Trend season! Duck season! Trend season! Duck season! …Duck season…Trend season!

  • At 75, Bugs Bunny is the oldest living wabbit.
  • The Texas DA continues its investigation into the death of Sandra Bland.
  • Norway: Population 5 million.
  • I Am Cait is the latest from the Kardashian-Jenner media empire, and a beautiful thing it is.
  • 35 women alleging Bill Cosby raped them told their stories to New York Magazine (nymag).
  • Say goodbye to your Canadian girlfriend, it’s time to go back to school.
  • Pasta came in second on galactic-smores’s Three Ps List 2015. Way to go, pasta!
  • Exercise is a sexy tag.
  • If you’re mourning Cecil the lion and in a position to give, here’s the World Wildlife Fund’s donation page.
  • NASA still hasn’t found the aliens they lost. 
  • And Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Games. Sorry Kazakhstan.

What’s up, blogs?

  • The Hot Damn Weather (thehotdamnweather): It’s too damn hot.
  • Dry Land SCA (drylandsca): Documenting the California drought, from the LA Times.
  • My Trans Health (mytranshealth): Connecting the trans community to safe, reliable healthcare.

Bugs and Gossamer via laluna7.

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