Round the World (and home again)

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 20

Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)
This is kinda short and kinda different and kinda weird but I hope you like it.

Round the World (and home again); ~ 1, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

It’s December and Emma has never seen the sky that angry at the world. But, to be honest, she doesn’t spend that much time gazing at the sky. She is too busy throwing clothes in a duffel bag.

She is, clearly, without a doubt, certifiably, insane.

Another pair of jeans for sure.

She is absolutely out of her mind.

And her sneakers.

She is not considering the consequences and all the possible ways this could blow in her face.

And an extra pair of socks never hurts, right?

She has been aching all day at the memory of his face when she said she won’t be there to send him off and now-

Maybe two extra pairs?

She is not considering or thinking or rationalizing or analyzing. She is going with her gut. Heart. Whatever.

Fuck it.

She zips up her duffel, takes the stairs two at a time and consequently almost falls on her face. She wrenches the Bug’s door open, throws her bag in the back and breaks every traffic law on her way to the docks.

She misses him.


“Did you go home?”


“Did you go to Ireland first?”

“Ah, no. No, I thought… a journey doesn’t start at home, it ends there, right?”

“… Right. I mean, I don’t… I guess.”


“So where did you start?”


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Happy Valentine’s Day from all your favourite Disney couples!


college has burnt a hole in my pocket and in my emotional health lmao….. so im here trying to earn money for both! i guess. 


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