Day 1

I woke up this morning at 6 to do some yoga (yes it was only ~10 min long) but I feel great. The plan was to wake up a bit earlier but seeing as I haven’t woken up this early in a long time, I’ll take it and work up to 5 am.

Goal: by the end of April I would like to lose 20lbs.

It’s definitely do able, but it’s going to take a lot of work and dedication. Hopefully I have it in me, because lately I don’t. But February is almost over. New month, new habits!

190lbs verses 170lbs

I’m getting there. It’s taken a lot of hard work but I am finally seeing results. I cut out all soda and started tracking how many calories I was eating per day. I’m comfortable around 1200-1500. I also use my Fitbit to track my steps at work and aim for 15,000 steps a day.

The difference of 20lbs is honestly mind blowing when you put progress photos side by side. I still have about 40lbs left to lose but I’m optimistic. 2017 is going to be my year 👊🏼💥

eaturgreenzz submitted: 

 Height: 171cm 

HW: 250lbs

CW: 150lbs

In the first 6.5 months of 2016 I lost 100lbs! Since then I have managed to maintain, but still have approx 20lbs to go until goal.

As cliche as it sounds, all I did was change my diet.  Plenty of veg, even more water and less lounging around!

GOOD LUCK to anyone and everyone on their weight loss journey - you got this :)

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Get Motivated with more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT  

A little start of the week motivation! I didn’t even think I had this shirt anymore but I found it this morning so I had to take a pic & the pic on the left was taken late last spring semester so probably some time around mid-late April. If I had to guess I’d say there’s probably around a 20lb difference between the photos (although I’m not sure my exact weight in the first one) & the shirt definitely fits a lot better now!!😂

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any Korean fitness Instagramers or YouTubers?

Fitness/diet youtubers:

  • Daisy 데이지
    • Lost 9kg (20lb) mainly does makeup but there’s a lot of workout videos and diet advice videos
  • Jenny Eats Cake
    • Lost 25kg (55lb) and power lifts so good to watch if you do heavy weight and want muscles (only in Korean)
  • Laella
    • Mainly does “what I eat in a day” and weight loss recipes
  • thin 씬님
    • ssin’s other channel and she does recipes, diet mukbangs, and advice (not really active though)
  • 쿠몬 다이어트 Coomon Diet 
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and posts how she lost/maintain the weight (only in Korean)
  • Dano TV
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and mainly posts workout videos and diet advice

Specific videos you can watch:

And I don’t use ig anymore but if you search the tags ‘다이어트’ then you could easily find some to follow! Hope this helped best of luck :o)

Rules for March

for loose up to 15-20lbs. FOR MEEEE

- 600-1200 calories per day

- 4x gym every week AT LEAST. focused on cardio

- find a job when i’ll have to move all time like waitress or sth

- a lot of green tea, water, coffe

- NO BINGE AND PURGE (as binge considered more than 1800)

- mostly veggies and fruits

- 0 fucking sweets

Im so ready to go.

A year ago today, I underwent what became the best decision of my life; my vertical gastric sleeve surgery. At 286lbs, I decided that it was time to take control of my life. Those first few months after were probably the hardest months of my life. Learning how to eat again and being so afraid of failing. Almost regretting the decision as I recovered…but I definitely don’t regret it now. I am so thankful to myself for making the decision to get #wls It has shown me all of the things I am capable of; all of the dedication and hard work I can achieve. A year later, I have gained more then the 115lbs I have lost. I am happy. I am healthy. I’ve faced my biggest fear since surgery: gaining weight back (almost 20lbs) and was able to lose it again. I may not be quite at goal yet, but I am happy where I am. I will keep striving to be healthy, but it’s not entirely about losing the weight now. Losing the weight is no longer important. What’s important is continuing to be healthy, to be happy, and to love life and myself.

From August to January! I believe there is maybe a 35lbs difference. All together, I am down 52lbs! I remember taking the first photo and really being excited because, at the time I had lost 20lbs. So happy to see the progression! I mean, damnit, I straight up look pregnant in the first photo…shit! Well here’s to looking good and feeling good! Hopefully by next August I will bust out a bathing suit!