WEIGHTED pull ups!!! First time ever doing these and I had no idea how much weight I could add but ended up doing 5lbs for 6 reps (not shown), 10lbs for 6 reps, 15lbs for 4 reps, and 20lbs for 3 reps!! (sorry for the weird shift in quality my camera died lol) 

Russian Bucky

Request: Can I request? Bucky pretending not to know English n only speaking Romanian/Russian and he overhears you talking about him so he’s like wtf but then he hears you saying some kinky shit and so he kind of plays along and when it’s all goin down he’s still talking in R/R and suddenly he whispers something in your ear in English and you’re like oh shit - @oh-my-gerd


You’ve gotten used to hearing Bucky’s language now. It surprised you at first when he greeted you in a Russian language, one which you couldn’t speak or understand. You thought he spoke English, but you were definitely wrong. You tried to understand what he would say, sometimes you’d even call Natasha and ask her what Bucky was saying, to which she would translate happily.

The fact that Bucky couldn’t speak English had you thinking that he definitely couldn’t understand it. So, you talked about Bucky, with Natasha mostly, about how nice and kind he was. Other times, for example: after a hard training session when Bucky’s all sweaty and shirtless, you’d blabber on and on to Nat about how badly you wanted him to just take control and have his way with you.

You were currently having one of those many moments.

You breathed out as you entered the kitchen for some water. Nat was leaning against the kitchen island, munching on some apple slices. You had just worked out for the morning and Bucky had walked in during your last ten minutes. He was shirtless, like always, and this time he wore sweats instead of his usual basketball shorts. When you say you could see everything, you meant everything. There was no hiding what he had.

Nat greeted you with a smile, but it turned into a smirk when she saw your lust blown eyes and red tinted cheeks. “What is it now, Y/N?” Nat asked in her usual sultry tone. You sighed again and shook your head as you remembered Bucky’s jumping jacks and what the movement caused. “Oh my god. Bucky’s body will be the death of me.” You said with a small giggle. Nat blushed and coughed into her hand.

You smirked as you got a bottle of water and started chugging it. “Y/N, that’s so weird.” Nat said, her voice clearly giving her away. You stopped drinking and looked at Nat, scoffing. “Oh come on, you know you’d say yes if he asked you to bend over the weight bench and let him fuck you until your abdomen bruised from how hard he was pounding you into it!” You said rather loudly. Nat gasped and threw an apple slice at you, her cheeks flaming. “Y/N, you do NOT think about that do you!?” Nat asked, her face full of entertainment.

It was your turn to be red in the face now. “I mean.” You said, drawing out the words, your eyebrows raised. Nat gasped again. “God, Y/N! You’re so lucky he can’t speak English.” Nat said with a giggle. You sighed. “Yeah, I doubt he’d know what I meant if I asked him to bang me.” You said, not noticing the shadowed figure near the door now.

Nat nodded and finished her snack. She crossed her arms and bit her lip. “I could always ask.” Nat said, a smirk on her face. You threw your empty water bottle at her and she quickly blocked it. “Hell no! He would not do that. It’s just a fantasy anyways.” You said a little quieter now.

Nat suddenly cleared her throat and your eyes followed hers. You saw Bucky walking in, his body coated with sweat and his sweatpants pulled up to his knees. Your face burned red and even though you knew he couldn’t speak or understand English, you felt embarrassed thinking he might’ve heard what you just said.

Bucky gave you and Nat a small smile and a nod, moving past you to get a water bottle. You looked at Nat and she had her hand over her mouth, holding in her laughs. The silence in the room was awkward and your heart was pounding in your chest.

You shot Nat a glare and stopped when Bucky turned to you. “Могу ли я поговорить с вами?” Bucky asked, capping his water bottle. Your eyebrows raised and you tried not to look down at his shirtless body. You looked at Nat for translation help. She smirked. “He wants to talk to you.” You gulped and turned back to Bucky.

A small “Uh huh” fell from your lips and a simple nod was all it took and Bucky had gripped your hand and he was pulling you out of the room. Your eyebrows creased together and your nervousness grew as you looked back at Nat’s shocked face. You had no idea where Bucky was taking you or what he wanted.

“Bucky?” You asked softly. He turned to you and stopped at the open doors to the gym. “Хотите тренироваться со мной?” Bucky asked, leading you into the gym. You didn’t understand what he said and Nat wasn’t here to help you out. You looked around the gym and sighed. “Friday, can you translate what Bucky asked?” You quietly questioned.

You watched Bucky shut the wooden gym doors and turn the lock. Your heart started racing again. “English translation: Do you want to train with me?” Friday said, answering your question. You sighed out and looked at Bucky. He walked over to you and gently grabbed your wrist, pulling you over to the weight bench.

Your stomach dropped and he pointed for you to lie down under the weight bar with 20lb weights on the ends of it. You looked up at Bucky from where you were lying down. You knew something was up because Bucky worked out just before and you were there doing the same. So you weren’t sure why he wanted to continue training with you. He could’ve chosen Steve or even Sam.

Going along with it, you gently wrapped your hands around the bar. Bucky was standing above you and you had a clear view of his crotch if you tilted your head back just a tad. You could feel yourself getting wet already. Bucky’s hands guiding yours brought you out of your dirty thoughts. He helped you lift the bar and you breathed in and out steadily, lifting the bar up and down.

You and Bucky trained for about ten minutes more and the whole time, he had his hands on your body in some way or another. He helped you do your squats and lunges, he held your feet down when you did your crunches, and now he was helping you with push ups. You didn’t need the help, but his hands were a blessing to you, so you allowed it.

Bucky’s flesh hand was resting on your lower back as you did your push ups and you felt it move down slowly, giving your ass a light squeeze. You gasped and dropped your body down onto the mat, turning your head to look at Bucky. He had a smirk on his face and you sat up on your hands and knees. Bucky’s eyes trailed down your body and he tugged his bottom lip in between his teeth.

You stood to your feet and sighed out, wiping the sweat from your brow. “Is that why you wanted to train with me? To stare at my ass and try to feel me up?” You asked, knowing he couldn’t understand you. You were unsure of what Bucky’s intentions were. It’s not like he could just tell you, he can’t speak English. Bucky smirked again, though his features showed confusion. Bucky then looked into your eyes. “Я хотел бы ебать.” Bucky said, his voice low.

A frustrating sigh left your lips. You couldn’t understand him once again, so you asked Friday. “Friday, translate that, please.” You said, watching Bucky step closer to you. Your heart started to beat even faster as your cheeks burned red. “English translation: I’d like to fuck.” Friday said, causing a gasp to fall from your lips.

Bucky closed the distance between you two and he captured your lips in a kiss. Bucky’s lips were moving roughly against yours, his hands pulling you closer to his shirtless body. You moaned into the kiss and felt Bucky bend down to pick you up. Bucky pulled away, gasping for air as his blue eyes stared into yours.

He looked like he was asking for approval so you nodded. Bucky smirked and carried you over to the weight bench where you both undressed. Thinking he thought it was better than the mat and not that he understood what you said about him earlier, you smirked as Bucky set you down on the weight bench. He was about to hover above you, but you smirked and got down on your knees, bending over the bench like you’ve fantasized about many times.

Bucky chuckled and came up behind you, rubbing your soaked pussy with his flesh hand. You gasped and moaned softly, moving your hips back against his hand. Bucky moved behind you and you could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against the opening of your pussy now.

You whimpered as you moved your hips back and forth, getting impatient. “Bucky, please.” You moaned out. Bucky’s hands now rested on your hips as he slid into you, immediately starting to pound into your pussy. Your body jolted against the bench and you squealed, feeling just how big Bucky’s cock was. You never imagined it’d feel this good.

Bucky was grunting and his hips were slapping against yours hard and fast. You gasped as he hit your g-spot and Bucky chuckled deeply. “That feel good, Princess?” Bucky asked, making your face turn red and your moans come to an embarrassing halt. “Wh-what?” You asked, your heart racing in your chest.

Did Bucky just speak English or were you hearing things? Bucky bent over your back, his sweaty chest molding onto the skin of your back. You could feel Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you and you gasped slightly. Bucky’s mouth was beside your ear now and his breath was warm against your skin. “I asked if that felt good.” Bucky said in clear English, not a fault in his phrasing.

Your mouth fell open and Bucky chuckled again, his thrusts starting up again. Your face was red as can be and you could feel the heat rising around your neck. Bucky was able to speak English this whole time, meaning he understood every word you’ve ever said to him up to this very moment.

A moan fell from your lips and you decided to scold Bucky after he fucked you senseless. “It does.” You said softly, answering his question. Bucky groaned and continued to fuck you. Your abdomen was rubbing against the weight bench but it felt amazing. Bucky slammed into you and you moaned loudly, feeling your pussy clench as your orgasm got closer.

Bucky’s hands reached up to your ponytail and he tugged on it, causing your head to jerk back. “Oh, fuck yes!” You moaned and felt Bucky slap your ass with his metal hand. A growl escaped Bucky’s lips as your pussy clenched around his thick cock for the second time. “I’m gonna cum, Bucky.” You moaned out, feeling Bucky’s hand reach under you to rub your clit fast.

You started to cum around Bucky, broken sobs and moans falling from your lips as you felt Bucky’s cum shooting out inside of you in hot spurts. “You’re so good, yes. Oh my god. Fuck!” Bucky yelled, pounding into you as he rode out his orgasm. You moaned at the foul language coming from the man behind you.

A few minutes passed and you and Bucky lazily lied down on the mat, looking up at the ceiling. “How long?” You quietly asked, afraid to look over at Bucky. He chuckled. “Since forever.” You turned your head to look at Bucky, your face full of shock. “You idiot!”, you slapped Bucky’s arm, “Why didn’t you say something?” You asked shockingly.

You put your clothes back on and Bucky hurriedly did the same. You crossed your arms and stared at Bucky. His face turned red and he sighed. “I didn’t really feel like talking to everyone at first. Then I started hearing you talk about me and-I don’t know.” Bucky said, looking at you apologetically.

Bucky stepped closer to you and grabbed your hand in his. “That was fun, though.” He said softly with a smirk. Your face started heating up again and you rolled your eyes, though your lips formed a smile. “Ugh, you’re mental, Barnes.” You said with a giggle. Bucky smirked and leaned down to kiss your cheek.

“Am I still mental if I ask for a round 2 later tonight?”

Note: this was so much fun to write. I hope you like it and of course, you can request anytime you’d like, sweetie! feedback is welcome! .c

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Jimin’s weight loss is really worrying me. I heard someone say he is 105lbs/48.988kgs. That is not healthy for his height. He should be around 145-172lbs/65.771-78.018kgs. He is extremely underweight and that really worries me. I just want him to be healthy and happy. I just want BigHit and Jimin to know that. It’s really scaring me and I just want idols to be healthy and happy.

UPDATE: So people are saying he doesn’t look around 105lbs/48.988kgs. I only got that information from twitter. I only agreed because of the pictures I have seen of him recently. People seeing this have said that he looks about 120-125lbs/54.431-56.699kgs. Which is still underweight for his height. You can see how his cheeks got thinner, and his thighs got extremely smaller. I’m just worried because I have went through this and lost 20lbs/9.072kgs or more in about 1-3 months before, which is not very healthy. A lot of people were worried about me, and I’m just worried he would be like me. Luckily for me my weight was okay for my height, but it’s surely not for him. He is still very underweight for his height. I just want him and other idols going through this to be happy with themselves and still be healthy.

Update #2: Honestly I wish I never posted the Jimin post. I was worried, and I was never ever! Trying to imply he had an eating disorder. I was worried. I never tried to harm anyone or imply anything. I am sorry for what I caused. I can’t erase what I did, even after I deleted the post because others will still see it. I wish I kept my opinion to me and my friends and didn’t post it here. I’ sorry for what I have caused. I’m sorry. I should of looked into it more, but I didn’t and I am sorry.


This is Nibbles (aka turd bucket). We got his from the shelter a week ago.

He is six months old.

The shelter did not tell us he is part Norwegian Forest Cat and will grow to be 20lbs.
The vet let us know that one

Mirror For The Sun - Part 9: Las Vegas

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 8  -  Part 10

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, shameless twisting of canon to suit my lazy writing needs

Word Count: 4335

Author’s Note: Ok I don’t know how I feel about this part but this is the second rewrite and I just… here it is.

Originally posted by caps-bucky

After days crammed in the car and a night sleeping in the woods, this enormous suite in this luxury hotel feels excessive. Nat seemed to blend right in, a smug grin painting her face, not a hair out of place, a sleek dress to match the sleek tables and bright furniture. She’s the exact opposite of her friend, linked arm in arm with her, hair a soft tangle, still in that hoodie whose campfire smell lingers every time she moves. Just thinking about the smell of it reminds me of the morning but I shake the thought from my head, there are enough distractions here.

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And just while I am apparently venting about personal shit with no mental filter, one of the things that has been really getting to me over the last few weeks is everyone complimenting me on my drastic weight loss, and whenever I try to articulate how god awful sick I was to lose 20lbs in six weeks, people either laugh and say “wow maybe I’ll try that diet” or “well you look better for it” like thanks Mabel, I hope you get sick enough to lose muscle mass too.

Today was the first day when we met up with friends, and when I was asked how I lost all the weight, the person responded with “oh my god, are you okay now?” 

Like that, that right there is the appropriate response to finding out your friend was throwing up everything except water for six weeks. Not “contgrats on being skinny”.

Healthy =/= thin. I’ve got friends who weigh double my current body weight who are healthier than me and will likely outlive my chronically sick ass by several years if not decades. Like God damn, y’all, tf is wrong with people.

20lb difference face comparison. Honestly a little nervous to post this because I didn’t realize all the weight I’d gained in the winter months until I saw pics of me out with friends and I didn’t like what I saw. Of course, both of these are just selfies, but I feel it’s pretty apparent in the first photo that I’m carrying a lot of water in my face.

I have chubby cheeks no matter what!! But at least they’re a little healthier looking now 😊💕

Water Fast FAQ

What is a water fast? A water fast is where you abstain from eating food and consume only water for a specific amount of time.

Is there a particular water that I should drink? No. Any water will do, as long as it is just water with noting added.

How long should I go for my first fast? I suggest 3 days for your first fast to get an idea as to what you will be facing.

What was your longest fast? 30 days.

Why do you water fast? Health reasons and weight loss.

What are the benefits of water fasting? Water fasting is a great way to jump start your new healthy life style, because generally speaking it reboots your system and rids all of the poor things you have been putting into your body. People use water fasting to cleanse their system for things such as becoming vegetarian or vegan or simply making a drastic change in dietary plans. I’ve also encountered tons of people who have used water fasting to help/cure eye sight issues, eczema, other skin issues such as acne, bowel issues, stomach issues, and more. There have even been some cases and personal accounts of people water fasting and then having their cancer cells lowered or disappear. However the most common use of water fasting is for weight loss.

What is the difference between restricting/eating disorder and fasting? Generally speaking restricting is about control and stems from a mental illness or other psychological problems. Restricting is not about being healthy and strong and doesn’t have an end date. Where an eating disorder is a mental illness water fasting is about health and strength and is not a long term plan but instead a journey with an intended end date.

How do I start a fast? You want to start a fast by easing into it. Doing so prepares your body for the decrease in food which is to come. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of eating just fruits and veggies and then transitioning into another   2-3 day period where you juice. After doing so you may move into your water fast.

How do I end a fast? You want to end a fast the same way you started it, by EASING out of it. Doing so prepares your body for the reintroduction of food and prevents your body from assuming that food will disappear again. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of just consuming juice/juicing. After these 2-3 days, . you should move on to another 2-3 days of consuming just fruits and veggies. After this period of time you can add back in lean proteins and other non fruit and veggie items.

How do I juice? You have to buy a juicer to make your own juice. Sense these can be expensive you can also buy fresh juice instead.

What juice can I buy if I don’t have a juicer? I generally juice my own fruits and veggies, so I don’t remember the exact brands I bought. So I would go to a farmers market, juice bar, organic market, or whole foods store and look for organic fruit juices there.

When should I drink the juice? I honestly just drank when i would naturally consume food. SO maybe 1-2 cups of juice for breakfast. A cup for a snack. 1-2 cups for lunch. A cup for another snack. 1-2 cups for dinner. And maybe another cup for another snack.

When should I consume the veggies? Once again, I consumed it when I would normally eat. So breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.

Is there any particular fruit or veggie i should consume while easing in or out of fasting? No anything will really do but leafy greens and things like watermelon (Which has a high water content) are especially good for you.

How much water should i drink drink on a fast? I suggest anywhere between 1-2 gallons a day. You should be drinking constantly the whole day. And peeing frequently. It doesn’t matter when your drinking the water just that it’s constant throughout the day. Sense there about 8 water bottles in a gallon, and I aim for 2 gallons (8 x 2= 16 water bottles)…I either carry around a water bottle and try to fill it/consume 16 bottles before the day ends. Or I carry around a gallon water bottle and try to drink 2 of those before the day ends.

Does it matter if the water is cold? I have been told by experienced people that drinking cold water is better because your body supposedly works harder to convert it to the temperature of your body, but I’m not sure.

How does water fasting work? Basically after about 3 days your body goes into something called ketosis where your body starts to metabolize/consume fat. This is why people use water fasting to lose weight.

Do you gain weight back after a water fast? Yes. Everyone will gain some weight back and it differs for everyone because water weight/water retention is different for everyone.When you start your water fast generally you will see an initial and quick 2-5 pound weight loss. This is because when you eat food you consume sodium (salt) which holds on to any water you consume. When you water fast you are not consuming food, which means no salt, SO there is no sodium in your body to hold on to the water you are drinking. Thus you lose what is called initial water weight.


When you end your fast and start consuming food again you consume salt and will thus start retaining water again, which will cause generally a few pounds of water weight.

When I finish a water fast how long before I can start another? I have read and been told to wait at least 4 weeks, but I have broken that rule numerous time. Just saying.

Before and after pictures? Are they you? Were they from fasting? Yes they are me. Yes they were from doing a collection of 2 long fasts. You can find them by going to  http://smashingxteacups.tumblr.com/tagged/beforeandafter

Have you gained any weight back? Yes about 20lbs due to two traumatic deaths in my family which resulted in poor eating. 

Do you plan on doing more fasts in the future? Yes. One I’m actually starting tomorrow. 

Can you give a detailed example of what you ate after a water fast.

Should I exercise durring a water fast? No.

Sure but keep in mind this is only an example/ I experiment a lot with food and recipes and it’s impossible for me to remember what I ate because I constantly switch it up and am pulling from different online/book recipes.

Breakfast: Organic oatmeal with cinnamon and cut up bananas on top with a cup of almond milk. 

Snack: Apple and berries

Lunch: Salad with lemon juice and almonds, bits of lean chicken, carrots, cherry tomatoes and water.

Snack: fruit smoothie or maybe a carrots and dip.

Dinner: Stir fry in a kale wrap

Desert: Strawberries and light whip creme. 

What are some foods that are good for you? Nuts, almond milk, coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, fruits, veggies, leafy greens. The closer to the ground the better for your body. 

Do you smell on a water fast? No Can you brush your teeth on a water fast? Some people say no I do because it doesn’t effect weight. I know that a lot of people want to know exactly what i ate and juiced but i just cant tell you that because i didn’t keep track of it when i was fasting and i wing meals and experiment so much with it that i lose track. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and ill add it to the FAQ. Thanks!

I gained 20lbs in 6 months.
I’m over 20% body fat.
I have cellulite and a pretty decent belly pooch.
Clothes don’t fit right.
I’m uncomfortable in my skin 75% of the time.
My legs are so pale that they could blind you in the sunlight.
I have stretch marks EVERYWHERE.
My stretch marks are also bright purple.

I really hate my body. It’s something I’ve always dealt with, but lately I’ve been trying more and more to appreciate the little things, like:

My eyebrows are amazing.
The color of my eyes change and that’s beautiful.
I LOVE the freckles on my face and body.
Hell, I wish I had more freckles.
I have a beautiful smile.
My tattoos are Fucking awesome and badass.
I can rock a pixie cut pretty well.
My nose piercing works really well on my face.
My legs allow me to walk all around the city.
My arms allow me to carry ALL the groceries.
My stomach holds all my favorite foods inside.

It’s so easy to zone in and focus on all the things you hate about yourself; it’s so easy and so detrimental. Take those negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and counteract them. Weigh those thoughts down with positive affirmations and suddenly life is a little bit sweeter, the sun shines a little bit brighter, and you become a little bit happier.

Staying positive and moving forward ✌🏻

(Also these pasty-cellulite-thunder-thighs got me through a 202lb back squat last night so hell. fucking. yes.)

Height: 5'3.5’’ / Highest Weight: 152lb / Current Weight: 128lbs / Total Weight Lost So Far: 20lbs

Took me only 5 weeks to lose with (mostly) raw vegan diet. Drank half my weight in ounces every day, exercise twice a week weight training and went for runs 4-5 days a week. My biggest advice is portion control !!! start slow by going on a few mile walk in the AM & PM. Then start jogging & walking!

I have lost 20 pounds!!!! Oh my god!!!!! That’s amazing!!!! I’m amazing! This autocorrected to Amazon and IM AN AMAZON TOO!!!

No but I’ve never lost more than 3lbs, and I’m incredibly proud of myself. I can’t believe it. It took me 4 months to lose only 20lbs, but I’m starting to learn more about losing weight in a healthy way.

I’ll be posting progress pics soon :D

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any Korean fitness Instagramers or YouTubers?

Fitness/diet youtubers:

  • Daisy 데이지
    • Lost 9kg (20lb) mainly does makeup but there’s a lot of workout videos and diet advice videos
  • Jenny Eats Cake(only in Korean)
    • Lost 25kg (55lb) and power lifts so good to watch if you do heavy weight and want muscles
  • Laella
    • Mainly does “what I eat in a day” and weight loss recipes
  • thin 씬님
    • ssin’s other channel and she does recipes, diet mukbangs, and advice (not really active though)
  • 쿠몬 다이어트 Coomon Diet (only in Korean)
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and posts how she lost/maintain the weight 
  • Dano TV
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and mainly posts workout videos and diet advice

Specific videos you can watch:

And I don’t use ig anymore but if you search the tags ‘다이어트’ then you could easily find some to follow! Hope this helped best of luck :o)

Need yer help guys!

In the last 3 years, I worked my butt off and lost 88 lbs. whaaa? i know. And in the last 6 months I have managed to gain half of that back. WHAAAAA. and I am so stuck. and my depression hasn’t been making things easy since I don’t even want to move and everything hurts. 

But I’m doing it. I gotta get back into my skinny jeans before con cause my fat butt ain’t meeting Jared looking like this. I need to up the exercise majorly. So…. I’m not gonna sit here and post about it bc this isn’t a weightloss blog BUT I thought I’d ask… if anyone else has a FitBit and out like to friend me and walk with me everyday? I thrive on challenges and I really need the motivation. So if you are so willing… Wanna add me? I’m charging my Flex right now so I’ll be good to go this morning. :) My email is below the boys. Thank you!!! 

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chatspyjamas  asked:

ok so marinette is late to gym class because of an akuma and she's just. really tired and sore and in no mood to deal with any bs and the teacher is just like 'you're late, punishment is squats' and someone (kim?) is just like 'lol dont make her do that, i doubt she could even squat 20lbs' and marinette is so completely and utterly done at this point so she's just like 'watch me' and basically adrien walks in to a crowd surrounding marinette squatting like 200lbs just like !!??!??!/!?damn





Listen, I am a MAMA BEAR to the fullest extent. I don’t know how much more “mama” I can be.

Nothing I hate more than unsolicited parenting advice. I know what the hell im doing with MY child.

I know that my son has specific cries & I know how to handle each one. If my son is seemingly “loud” to you please do not come over with a failed attempt to “make him stop” because I can guarantee you’ll scare him and make it worse.

I formula feed, yes. The liquid gold no longer flows through my body & I have zero intention on starving my child so fuck off if it’s an issue for you. He’s 20lbs and very healthy.

I can’t stand diaper shamers. I didn’t even realize it was possible to debate about diapers. Every child is different and will react differently to certain brands. I personally use Huggies diapers & Pampers wipes. My child has sensitive skin, so while the cheaper or “trendy” brands might be more efficient to someone else. I am not giving my child a rash for the sake of being cheap or trendy.

I also co-sleep. I don’t need to get into a big thing about it. That’s just what works for us. If it doesn’t work for you that’s fine. Just don’t come at me with the “he needs to be in his own bed” crap cause I’ll put him in there when im good & damn well ready to.

There is a 150/100 chance that I will curse you out for offering unsolicited parenting advice. If I don’t ask for it, don’t give it.

Does that sound rude? It might. This is my child though, and like I said earlier..



Down 2lbs this week. Seeing results on the scale and in the mirror is really nice. Seeing my stomach and thighs shrinking is crazy. I don’t even remember the last time I was in the 170′s. (As a kid probs) Walking everyday this week along the lake was great too. Hoping my migraines get better though. I miss my more rigorous workouts. Either way, next week I hope to be at the -20lbs mark!


Anyone else sometimes not true to themselves about what they eat and how little they workout and still expect to be dropping pounds every week?
Yes! SAME!

I’ve put on 4lbs the past two weeks and have been so disappointed yet I haven’t worked out once and have eaten chocolates, crisps, cakes all lots of other bad things! I didn’t log them and when I went back to look at my log it was all heathy foods I had eaten but then actually thinking back I ate rubbish but didn’t log it!

I can’t be annoyed at myself at all because I was not true to myself.
Weight loss is hard. VERY HARD. EXTREMELY HARD.
If it was easy then no one would be posting about their journeys and everyone would be skinny!!

I bought a weight loss diary and I am going to track everything I eat everyday! I am also going to make a weight loss board with pictures and also pegs so I can move the pegs down when I lose weight! I am so motivated to stick at it for the next 10 weeks and see what I can lose! 10 weeks from today hopefully I will lose about 18-20lbs 🏃🏽

Personal training - Ben

Ben had been going to the gym for about 3 months before he finally spoke to Jeff. Jeff was a personal trainer who worked there and was the best thing about the place for Ben.

Jeff was tall, with dirty blonde hair and always clean shaven. Being a personal trainer, his physique was absolutely perfect. He was a big man who was way beyond toned all over, with pecs that looked solid and could be shown off no matter what he wore. His arms were well defined and he had an ass that was muscly and pulled his shorts back helping to show the outline of his bulge on occasion. In other words, he was Ben’s idea of perfection.

Ben on the other hand was slim and always had been. He was tall at 6′1 but still a little shorter than Jeff. His frame was slight and scrawny looking. Ben had given up on the idea of ever looking like a man like Jeff. He was built for running and that was what he was doing when Jeff first came over to him; stomping away on the treadmill.

‘That’s quite a sweat you’re building up there’

Ben’s heart pounded suddenly having Jeff come up to him. He’d been longing to find an excuse to talk to him for so long and now here was Jeff initiating conversation with him!

‘Umm, yeah. Thanks’

‘I’ve seen you in here a lot; your running technique is good. What are you looking to train for?’

Ben lowered the speed on the treadmill to a slow walk so he wasn’t a sweaty mess whilst he spoke to Jeff.

‘Um, nothing really. It’s just something I’m good at. Running. I mean, I’m good at running. So that’s what I do’.

He was making a mess of this. How embarrassing. But Jeff just grinned widely at him, flashing his perfect smile that gave Ben butterflies in his stomach. He knew Jeff was straight. He’d met one of his now ex-girlfriends at a class once. Her body was perfection as well.

‘I train a few guys who do a lot of running and helped them to get in to other sports and training. Like you they sort of got stuck in their ways and needed a little, push in the right direction I think’

‘Um, yeah, that sounds good. What is it you do?’ stammered Ben.

‘Well, no two clients are the same as I’m sure you know’ smiled Jeff. ‘And personal training isn’t for everyone but how about a free session tomorrow and we see how we go from there?’

Ben was sold. One-to-one sessions with Jeff. Yeah, he’d have to pay for it, but this was going to be amazing. He’d just have to think of some method to strap his penis down to avoid getting an erection around him, or at least conceal it. That could be awkward.

Ben began training with Jeff twice a week. It worked well and Jeff was just as nice as he’d appeared on that first session. Always professional. He pushed Ben hard but never lost that friendly and charming personality he had. If anything, Ben grew even more attracted to him over the next few months.

However, one day Ben arrived at the gym to see Jeff looking quite serious. He definitely had his professional head on today.

‘Ok, I’m setting up a few of my clients for a tournament we’re doing at another local gym. You’re going to be involved in it.’

‘Oh right ok. I’m up for that’ said Ben, although it didn’t seem like there was much choice in the matter.

‘I’ll show you this chart. This is the starting weight for all my clients I’m entering. You’re here at 155lbs. We need to steadily increase that weight so you’re ready for it in January. We’re going to get you to 260lbs through a combination of weight training and diet’.

Ben’s breath was taken away. Jeff was so matter-of-fact about it all. But there it was, in black and white; his name with the goal weight of 260lbs next to it. He’d never said to Jeff that he ever had any interest in bulking before and didn’t really understand where this had come from. But he was by no means the client Jeff was pushing the hardest. Some guys on his list had goal weights of 300lbs or more. At least Jeff had gone a little easier on him.

‘What sort of competition is it you want us to do?’ asked Ben.

‘I’ll explain that closer to the time. I really want you to be involved but - the honest truth is that, at the moment, you’re just too small to be a part of it with the other guys I train’  said Jeff, almost pityingly.

Ben had always felt bad about being so scrawny and it seemed like Jeff thought his size was a bad thing too. He felt slightly ashamed at that moment.

‘Well, I don’t think I can get to 260. But we can make a start and maybe look at the target weight some other time?’ said Ben, cautiously.

Jeff was not a man who compromised; Ben knew that. And Jeff seemed to ignore the comment entirely.

‘Let’s make a start then. We’ll head over to the weights room and get you started there. We’re going to leave the cardio stuff for the time being. Then I want to talk to you about diet.’

Weight training with Jeff was even more of a turn on. He got to be even closer to Jeff and have him touch him to help him get his posture right for each lift. Given that there were only 7 months until the tournament, Jeff advised Ben to do a dirty bulk. That meant anything was good to eat as long as it had lots of calories. It would build up his strength and size quickly; and whilst some fat would come with it, that could be worked on closer to the competition, around October time.

So Ben began his bulk. He ate and ate as much as he could. If it had lots of calories in it, he ate it. He loved the attention he had from Jeff, marking his progress and increasing his training sessions to three and sometimes four per week.

It wasn’t long until the effects of all this eating started to show. For the first time in his life, Ben had a small poochy stomach and slightly pointy nipples. But Jeff was so encouraging every time his weight went up each week Ben knew he was doing the right thing.

Ben’s ass was swelling up and this forced him to increase the size of some of his clothes. He was suddenly a 34″ waist, something he’d never been in his life! But Jeff was so complimentary about the increasing size of Ben’s biceps and thighs, any doubts Ben had were lifted.

October soon rolled around and Jeff sat Ben down for a serious chat about his progress.

‘Listen Ben, I’d hoped to start the cardio training back up by now to lose some of this fat you seem to be concerned about, but you’re just not making the gains I had expected of you by this time’. Ben had just weighed in at 205lbs.

‘We’re going to press on without the cardio for now and review it in a few weeks time’

Jeff looked crestfallen. Ben felt almost ashamed.

‘I’m not overly concerned about the fat, don’t worry. I’ll just have to train harder for you’ said Ben with a smile, hoping to perk Jeff up. But his comments only seemed to make Jeff more downhearted.

‘There’s not much more I can really do to get you trained ready for the tournament Ben, I’m working pretty hard here’.

‘Oh, I didn’t mean that!’ said Ben, embarrassed. Why did he have to put his foot in it?

‘No, Ben, this is about you really. Your calorie intake, it’s just not enough. You really need to start putting some effort in there’.

Ben had never eaten so much in his life than he had in the last few months but still this was not good enough. He felt bad.

‘I’m sorry, you’re right. I’m really going to go for it. I promise.’

‘Ok, come on then Ben’ said Jeff only a little more cheerfully. ‘Let’s get started on your session today’.

Ben shopped only for high calorie foods from then on. Fried food, high sugar; high fat only. He ate as often as he could and forced it all down his throat. He was glad to see his belly bloom and his pecs swell. His face started to look full and masculine, or at least that’s what Jeff said when he weighed in at 220lbs three weeks later.

‘I had to buy 36″ waist jeans’ said Ben with a smile hoping to impress Jeff with his effort.

‘Yeah’ said Jeff, a little underwhelmed. ‘I think next time you increase your sizes, you’re best skipping straight to 40s. You are going to be experiencing a little more abdominal fat with the type of bulking we’re doing’.

‘Yeah, sure I can do that’ said Ben enthusiastically. He wanted to impress Jeff so much but every time his efforts seemed to fall flat. It didn’t help that the next few weeks seemed to have very little impact on Ben’s weight. He ate and ate but very little seemed to stick. By the time the end of November arrived, Ben was still sitting at 230lbs.

Jeff was quiet during their weigh in. His disappointment and frustration at Ben was clear even if he was too professional to say it.

‘How are the other guys you’re training doing?’ asked Ben looking to make any kind of conversation he could.

‘Good, yeah, thanks for asking. A couple of them have already exceeded their target weights and the others are all very close to them.’

Ben felt bad once again. He didn’t realise how close January really was. He needed to get to 260lbs as soon as he could now but he was still 30lbs off.

Ben’s gut had developed properly now. It sat under his chest like a slightly deflated beach ball. His ass had swollen massively and it was strange for Ben to feel it bouncing happily behind him as he walked. But it still wasn’t where he needed to be.

Finally, Jeff had his last session with Ben before the holidays. Ben had overeaten every day and was even waking up at night to eat more calories. At their final weigh in Ben finally hit 240lbs.

‘Ok, you’ve given yourself a lot to do over the holidays’ said Jeff. ‘I wish you’d stuck to your diet plan a little more but 20lbs in three weeks is not entirely impossible’.

‘I can do it’ said Ben.

‘Yeah?’ smiled Jeff. ‘I like your confidence man. I really want you there with us at the tournament.’ His smile to Ben when he said this seemed so genuine and heartfelt, Ben knew he had to do this for him.

Ben hardly moved over the holiday period. He ate and ate. His friends and family were surprised when they saw how big he was looking, but when Ben told them it was for a tournament he was training for in a few weeks, they seemed satisfied. The massive overdoses of calories and night feeds seemed to be working. Ben could feel the weight pouring on to him and by January 1st, Ben was incredibly relieved to see he’d made 261lbs on his scale. At last! He thought.

He had to text Jeff straight away. He wrote and rewrote it many times. He’d never text Jeff before. He wanted it to sound ok. In the end he settled for.

‘I made it with 1lb to spare. 261lbs. Thanks for all your hard work. Ben’

Jeff, didn’t respond to it. He was obviously off with better people having fun. It wasn’t until two days later when Ben had his first training session with Jeff booked that he heard back from him. Jeff called him up from the gym.

‘Hi Ben, it’s Jeff. Listen, congratulations on reaching your target weight. I was really pleased when I got your text.’

‘Thanks Jeff, I -’

‘I’m afraid we won’t be able to do our training session today. The gym is full of new subscribers. It’s packed here. But, I have your address here on file so I thought I’d come over to you instead and let you know a bit more about this tournament and where we’re going to go with your training from here. Does that sound ok? About the same time. 6.30?’

‘Yeah, that sounds gr-’

‘Good, ok catch you then Ben.’

And with that, Jeff was gone. Ben was breathless; Jeff was coming to his house! He tidied and cleaned. He felt almost proud to have Jeff come over to see him.

Ben was sitting, waiting early from six o’clock. Jeff was ever professional and arrived a couple of minutes early.

‘Happy new year’ he said, walking straight in to the house. ‘Right, let’s get started then. I have my own scales here so we can check your weight and I want to do some body measurements. We’re probably best going up to your bathroom for this; I need a hard surface for the scales’.

Ben was astounded by his enthusiasm as always. Jeff never wasted time during a session and was already half way up the stairs. He’d set up the scales ready in the bathroom and was already preparing notes on his clipboard when Ben joined him.

‘Clothes off today Ben. We need it to be as accurate as possible.’

Slightly concerned about his crotch, Ben slowly removed his t shirt and sweat pants and tried to bend forward slightly to hide it just in case anything happened down there whist Jeff was around.

‘Underwear as well today I’m afraid Ben’ said Jeff writing on his clipboard and not even looking at Ben.

Ben hesitated. He sighed and quickly pulled his underwear down and laid them on the bath tub before cupping his penis and stepping on the scale for Jeff.

‘262lbs!’ said Jeff with a slight uplift in his voice that told Ben he had done well. He stood a little taller on the scale knowing Jeff was pleased with him.

‘Right, I just need to get some other measurements as well; we’ll start with your waist’.

Ben closed his eyes as he felt the tape measure wrap around his belly. He was trying so hard not to get turned on whilst he was naked in front of Jeff.

‘I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been a great trainer. I can’t get over how much stronger I feel. I feel like I could lift a car’.

Jeff carried on his measurements, noting them on his clipboard.

‘You know you can only bench press 10lbs more than when we started back last summer don’t you?’ said Jeff not looking at Ben, but still making notes.

‘Oh… Well, I feel like I’m a lot stronger anyway’ said Ben trying not to feel embarrassed.

‘No, not really’ said Jeff, writing his last note and putting down his clipboard before looking at Ben in the mirror in front of them.

‘I mean, if I could show you for a second Ben.’ Jeff pulled off his top, making Ben’s heart race. He stood in front of the mirror looking at Ben and spoke to him in his usual, professional manner. He tensed one arm and pec.

‘This is muscle. You see here’. He pointed to it all with his finger. ‘And down here in the abdominal area, this is made up of mostly muscle.’ He then pulled down his shorts and stood there in his tight boxers flexing one leg. ‘This here is muscle in the glutes and thighs. Can you see how defined and firm it looks?’

Ben could feel a swelling in his penis. He tried to breathe heavier to control it.

‘What I’ve added to you is mostly fat. It’s soft looking. What I can see when I look at you now is a lot of fat in the abdominal area, which is funny because you used to have almost a little six pack back before we started this. Also, like a lot of guys who put on weight, you’ve put on a lot of fat here in what we refer to as the love-handle region - and your glutes are a lot larger and made up of more body fat than they were seven months ago’. All the while he was pointing and gesturing to different parts of Ben’s overfed body. ’Your muscle mass has hardly increased at all in fact’

‘Oh, I -’ stuttered Ben, unsure how Jeff expected him to respond.

’I haven’t been training anyone else like this. I just said those things to keep your spirits up. And you can relax, because we won’t be entering you in any tournaments any time soon.’

Jeff gave Ben a friendly tap on his ass to step off his scales, which Ben responded to without question.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ asked Ben, confused.

Jeff bent down to pack up his scales.

‘No, you did everything right. You should be pleased with yourself.’

‘So what’s - what’s it all been for then?’ asked Ben feeling embarrassed.

‘My entertainment’ said Jeff without hesitating, nor losing his professional tone. ‘I’ve really enjoyed watching you get fatter each week’ he confessed, whilst giving Ben a manly, congratulatory pat on the back.

‘Umm, I -’

‘Can you go in to your bedroom please’ Jeff cut him off.

‘Leave those there’ he said as Ben reached for his underwear. ‘You won’t be needing those’.

Ben had to walk past him trying to hide his semi. He felt so awkward and embarrassed. Jeff followed him in to the bedroom.

‘Right, stand there, back to me’ said Jeff, gesturing in front of the bed.

Ben turned away from him, but felt incredibly nervous not being able to see what Jeff was doing. He felt Jeff’s hand slide between his thighs to splay his legs slightly apart, like he was getting him ready for a round of squats. He was incredibly conscious of the fact that he was naked.

‘That’s it, legs nice and wide’ said Jeff, calmly and professionally. He placed one hand on Ben’s hip and the other on the top of his back.

‘Now bend forwards, but keep your legs as straight as you can for me’.

Ben slowly went down, feeling the pressure of Jeff’s hand pushing him on his back, whilst the other hand, resting on Ben’s hip, was slowly engulfed in fat by his belly rolling over it. Ben placed his hands on the bed to steady himself.

‘That’s right. Now just hold that position for a minute’. Jeff’s hands were removed from Ben’s body and Ben was forced to listen intently to have any idea of what Jeff was doing behind him.

He heard the elastic on Jeff’s boxers flap and the material slide down his legs. Then he picked them up and flung them on to the bed for Ben to see.

Fuck, is this really happening? thought Ben.

Ben heard a sachet tear and a squelching noise as Jeff must have been lubing up his cock for what he was going to do next.

‘Just hold your butt cheeks for me Ben. Really pull them out wide. That’s right’

Hands resting on Ben’s hips; one massive thrust and Jeff was in. The width of Jeff’s cock made Ben gasp.

‘Hands down again. Just relax now Ben, you just need to stay still’. But Ben could already feel Jeff pulsing harder and harder, making staying still quite an effort; his new fat jiggling and rocking in a way he had never felt before.

After a short time, Jeff’s hands finally arrived to explore Ben’s body, sliding over his back and around to his love handles, grabbing one and holding the fat in his hand whilst he pounded.

A short knee from Jeff in the back of Ben’s legs ensured Ben fell flat on the bed, legs splayed even wider apart as Jeff moved on top of him. Now he was able to use all of his size and strength to make Ben want to squeal. But apart from the odd grunt, Jeff didn’t say a word. As his pace got faster and faster, Jeff placed a hand under Ben’s chest and rolled him over, with Jeff lying flat on his back and lying Ben on top his own broad chest, all without ever breaking his stride fucking him. Ben lay there on top, feeling his new fat rock with every beat of Jeff’s powerful hips, just raised slightly off the bed to get the best angle to fuck his ass still. Then Ben felt Jeff’s hand push down on his forehead to lie his head down on Jeff’s shoulder to relax, whilst the other hand went down to grab his rock hard cock, stroking it up and down with his muscular hands. When Jeff could feel Ben throbbing, he reached down and grabbed a handful of belly fat, jiggling it as fast as he stroked Ben’s penis. Ben moaned, almost ready to come, when Jeff turned his mouth towards his ear and whispered:

‘No more weight training Ben. No more cardio. You’re going to carry on getting fatter, aren’t you?’

‘Mmfhh’ moaned Ben, not entirely sure what was going on in Jeff’s mind.

‘Big fat belly and love handles - and a huge, wide soft fat ass. You hear me?’

‘Yes’ breathed Ben. He hoped that was the right answer.

Jeff was holding Ben’s cock at just the right speed. Too slow to let him come, too fast to lose his erection, not that he ever could. He wanted to make Ben come at just the right moment.

‘Are you going to be a big, overfed fat boy?’ whispered Jeff, almost aggressively.

‘Yes’ whispered Ben submissively.

‘I can’t hear you!’ taunted Jeff.

‘YES!’ said Ben.

‘Yes, what, fat boy?’

‘Make me fatter, make me your fat boy’. He meant it.

Like turning the key in a lock, Jeff’s hands skilfully manoeuvred Ben’s cock so he came everywhere all over them both and Ben heard Jeff grunting as he came all inside of him.

They lay there for a moment, panting and calming down. Then Jeff slid out from underneath him, slipped on his boxers once more and gave Ben the biggest grin whilst standing over him. He pinched a little roll of Ben’s fatty love handle, jiggling it for his amusement.

‘No more weight training. No more cardio. I’m going to enjoy this’ he said ,staring in to Ben’s eyes. Then he turned and strutted out of the bedroom to get dressed.