college has burnt a hole in my pocket and in my emotional health lmao….. so im here trying to earn money for both! i guess. 


  • chibi portraits – $15 - $20
  • character pinups – $20 - $25
  • (transparent) chibi pinups – $25+ (depends on detail)
  • extra details, background and/or charas  – +$10 - $20


  • e-mail me at lumenizampel@gmail.com with ‘commissions’ + whatever you want me to do in the title; we’ll discuss the details
  • OR you can also IM me here in tumblr! 
  • most of the time prices are negotiable
  • payment through paypal only

rules & other notes

  • I do not accept nsfw
  • I have trypophobia and tokophobia so please be considerate
  • as you can see i excel at drawing girls/women, and males are a little hit-and miss. please check my art tag for more examples!
  • an invoice will be sent to you as soon you approve a sketch / the first few studies


  • 3/5 slots taken

thank you!