SW: 180-179lbs.
CW: 139lbs.
GW: 125-120lbs.
Height: 5'3"

The picture on the left is from summer last year (2015), the photo on the right is from a few weeks ago (October 2016). There’s a -40lbs. difference between these two pictures.

I’ve always been over weight my whole life. I’ve struggled with binge eating, I’ve tried crash diets…nothing really worked. In 2010 I began making progress with weight loss and lost 20lbs. My lowest weight had been 150lbs.. However I went from clean healthy eating to doing nutrisystem which while it worked, it was not a sustainable diet for me.

My weight stabilized around 160-165 for a few years. About a year into dating my now fiancé I packed on 20lbs. and ended back to where I started in 2010 in the 180lb. range. I decided to go vegan in September 2015. During this time I noticed that I had lost the 20lbs. that I put on from cutting out dairy from my diet. My weight went back down to 160lbs. quickly (probably within a month). After that I decided I wanted to lose more weight, so I started eating less. I was counting calories and doing smaller portions which helped me lose another 10lbs.

I ended up back at my lowest weight of 150lbs. I decided I was going to break through my 150lbs. plateau. I went full on vegan and started going to the gym 5 times a week. I now weigh 139lbs. I still have a long way to go until my goal weight but I’m really proud of my progress so far. :)

I also have a tumblr! You can follow me and my weight loss adventure at @whitneyk824


I’m so appreciative of all the support you guys have been giving me with my journey of weight loss. Here’s a few more progress pics to keep my new followers motivated. The bottom left picture was this past March and the bottom right was two months ago. I can’t stress enough how patient I had to be to see results. So hang in there! You’ll get there too. My other picture kind I went viral and it’s been so mind blowing how supportive all of you are. Thank you xoxo

I’ve never posted a pic like this before but maybe cause it’s 2am and I’m feeling really body positive lately. Slowly but surely getting to where I wanna be but for now here’s my painfully average dad bod.

10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 123)

1.  There are special bins in Mexico City where when you put your dog poo in it, you get free WiFi. The more poo, the longer the free WiFi.

2.  Daydreaming helps improve learning, enhanced abilities, greater creativity as well as increased success.

3.  In 1967, slam dunks were considered illegal – nine years later, they were legalized again.

4.  During Cleopatra’s reign, she would soak the sails of her ships in perfume so…

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I am so thankful for the gym. I have no idea where I would be the past years of college without it. I am so grateful for it during times like this. Senior year, you’re weird and have challenged me mentally unlike anything before.

Not feeling as lean as I want to be lately, but still celebrating my body because it’s strong as fuck and I can squat 20lbs more than my body weight for over 50 total reps (across 7 sets)

The gym is my sanctuary. The fact that I have some place to call my sanctuary is a blessing and everyone deserves to find a place that gives them peace.


February 2, 2015 | Hey LA Tumblrs!

We came across this dog walking around downtown when a woman was giving puppies away on the street. Until we can find her a forever home, my boss is fostering her in Marina Del Rey.

Upon taking her to the vet for some shots we found out the following things:

- Chihuahua Terrier Mix
- Approximately 7 weeks old
- Will likely be 20lbs when full grown
- perfect health
- super sweet, mellow and sleeps through the night

She was very nervous and shaky when we took her into our office, but chilled out and was playing with us within an hour. We want to give her a stable forever home where someone will give her the awesome loving life she deserves.

gmail me at heyitsliezl if youre seriously interested! 


i did 20 mins of sprints without an anxiety attack. progress. (note its been 2 months with me barely being able to workout more than twice a week due to being so self-conscious and anxious)
been splitting my workouts up into a little cardio and then a little lifting later in the day so i don’t get overwhelmed.

baby steps. so guys, i get what it feels like to have to start all over again on your fitness journey. i get it.
overview of what the tumor caused: 20lbs of weight gain in less than 2 weeks which caused intense bloating of my entire body and face and painful joints, loss of muscle mass (in that my body fat % went up 10% and i can barely lift half of what i could 2 months ago for basically everything), consistent period for a month, hormone fluctuations, anxiety, and depression.
i get it.
start again today with me.


So first pic is at around 94kg (189lb I think) and second pic is just today at 84kg (165lb) so exactly 10kg (20ish lb) off I wanna get another 10kg off but right now I’m just so happy that I can do it slower then the first 10. Not great comparison photos but I will work up the courage to post the more nude ones


Before and Afer

so I’ve been going to the gym lately and trying to become healthier. So far I’m almost 20lbs lighter than my heaviest.

The left side are pictures of me about 6 months ago before I started working out and changing my eating habits.

The right side are current pictures of me attempting the same poses.

Which do you prefer? Now or then?