Fake Movie Posters: Two Or More (20never)

Steve (Sebastian Stan) and Ada (Kristen Stewart) are the best detectives in San Francisco. Despite their busy schedule, they both manage to have a decent love life, dating people of all genders. Things get complicated when a serial killer (Peter Capaldi) begins his series of murders and Captain Kone (Idris Elba) demands his detectives to work 24/7 on the case. With no time for dating or sleeping, Ada, Steve and their colleagues Susie (Erika Ervin) and Jae-joon (John Cho) are the most stressed people in the city. They start meeting their dates at work when the Captain is away, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. Meanwhile Tom (Jesse Eisenberg), the exasperate asexual receptionist, tries to keep their secret. Will they catch the killer and return to their quite normal lives?

Based on this post by punkwarren / Thanks hasturly for casting Jesse Eisenberg.