No way no weigh march! I’m not weighing myself more than once in march! On the 15 and on april 1st! I challenge everyone else to do the same!

and i do not take photo credit for the lululemon photo.

This kind of surprised me. I have found I have been liking fewer and fewer health blogs because they post a lot of pictures of girl’s bodys. Which is fine but I like to have more posts that talk about health and wellness and health info etc… (Like how most of 10000steps is)

Anyways, I guess I only am reblogging 4 health blogs and 5 un health related blogs. It’s always been 8 health blogs and 1 not. Anyways… I want more health blogs errr… well the kind of health blogs that motivate me anyways. more more more… I can’t tell you how sad it makes me seeing I am not reposting a lot of health blogs. 10000steps is like the only blog I erfing LOVE. 20down40togo is a really good blog too, getting 4% of my love. 

I am going hunting this week for more health blogs. I wanna add like 100 blogs by the weekend.

Why am I getting 4% of my own love? lol. I guess I am reblogging a lot on my other blogs. 

freckledfitblr asked:

Do you think it's ok if all i have for breakfast is a granola bar, like a luna bar, a gnu bar, a power bar, or a cliff bar etc. Or should i add in an apple? It can get hard at times with having to get to school and waking up haha any suggestions?!

Yeahh I know D: these days I’ve actually been waking up five minutes earlier to prepare lunch. I think the best thing would be to prepare something the night before so you can just eat and go.

The best on-the-go fruit is a banana, since you don’t have to wash it. But yeah you should add a fruit to your breakfast.

I actually really like Quaker’s instant oatmeal ‘cause that makes for a quick breakfast too

  1. 20down40togo replied to your post: My mom is killing herself… i’m in the same predicament! My older sister and my mom. Although i hate it my dad always makes her feel bad and since shes been smoking pretty much her entire life it is incredibly hard to stop, she has tried everything. Your mom probably wants to to stop but it can be so hard! I know how you feel girl! It’s ok!

    20down40togo replied to your post:My mom is killing herself… my comment didn’t go throughhahaha, i have the same problem! If anon needs anything im here!

It went through, but I guess it’s not seen on my blog.

To the anon whose mom is smoking, 20down40togo has the same problem (described above) and is willing to talk with you/support you if you need! <3

Looking at this is kind of disappointing in a happy way. I realize that i have come very far since my freshman year of highschool. I plan on going even further while finishing my junior and senior years with a bang! I am so proud of my accomplishments since I started my fitness journey. I have improved my swim times, I can lift heavier, I can run a mile without stopping and wanting to keel over and die, I ran 2 5ks and plan on running many many more, I have pushed myself further than I thought I could go and I have gained so much confidence. I’d like to thank the fitblr community for all of this. I owe it ALL to you guys. Without you I would not have been able to lose 35+ pounds. Thank you so so much and I love all of you!

I don’t know about you but i know i got a good workout if i’m sore the next day! It’s a great day when you feel like a grandma sitting down and attempting to stand up. (By sore i do not mean broken limb sore, i mean sore muscles!)