Over the last 20 years in CA, the average income of the top fifth of earners increased by 31.1%, while the average income of the bottom four-fifths of workers decreased. What direction has your income gone?

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Port Truck Drivers Seek Millions in Owed Wages

What would you do if your employer charged you a fee for everything you needed to work for them: your office desk, your computer, your phone line, your chair, your share of the water cooler and internet connection? What would you do if at the end of a week you were left with just one percent of your paycheck after all these had been deducted? How long would it take for you to stand up and refuse to keep paying to access the tools that allow you to do your work?


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Green Fleet Systems Drivers March Back to Work at LA Port

Port truck drivers at the Port of Los Angeles lead a march back to work to return to their jobs following a 24-hour Unfair Labor Practice strike on Monday against their employer, Green Fleet Systems (GFS). The drivers, who struck to protest harassment and intimidation by company management, had hundreds of people turn out at a rally to support thei…