20 questions the game....with a 6 year old

Why do people like beer?
Why is alcohol bad for babies?
What is alcohol?
Who came up with words?
Why is it called Canada?
How do other people know it is called Canada?
Did god come up with words?
What is government?

(And finally) can we go to the toy store and just look at the toys?

(All of this and more in a 10 minute car ride)

A Well Kept Question (a sequel to 20 Questions)

Title: A Well Kept Question


Words: 2.4K

Summary: 10 years after they became friends, Dan wants to relive his special night with Phil where they played ‘20 Questions’, except that this time, Dan does have a last question ready. 

Warnings: alcohol

Beta: this lovely 

A/N: This is a sequel I wrote to 20 Questions, but in all honesty you probably don’t need to read the first part to understand this. but it would still be better

I originally intended it to be much different, but then I thought this suggestion was much better:

10 years later.

It was a quite chilly night, and Dan Howell was sitting on a bench in the middle of Hyde Park. The stars were bright above him, and you could vaguely hear the London traffic in the distance. He had been there, waiting, for about half an hour. Normal people would get impatient, but Dan enjoyed the quiet night. It was usually nice to spend the night alone, looking at the stars and thinking about life, but when Dan had the opportunity to do the same thing with someone other than the lonely moon, he felt blissful. There was only one person he could share the night with in the same way as if he were alone. Dan had sent Phil Lester a text an hour ago to meet him under the stars in the park. Dan’s decision to invite Phil out into the open hadn’t been spontaneous, he had big plans for the night: he wanted to relive the moment that had made Dan the happiest he had ever been. He let his hand brush over the pocket of his leather jacket, feeling the hard object through the fabric, reminding him of the other thing he had planned for the night.

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20 Questions

Title: 20 Questions

Genre: fluffy angst

Words: 2.9K

Beta: Amber 

Warnings: self hatred, bullying, minor anxiety

Summary: Dan grows up under his parents luxury, but has never had a friend. When he makes friends with Phil at a holiday resort, he tries hard to not ruin their friendship by messing up. Something happens though when it is revealed in a game of ‘20 questions’ that Dan has never kissed anyone before… (one person asks a question and you have to answer with the truth)

A/N: feedback is always welcome pls, and also, I have considered making a sequel for this, opinions? no i totally didn’t base the setting on high school musical 2 shh

- also, this story was loosely inspired by Phil’s ‘first kiss story’ at Vidcon 2014.

Dan Howell was commonly considered a lucky and privileged thirteen year old kid. Usually by his parents, his friends, his parents’ friends; anyone who knew of Dan Howell would say that he had nothing to complain about. According to his parents, Dan had everything he could ask for. But Dan knew that that was a wrong conclusion; there wasn’t one night in which Dan didn’t dream about having a different life. Dan’s parents were ridiculously rich, they owned about 20 different companies, and Dan had grown up in luxury. He had everything you could buy with money. But what really was the point of owning everything when you had no one to share it with, and no happiness left to enjoy it? Sure, he had a few friends, who sometimes came to his house to hang out. But none of them ever supported him when his life was in ruins, and they blatantly ignored the obvious bullies surrounding Dan every day. To Dan ‘rich kid’, ‘posh emo’ and ‘faggot’ were words he heard every day. Being reminded of his parents’ wealth every day had never boosted his confidence, in fact it had done the opposite, dragging it down and through the mud until it was just a pile on the ground.

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20 Questions

I asked you how you got to know her

And you said 20 Questions

Like it was such an obvious answer

And I couldn’t contain my laughter

When you asked why it was so funny

I asked if she answered red to her favorite color

And if she told you she had two little brother

And if she said math was her favorite subject in school

And you just shrugged and said yes

And I said you didn’t even know her

You just said we’re not there yet

And that’s when I knew you two wouldn’t last

Because there are no questions to get to know her

Because on a first date, you don’t notice what she orders

You look at the way she hesitates and smiles at the waiter

You take her to a museum and watch her eyes dance around

On a walk you count how many times she squeezes your hand

Or the way the snowflakes melt away on her eyelashes

And when her favorite song starts playing

Does she start dancing or does she sing along

But you played 20 Questions instead

So now she’s gone

But you tell me I’ve got a smart mouth

And maybe that’s why you don’t ask me 20 questions

Because you already know between the cracks and flaws

So it doesn’t matter that my favorite color is cobalt blue

And it doesn’t bother me that you don’t want my answers

Because you love watching my snowflakes melt

But sometimes I wish I liked playing 20 Questions

So I could ask you when you were planning on noticing

That maybe you love me too


"Cuéntame de ti"
20 Preguntas???

1. Como Estas
2. Nombre y significado
3. Edad
4. De donde eres
5. Color favorito
6. Libro favorito
7. Lugar favorito
8. Música favorita
9. Frase favorita
10.Que te hace feliz
11.Blogs favoritos
12.Tus metas
13.Tu profesión ideal
14.Extrañas a alguien
15.Ultima persona que abrasaste
16.As bailado bajo la lluvia
17.As visitado el mar
18.Sol o lluvia
19.Cuenta una corta historia de ti
20.Cuenta un chiste

Hate pulling in my driveway - half ripping off lip/front bumper/paint crack erytime. Anyone take concrete and add on to their driveway before? Less aggressive slope? Is it illegal? Scared of water not able to flow by the curb into sewers.. Can you be penalized if you lengthen it into the street?? #20questions #lowlife #lowproblems #cantgetindriveway #rbs # rudasfuk #slammed #stance #eclipse #dsm #slammedlife #illest #poke @lowerstandards @carsxhype #ouch #static #dailydriven

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"Kung makakabalik ka ba sa past may babaguhin ka?"❓"Hmmm.. Ang sarap sabihing oo? Na tangina di ako magiging duwag. Na tangina, di ako magiging pabaya. Na tangina, di ako manggagago. Pero tangina din, babalik din ba yang mga yan sa past para maging mabait sa akin? At tangina di ko kailangan ng mabait. Kailangan ko yung hindi ako iiwan. Yung kahit gaano kasakit yang tanginang pagmamahal na yan, kakapit at kakapit. Di bibitaw. Kaya ako, kung babalik ako sa past pupuntahan ko sya sa kung san ko sya unang nakita at sasabihin ko sa kanya, ‘Handa ka na ba? Madami-dami tayong pagdaraanan. Ang sumuko may lalabas na tren sa sugat ng puso!’" #20Questions #WhatIf #InomPaMore #DeeMoSinabi