Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics


I remember when the “Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics” tag was born back in February. I was in my car running “mom” errands, and was thinking about the rabbit hole that I fell in that was Olicity fanfiction. I couldn’t BELIEVE that I was reading such amazing works for FREE. Most of it was better than some books I paid good money for! And I couldn’t stop reading. I almost felt guilty to be getting so much enjoyment without giving anything in return, I had to thank them. I had to do it in a big way. And I had seen people do fic recs, and compilations, but I wanted to try something different - and have a little fun! Then I thought -

- what do I like the most about Tumblr posts (other than the interactions with others)? THE GIFS! When authors publish books, they usually get a dust jacket. Sooo…. I made a digital dust jacket. Including art, link to the authors Tumblr, link to the fic (whether AO3 of FF.net, even just as a Tumblr text post), and then a line or two from the story - hoping that hooks people in. It’s easy to scroll past text, but when you see this:

Who’s not going to look. TRY NOT TO STARE AT HIM. I DARE YOU. (link to fic rec post Flawless by machawicket here)

But I truly had NO IDEA how HUGE the fanfic base was in the Olicity fandom. So many terrific authors. So many different styles and ratings. It was a virtual smorgasbord of fics! And all of a sudden I couldn’t keep up! (Good problem to have, I know)

And as much as I enjoy reccing the “big names” and popular fics because - HELLO - they’re awesome;  I get the most out of it when I hear stuff like this from people like Dawn, sailorslayer3641, whose fic I recced back in March. She is now one of those “big names”. THIS is what makes me happy. Writers that are either putting something out there for the first time; or are coming back to writing after a long absence. This fandom is so terrific that this is where you chose to share something of yourself. And it’s AMAZING. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - AND I LOVE YOU!

I’ve “met” SO many authors that have now become friends, and they literally thrive on ANY feedback you give them. Kudos and favoriting are wonderful, but comments are LIFE GIVING. I fear that I don’t do that enough - BUT I TRY.

So I’m not going to list authors here, since there are so many that I wouldn’t know where to start. But just know - whether you’ve written one fic or one thousand; have one comment or one million; YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

(Final Note: I have a “ficbridge” on my page wherein I have tried to link fic authors to their other social media urls (AO3, ff.net, Twitter). So if you’re looking for anthfan on twitter - well, no, bad example, she’s Anthfan EVERYWHERE - if you’re looking for diggo26 on AO3, she’s NerdyAddict, and dust2dust34 is Bre. If you want to be added to the list, please let me know here. I really want to help you guys get your fics recognized and get people talking about them on ALL social media outlets!)

p.s. Remember that EVERYDAY should be fanfic writers’ appreciation day. Leave a note when you reblog, click a kudos, favorite, comment on AO3 and FF.net and…