Good question, Erin! I can’t know for sure the exact points when I dine out, but I do try to estimate as best as I can! I also try to save my weekly points for when I dine out so that I have the extra buffer. But I’ll give you an idea of how I estimated tonight’s dinner.

I asked the waitress if the food I am ordering is cooked in any butter or oils and sometimes I ask to have it cooked without if I’m tight on points. Lucky for me, tonight I still had about 20pp left for the day so I didn’t worry about leaving off butter or oils. Here’s my breakdown of tonight’s estimated 16pp dinner:

6oz sirloin tips- 8pp
peppers- 0pp
Grilled veggies- 0pp
Cup white rice- 5pp
butter (used to cook the peppers)- 3pp

The main goal for me is to be mindful of what I’m eating and planning my meals while dining out instead of just eating anything in front of me. Hope that helps! @liftheavybeawesome 😊