta un chiste

Hate pulling in my driveway - half ripping off lip/front bumper/paint crack erytime. Anyone take concrete and add on to their driveway before? Less aggressive slope? Is it illegal? Scared of water not able to flow by the curb into sewers.. Can you be penalized if you lengthen it into the street?? #20questions #lowlife #lowproblems #cantgetindriveway #rbs # rudasfuk #slammed #stance #eclipse #dsm #slammedlife #illest #poke @lowerstandards @carsxhype #ouch #static #dailydriven

1. The meaning behind my URL

It’s my name!! 

2.Book I’m reading now

I want to say some important literally classic or something by a really cool author but honestly I am ready a YA novel lol

It’s called Cinder and it’s by Marissa Meyer 

3. Why I love my bestfriend

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime. I’ve been friends with my best friend for 21 years so safe to say she knows me pretty well. 

4. Last time I cried and why

I was listening to some song on the radio that made me think of my boy friend so I cried lol

5. Piercings I have

I only have my ears pierced but I have two on my right ear and three on my left. 

6. Favorite Band

Incubus has been my favorite band for 14 years. But I also love Red Hot Chili Peppers, OneRepublic, John Mayer, Jon Foreman, Foreigner, The Police….

It goes on. 

7. Biggest turn off


8. Favourite Authors

JK Rowling, George Orwell, Sylvia Path 

9. Tattoos I want

So many! My Elton John lyrics, My incubus tattoo, a mandala, my mom’s signature, my best friend tattoo. 

10. Biggest turn on

Personality, humor and a big bear hug

11. Age

twenty six! 

12. Favourite Colour

Robin’s egg blue

13. Life goal(s)

Help people, be a mom, fall madly in love, be happy 

14. Religious Beliefs


15. Relationship status

Madly in love with my honneeyyyyyyy is name is Justin. 

16. Favourite movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

17. A fact about my life

I have a twin! I have a twin brother who is a minute older than me. 

18. Phobia

I hate tight spaces! Like the thought of not being able to escape a crowd freaks me out. 

19. Middle name


20. Some favourites of mine

coffee, Netflix, makeup, friends, reading, working out, good music, good people, a nice nap. 

20 Questions about Love and Sex (#3)

20. Has a penis ever made you laugh?
Yes, but not during, after. With my girls.

19. If your heart beat was a song, what song would it be?
Just Dance by Lady Gaga was the first song I thought of..

18. I don’t want to encounter ____ in a dark alley.
A group of guys. I’d pee myself.

17. If I were king ____ would be my queen.
Katy Perry.

16. If you could have any voice, what would it sound like?
Probably just more higher pitched, but maybe with a bit of a rasp.

15. Long live ______.
The Queen. Lol its stuck

14. Describe your vagina in one word.

13. Who would you rather? Leo DiCap or Toby McGuire.
Toby in a spiderman outfit..

12. What memory would you like to relive?
Once me and my ex went to a place that I thought I’d hate. We went and it was the most in love I’ve ever been in one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. I always look back on it and it always makes me very happy.

11. Describe your most volatile relationship.
The same relationship with that same ex. We fought every day and , and it was just awful.

10. If there was a pill to stop ____ I would take it.
To stop messing up my makeup probably. So it would always look perfect and I’d never have to re-do anything during the day no matter what I’m doing. Or to stop sweating.

9. Do you think marriage will become obsolete?
No, never. The way it’s done might change, but it will never be obsolete.

8. Would you sign a prenup?
No. I feel like that’s a way of saying “ya…its gonna end”

7. How do you picture your wedding?
I don’t know, its constantly changing. I used to want a huge wedding but lately I’d love to have a cute simple wedding. As long as I have my big dress, I’ll be good.

6. Play or Nay
Licking a nipple? Play
Licking a foot? Play
Licking an asshole? Umm. Play, but they’d have to be with me.
Licking an armpit? Play

5. Who’s a mean girl?
The bitches I went to high school with.

4. What do you see when you look in a mirror?
Someone who’s happy with where she is. But also someone who wants to improve more.

3. When was the last time you were called a trouble maker?
The one lady I work with. She thinks I’m a bad kid..but..no..

2. How do you think your friends describe you to their parents?
Probably a funny, nice girl who’s good to talk to. At least, I hope.

1. Describe the worst tattoo you’ve ever encountered.
Probably those older people who got stupid things from their “childhood” like, looney tunes and shit like that.


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