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Nickname: I don’t really have one, it depends on who’s talking to me.
Star Sign:  Sagittarius 
Height: 5’2.5” officially, but I put down 5’3” – shhh, just let me have the extra half inch.
Time Right Now: 11:20AM
Last Thing Googled:  Looking for practice questions for a test I have to take later today. My book is custom and the jerkasses didn’t include any review questions.

Favorite Artist: Darkest Hour… I just found out about an album they released 2 years ago. I am ashamed. Also, they can do no wrong. I freaking love them, but this is their weakest one tbh.

Song Stuck In Your Head: Saving Faces – Orgy (got into my old cds this week – It’s a roll up my windows and jam sort of week.) 

Last Movie I Watched: Zootopia is on neeeeetflix! ♥ 
Last TV Show Watched: Peaky Blinders (Sweet Jesus I can’t handle that much Cillian Murphy! Woo) 
What Are You Wearing Right Now: Jeans and a sweater. It’s kind of cool today.

When Did You Create This Blog: 
Either Late July or August of 2015. I could check but I’m not going to. 
Do You Have Other Blogs: A ts4 reblog cc one - effdecaff
Hogwarts House: I took an online quiz once that said Slytherin. Is that the house Snape is in? I’m okay with that. 
Pokemon Team:  I’m level three and will probably never level it up past that.
Favorite Colour:   Grey/Black/Navy Blue/Turquoise/ Forrest Green/Brown. It depends on the day I’m having.
Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-6
Lucky Number:  4? I like even numbers
Favorite Characters: Tyrion – ASOIAF, Matrim Cauthon – WoT, Lafayette - True Blood
Dream Job: One with a decent wage that doesn’t have crazy hours. I am both easy and hard to please.
Following: 450 simblrs! But way less than that post, I think on any given day there’s maybe 40 people posting that I follow, if it’s even that high. I’ve never counted.

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Haikyuu!! characters in a nutshell
  • Hinata:*bounces up to eye level* TOSS TO ME KAGEYAMA
  • Kageyama:SHUT UP
  • Tsukishima:ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
  • Yamaguchi:Nice one Tsukki
  • Tanaka:*rips shirt off* FIGHT ME
  • Ennoshita:chill
  • Asahi:*distressed noises*
  • Suga:guys... it's okAY OH MY GOD IS HINATA SICK???
  • Oikawa:Yahoo~ Iwa-chaaan~
  • Iwaizumi:where the fuCK IS OIKAWA
  • Matsukawa:*middle of a match* So. What food we getting?
  • Hanamaki:*salty over Iwaizumi and his arm wrestling wins*
  • Kindaichi:*ducks for cover when Oikawa serves*
  • Kentarou:*angry dog barking noises*
  • Kuroo:I wonder who I can annoy today.
  • Kenma:*clicks away on his psp*
  • Lev:brb saw a kitty.
  • Taketora:*whispers* why are girls so pretty
  • Akaasi:Bokuto no.

asoiaf meme → 2/3 point of view characters: Bran Stark
“The stone is strong… The roots of the trees grow deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me… I’m not dead either.”

To great friends, laughter & happily ever after! Cheers, darling! (📷: @laurenrosenauphotography, dress: @misshayleypaige from @haydenoliviabridal) // #tghevents #weddings #cheers #bubbly #gettingready #bride #bridesmaids #champagne #weddingdress #hayleypaige by thegracefulhost

via Reddit: “Barn Mates” “Hit the Diamond” “Steven Floats” airing in France on May 21+22

This Saturday and Sunday CN France is premiering the next three Steven Universe episodes. Saturday will have “Barn Mates” and “Hit the Diamond” and Sunday will have “Steven Floats”.

There is already at least one person who says that they will record these episodes when they air. CN France has the option to watch the episodes in the original English. So basically, within an hour after broadcast, each of the next three episodes will hit the Internet. That’s three weeks worth of episodes in three days.

The times the episodes start are as follows:

  • 8:20pm French time
  • 7:20pm British time
  • 2:20pm US East Coast
  • 1:20pm US Central
  • 11:20am US West Coast

(reddit post)