Looking at this is kind of disappointing in a happy way. I realize that i have come very far since my freshman year of highschool. I plan on going even further while finishing my junior and senior years with a bang! I am so proud of my accomplishments since I started my fitness journey. I have improved my swim times, I can lift heavier, I can run a mile without stopping and wanting to keel over and die, I ran 2 5ks and plan on running many many more, I have pushed myself further than I thought I could go and I have gained so much confidence. I’d like to thank the fitblr community for all of this. I owe it ALL to you guys. Without you I would not have been able to lose 35+ pounds. Thank you so so much and I love all of you!

This kind of surprised me. I have found I have been liking fewer and fewer health blogs because they post a lot of pictures of girl’s bodys. Which is fine but I like to have more posts that talk about health and wellness and health info etc… (Like how most of 10000steps is)

Anyways, I guess I only am reblogging 4 health blogs and 5 un health related blogs. It’s always been 8 health blogs and 1 not. Anyways… I want more health blogs errr… well the kind of health blogs that motivate me anyways. more more more… I can’t tell you how sad it makes me seeing I am not reposting a lot of health blogs. 10000steps is like the only blog I erfing LOVE. 20down40togo is a really good blog too, getting 4% of my love. 

I am going hunting this week for more health blogs. I wanna add like 100 blogs by the weekend.

Why am I getting 4% of my own love? lol. I guess I am reblogging a lot on my other blogs.