Round the World (and home again)

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 20

Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)
This is kinda short and kinda different and kinda weird but I hope you like it.

Round the World (and home again); ~ 1, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

It’s December and Emma has never seen the sky that angry at the world. But, to be honest, she doesn’t spend that much time gazing at the sky. She is too busy throwing clothes in a duffel bag.

She is, clearly, without a doubt, certifiably, insane.

Another pair of jeans for sure.

She is absolutely out of her mind.

And her sneakers.

She is not considering the consequences and all the possible ways this could blow in her face.

And an extra pair of socks never hurts, right?

She has been aching all day at the memory of his face when she said she won’t be there to send him off and now-

Maybe two extra pairs?

She is not considering or thinking or rationalizing or analyzing. She is going with her gut. Heart. Whatever.

Fuck it.

She zips up her duffel, takes the stairs two at a time and consequently almost falls on her face. She wrenches the Bug’s door open, throws her bag in the back and breaks every traffic law on her way to the docks.

She misses him.


“Did you go home?”


“Did you go to Ireland first?”

“Ah, no. No, I thought… a journey doesn’t start at home, it ends there, right?”

“… Right. I mean, I don’t… I guess.”


“So where did you start?”


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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to draw a character at various ages. Do you have any tips that might help me figure this out?

I sure do: for starters, ask Google!


I’m not saying this to be sarcastic; this is literally my first go-to reference for any art-related question.  Chances are, for any question you have like this, there are countless references out there already, made by very talented people online and otherwise.

For more specific advice, while I’d love to demonstrate with some drawings, I’m afraid I can’t really provide them right now… so I’ll talk about them instead!

#!: Proportions.  Adult and child proportions vary WILDLY.  As a general rule: kids have bigger heads and shorter limbs and torsos.  Adults are the opposite.  Teenagers are the fun zone, where you get to be creative… because, really, nobody grows up at the same rate, and teens are often delightfully awkwardly proportioned.  Some folks grow tall before the meat on their bones catches up, some folks are the opposite, some folks grow pretty evenly all around or any combination you can think of!  But, by and large, teenager proportions fall somewhere between the adult and child versions of their proportions.

#2: Foreheads!!  Kids have big freakin’ foreheads.  As a rule, an adult human’s eyes are, vertically, smack in the middle of their head – right on line with their ears.  Of course, this varies, like any other trait on humans, and depending on your drawing style, you really don’t need to stick as strictly to this – but knowing it does help. (I tend to draw the eyes much higher up than they’d actually be, for instance, but because I know where they SHOULD be, I know how to pull it off.)  Kids, however, tend to have lower eyelines and MASSIVE foreheads.  I don’t really mean Megamind here, but you know what I mean.  The best way to see this in action is to look at baby photos of folks you know or have seen.  Compare & contrast between adult and child!

#3: POSTURE.  A lot of folks overlook this, but depending on your age, your posture will change.  And I don’t mean the obvious “when you’re really old, your back may start to hunch” one (although that’s a good example).  Have you ever noticed how little kids tend to have big ol’ round bellies, and they stick out ‘cuz the kids are standing with their backs really arched?  Teenagers are often trying to figure out their posture, and adults have generally decided, consciously or not, how they’re going to carry themselves.  (Posture is also crucial in portraying characteristics and emotion, so bear that in mind!)

#4: Facial features & ears.  Fun fact: did you know your ears keep growing for as long as you’re alive?  This isn’t quite as important, but if you’re doing various age references for the same characters, changing the size of the ears, as well as adding wrinkles, having the skin sag on the cheeks, adding even a waddle to the neck… those can all imply an older character.  Tighter skin and bigger, brighter eyes immediately say “young” to most people.  (This is useful to know as well for portraying characteristics: an innocent, childlike adult character may have some unusually large eyes!)

#5: Probably the most obvious… HAIR.  Changing hair colors throughout one’s lifespan are pretty dang common!  You know how I have dark grayish brown hair naturlaly, right?  Well, when I was little, I was a blonde!  My mom’s side of the family gets gray hair as they get older, though its roots stay strong for a while.  My dad’s side has hair that recedes and then turns stark white.  And as hair grays, it tends to change texture, too – gray hair tends to be pretty wirey, whereas white hair is much softer than it used to be when it had color.  Things to keep in mind!

This is all just stuff off the top of my head, but I hope it helps some.  Obviously, there are tons more ways to convey age in a character, and if you can think of any that I neglected, fantastic! :D  At any rate, please let me know if you have any other similar questions – I like ones like these.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all your favourite Disney couples!


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