A Haikyuu Zine by maddox-rider​ & amazinglynoobmia
(+amazing guest artists: andyzambie, eicinic, rg307 & junepurrr)

A5 - 20pg - Full Color - Saddle Stitched
Price USD15
Shipping :  World Wide
Pre-order includes either a free acrylic keychain / postcards / buttons
Pre-order until 23rd August 2015! Books will ship mid end Sept

We will also be selling the books and other amazing goodies at AMG booth C3 


“AFTER _____” 20pg 3-color riso interiors, silkscreen cover
$15 ($12+ship) to anywhere in the US - paypal stitchnpoke@gmail.com

I picked these up this afternoon and, if I may say so, they look great. Wizard Max Stadnik from Tiny Splendor worked some crazy riso-magic turning the marker originals into readable images and Night Diver Press did amazing work with the cover. Such quality it even smells good. Many thanks to all involved! 

The thing ff.net has going for it is that when the character is tagged, you know they are a major character. Nothing quite like sifting through 20pgs of fics on AO3 because they’ve all tagged the character you want to read due to the fact that other character mentioned them once in a dream

So my mother asked me what my total word count was for my master’s thesis novel a few weeks ago, and I told her I didn’t know actually, because each chapter is a different word document. So tonight I was doing revisions and realized that I’d mislabeled some files and had to reorganize them, and while I did that, I wrote down the word count for each chapter. Then I added them up. 

As of this moment in time right now, I have written 34,525 words of my thesis novel. 

If the aim is about 80k, I’m basically halfway done. If I can do about 6k words (about 20pgs) a month for the next 7 months before graduation, I could theoretically finish and turn in a completed novel. Holy balls. I’m not gonna lie, I cried a bit.