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I should let you know what you are in for…

First off, I use this as a scrapbook, there will be informative text on certain things, sometimes a shitload of it.

I’m 42. My favorite color is teal, I have depression and my pronouns are masculine.

I tend to hyperfixate when I find something I like/haven’t seen before and you might will get a spam of things about it http://callmeblake.tumblr.com/tagged/texas%20chainsaw+massacre+hoodie/chrono

and my latest two:




I am really into Frank Iero, he’s just finished a tour! You get 98% Frank right now, and I am not sorry.

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Still post and reblog gerard and mcr but not as much:

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Reblog a lot of cats:

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and post my music taste a lot!

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