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Hello, So I was wondering. Do you have any sterek fics, short and sweet? Like just fluff and fun and anything? But like no bedroom times? I just want fluff. if you know any. Thank you


  • Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by aprocryphal (T, 20k) Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.The war begins.
  • BunBun the Bunny by DomesticatedChaos (G, 6k) Derek gets a pet. It’s not what anyone expects.
  • Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramaphone (T, 8k) “I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
    Derek raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress. Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”
  • Violets are Blue by HalfFizzbin (T, 3k) Derek the super cranky florist delivery guy (it’s the family business!) and Stiles the underemployed, overeducated, bored as fuck receptionist. and obviously Stiles works with Allison, whose besotted fiance is always sending her flowers.
  • Chase Your Own by kellifer_fic (G, 4k) Derek is cursed into having a feels!tail because Deaton and Scott live to mess with him. That’s what he assumes anyway.
  • The Time It Wasn’t Bigfoot by moony (T, 5k) From: Angst Vandersulk Ceramics factory. 11:00. Don’t fuck up and get followed.“ (Stiles’s first kiss happens for what Derek believes is the wrong reason. Also, there might be a Bigfoot. Maybe.)

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Okay, but the high school!au with awkward jock Geno, whose best friend is ultra popular Ovi. And Ovi is a bit of a Casanova, right? He gets all the girls (and boys), and every time Geno has a crush on someone, they turn out to be super into Ovi. Then, one day, transfer student Sidney Crosby shows up, and he is beautiful and smart and kind and Geno was basically in love with him from the moment he saw him, but he thinks Sid likes Ovi, so he decides he’s going to help them get together. Much hijinks ensue.

(Sid doesn’t know what’s going on. He really likes Geno, but every time he tries to be alone with him, Ovi is there to ruin it and Geno never. seems. to. mind.)

Hey guys! Just a quick update: we’re creeping up towards 20k followers and since that’s so absolutely crazy we were wondering if there was anything you wanted us to do/organize in celebration of this hella milestone! We didn’t really do anything for a million page views or for 10k followers even though we talked about it, but because 20k is really quite a big number in relation to the phandom we do kinda want to do *something* to say thank you. (We’ve got some ideas floating around, but really this is because of you and therefore we want to do whatever you want to say thank you) so if you have any ideas shoot us an ask :) hugs 4 everyone + tysm 5eva <3

Long term sugaring goals (in terms of what I want to use allowance for)

Spend on:

  • Everything on my wishlists from my favorite clothing store
  • Enough underwear/bras to last me the rest of my life
  • A lot of exercise clothes
  • At least one kickass electric guitar and amp (preferably Fender)
  • an iPhone
  • a new Macbook
  • the Sims 4
  • a few pairs of cool glasses
  • A Kate Spade Wallet
  • a pair of Doc Martens
  • A bunch of high end makeup

Save for:

  • Somewhere between 10k and 20k to take my mom traveling in Europe
  • At least 10k in a savings/emergency account
  • 7k-10k in a checking account

So I have to devise an “envelope system”… dividing my allowance(s) into categories of spending.

  • I’ll have one for “Spending,” which will be used to buy clothes I like, that KS wallet, etc…
  • One for “Europe,” which will be for the obscene amount of money I need to take my mom traveling after I graduate/she retires…
  • One for “Savings/Emergency,” to use for, well, savings and emergencies… things like overdue rent, a plane ticket to escape a bad situation, etc…
  • One for “Sugaring,” to spend on nails, POT date clothes, taxi rides, everything sugar related…
  • And finally, one for “Checking,” money I can’t touch until I retire from sugaring and start my comedy and acting career. Money I’ll need to survive while being a starving artist.

Obviously this system will need constant revising and editing, but this is the skeleton. I don’t think it looks too shabby.

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how do you have any tips on how to start writing for a miserable teenager?

as someone who has 7 years of being a miserable teen under her belt, yes i do haha !

1) carry a journal. make it small or compact, so you can bring it anywhere. whenever something tickles your fancy, write it down in your handy dandy notebook. then , once you have enough snippets and glimpses, see where you can go from there

2) write in all dialogue when you’re at a loss. pull a conversation from 2 people. 

3) read read read read READ READ READ!

4) if you write on a word document/laptop etc, print out anything and then read it over, like you would a book. see how it flows. edit.

5) read everything you write out loud. stitch together any odd junctures, smooth out rough edges

6) don’t be afraid to experiment. did something start out a poem and end up as a 20k novella? good. good. go from there !

7) small words are your friends. simplicity will not betray you.

Creativity update, cats update, weekend update

Creativity update

I’ve had a good start on the creativity challenge, which was nice after a writing dry spell last week:

Day 1: 838 words

Day 2: 1000 words

Day 3: 823 words

Cats update

My goal was 20K words, so that’s a nice solid start.

The cats are doing well. They seem more relaxed around each other, and better at sharing space without fussing at each other. Augie, in particular, seems to have relaxed a lot. They’re also now capable of sharing the cat-furniture–there are several places that used to be favorite napping spots for Jasmine and Augie, but which they had been avoiding since Dora started napping there. I think they’ve all made very good progress. :)

Weekend update

We’ve had a fun weekend and saw Age of Ultron. I enjoyed a lot of it, but had mixed feelings about other parts. We also strolled through our town’s sidewalk festival and saw a local theatrical production, so overall it was good entertainment, good food, and good company. And now I need to do laundry and get some things done before Monday!


So I bought a 3000¥ iTunes card (it’s cheaper for me since my currency is British Pounds) and got 42 crystals because I felt like attempting the Tatara event, I’m never buying crystals again lol. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, I’ll explain what happened and what I did. I spent 18 crystals trying to beat this event, I feel like crying. Before attempting the event, I tried the Gasha and guess what I got? A Green SR Hoji! This was exactly what I needed and I was hoping to nab one from the Gasha too! Anyways his special event skill made the first few stages easy for me. I put him as a Bikaku type and the lowest damage he dealt was 7K and the highest was 20K when I used the quinque skill. The quinques I equipped to him were the F Knife and the R Rinkaku quinque (the one you get from the daily login). Pretty awesome stuff. I will admit, this event is tough. The enemies act every turn after one of yours so it’s extremely unfair, but what can you do?

Anyways 1st wave isn’t too bad, you have a Green Naki and a Red Yamori. This wasn’t hard to beat and I spent no crystals here.

2nd wave is pretty terrible, you have the Bin Brothers who both have around 110K HP, they aren’t powerful but their skill makes them a threat and so does their constant bouncing. One of them is blue whilst the other is green. Also if they make contact with each other then they regain 20K HP which is a pain. Try to pick off one of them and then kill the other. I spent two crystals here.

3rd wave isn’t tough either, you have a single SSR Blue Ayato to defeat. He has 150K HP. The friend Ayato I brought in and the Hoji made this stage a breeze. No crystals spent here.

Final wave is horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. You have all the enemies from the previous stages with some added HP including a Tatara. After one of your turns, most of the enemies have their turns which is horrible. There is a new enemy in this stage that I’ll talk about later and that is SR Yamori. I hate him so much… I could have spent around 10 crystals less beating this stage but Yamori made it impossible. Anyways, you have electrified boxes in this stage that work to your advantage. The Bin brothers were constantly ramming into them and they lost more than half of their HP doing so. In this stage, I was just hitting into as much enemies as I could. Surprisingly, the enemies in this stage don’t do much attack, the average attack was around 4-7K which wasn’t much for me. Just attack as much enemies as you can, preferably the ones weak to your colour. Try to pluck them off one by one, that’s what I did. And now the hard part; Yamori and Tatara are the enemies with the highest HP in the stage. Jason gets an extra co-operation effect for touching the wall and hitting/killing your teammates. He often gets into raging Kagune mode, making him a monster. If you want to kill him quickly, you’ll need to have brought a powerful SSR, preferably a blue SSR Ayato or Mask of Determination Kaneki. Activate your skill and get rid of him, I was at a disadvantage since the Ayato I brought was a green one. Tatara was also pretty annoying, his attack boost made him and Yamori a goddamn nightmare. Jason would deal a lot of damage, around 16K on advantage. Tatara wasn’t tough on his own, but he used to heal 17K HP which was annoying. Every time I revived, Yamori was in Raging Kagune mode and the game used to spawn Hoji and Ayato next to Yamori, every single time. I was usually left with Naki and Rize who couldn’t do much on their own. Luckily my Ayato could revive without getting hit and I used the wall in the middle to get some good hits on Tatara, not great hits as he was Red type but I could chip ¼ of his health every time. Funnily enough, I killed Tatara before Yamori. Don’t think it’s over yet, Yamori was still dealing absurd damage and he would get his turn straight after yours. For some reason, when Naki hit Jason he went straight into Raging Kagune mode. That combined with his skill buff allowed me to deal 12K occasionally time to him. Eventually, he died too. I spent 4 crystals defeating all of the enemies apart from Yamori and Tatara. But I spent 12 defeating Yamori and Tatara alone. A total of 16 crystals were used for this final wave.

Well, at least I got Tatara in the end whom I love, he’s the closest thing I have to an SSR now. No Yamori which made me kind of regret my decision but whatever, at least I have a tougher team now. Never spending money for crystals on this game again or the 50AP events, lol. My final message? Never attempt this 50 AP event. Not worth it.

Lastly a big thank you to @sasakihaise1998 for helping me out! He sent me some tips which greatly helped me! Thank you so much! :D

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do you ever think you'd remake a tumblr in the future? i really will miss you when youre gone. to me, the things you say are interesting and this has been my favorite blog for a long time now :( on the other hand, im extremely happy for you for getting things together. *raises glass* to the future!

I’ll remake it just feels weird having 20k followers

What triggers my anger is when that person who happens to be a female says: “I don’t need feminism. I don’t need to be liberated.”

How about you tell that to:

  1. that Moroccan girl who killed herself after being forcibly married to her rapist (x)
  2. that 11-year-old Texan girl who got raped by 18 men while the New York Times said she “dressed older than her age.” (x)
  3. Reyhaneh Jabari, an Iranian woman who was tortured in jail then hanged after killing the man who was going to rape her. (x)
  4. Nojood Al-Ali from Yemen who got divorced when she was 10. (x)
  5. the 16-year-old girl from Ohio who got raped and filmed at a party by 2 boys, while CNN reporters talked about the bright futures of the rapists as athletes. (x)
  6. the 94 women in Jordan who were legally married to their rapists, only in 2014. (x)
  7. the 8-year-old girl who was married to a man 5 times her age, and died on the day of her wedding because she suffered from bleeding and uterine rupture after intercourse. (x
  8. the 25 Palestinian women who were killed by either their brother or father, in order to “protect their honor” only in 2013. (x)
  9. the 99% of Egyptian women and 90% of Yemeni women who have experienced sexual harassment (x) (x

You still don’t need feminism?