20 fictional characters that I love (in no particular order)
↳The Impala (Supernatural)

The Impala, of course, has all the things other cars have… and a few things they don’t. But none of that stuff’s important. This is the stuff that’s important. The army man that Sam crammed in the ashtray—it’s still stuck there. The legos that Dean shoved into the vents. To this day, heat comes on, and you can hear ‘em rattle. These are the things that make the car theirs. Really theirs. Even when Dean rebuilt it from the ground up, he made sure all these little things stayed. ‘Cause it’s the blemishes that made her beautiful. In between jobs, Sam and Dean would sometimes get a day—sometimes a week, if they were lucky. They’d pass the time lining their pockets. Sam used to insist on honest work, but now he hustles pool, like his brother. They could go anywhere and do anything. They drove a thousand miles for an Ozzy show. Two days for a Jayhawks game. And when it was clear, they’d park her in the middle of nowhere, sit on the hood, and watch the stars… for hours… without saying a word. It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls but they were never, in fact, homeless.”

Sanders wins greater say in Democratic platform; names pro-Palestinian activist
Party leaders are trying to appease Sanders supporters ahead of likely Clinton nomination.
By https://www.facebook.com/anne.gearan

Sen. Bernie Sanders has chosen a well-known advocate for Palestinian rights to help draft the Democratic Party platform this year, after party leaders gave the longshot but deeply popular candidate unusual say over the policy document ahead of Hillary Clinton’s likely nomination.

Sanders was given the power to choose nearly as many members of the Democratic Party platform-writing body as Clinton, who is expected to clinch the nomination next month. That influence resulted from an agreement worked out this month between the two candidates and Democratic Party officials, according to Democratic officials familiar with the arrangement.

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20 fictional characters that I love (in no particular order)
↳Tate Langdon (American Horror Story)

“I’ll leave you alone from now on, if that’s what you want. Is that what you want? You know why I’d leave you alone? ‘Cause I care about your feelings more than mine. I love you. There, I said it, and not just on some chalkboard. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone.”