1:54PM: “its been some time since i’ve seen them. it was nice of us to come back here again. i wish it could be like this forever.”

2:36PM: “rapmonnie hyung was embedded in the wall with this spray paint. cute huh?”

3:45PM: “this feels like a dream. the place is so serene. almost as if everything is at a standstill.”

5:32PM: “jin hyung loves to take pictures. i can’t wait to see them later. the picture of hobi hyung, syubbie hyung, and jungkookie should come out well.”

6:23PM: “we stopped at a gas station. hobi hyung is buying snacks. we will eat deliciously.”

7:04PM: “our secret hang out, what a place to be so relaxed in.”

10:59PM: “we’re watching jin hyung’s videos again. we looked so happy.”

5:20AM: “another special place. i never want to think there’s nothing that can ever take this from me.”

I’m scrolling through tumblr and my fiancé is sleeping next to me, it’s 3:20AM and suddenly he whispers “there’s… too much meat”

I ask him wtf are you talking about and he just continues mumbling about “too much meat”. I’m like are you even awake??? He just answers yea and smiles. It’s quiet for a while and i already thought he had fallen asleep again or whatever, but then i hear a small laugh and “…not enough salad”

Fangirl Problems

When I was younger, I promised myself that I would never be one of those girls that cried and screamed over a band or a single person. But here I am now, sitting on my bed at 2:20am, eating an entire quart of ice cream, crying because my otp got married in a fanfiction. All I have to say about my life now is… SO FUCKING WORTH IT


Request from anon: please can you do an imagine where the reader and Draco wake up late and get their ties mixed up, only for it to be pointed out by McGonagall in transfiguration? Thanks!!

Thanks for the request anon, I’m on my phone writing this so I’m sorry if it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing or anything 😂

You clenched tighter onto your boyfriend’s bare chest as you drearily opened your eyes. Draco had slept in your room last night, and it was amazing. You thought about the kisses, the touches, the love as you smiled with every remembrance of each embrace. You laid still for a few moments, the light amnesia embracing you until you jolted up with a start. Why was everything silent? And why was there light pouring into the room. You muttered profanities as you bent down to look at your alarm clock, letting out a small cry when it read 9:20am.

“Draco!” You shaked the blond-haired boy laid next to you. His eyes slowly drifting open, a smirk appearing on his face as he looked at your naked body. “We’re late! It’s already 20 minutes into the first lesson!” Draco bolted up, following your actions as you both pulled on your school robes as quickly as possible, not bothering to look at anything. You picked up your bag, as did Draco as you bolted out of the Y/H common room and down the endless corridors until you reached Transfiguration.

“Ah,” McGonagall began as the two of you trundled in thirty minutes late. “I was beginning to worry.” The two of you sat down in your usual places in third row and pulled your books out of your bag. Everyone around you seemed to be whispering to each other, an you could only hope that it was because you didn’t have time to brush your hair or teeth or even put any makeup, not because you came in late with Draco. You rested your head in your hand, trying not to attract any more attention than necessary. “In fifth year, there will be no time for any mistakes. Especially,” McGonagall turned to look at the pair of you as she finished off her sentence. It had seemed the two of you had arrived mid-speech. “No time for mismatched ties, Miss Y/L/N and Mr Malfoy.” She raised her eyebrow as you looked down at your chest, gasping when you see the green instead of Y/H/C. You felt your cheeks burst into a bright crimson as you tugged the tie from around your neck and handed it over to Draco in exchange for your Y/H one.

Everyone around you seemed to be chucking and whispering, and you could only hope that it would die off in a few days; what with now the whole year knowing you’ve slept with Draco. You turned to face him, his cheeks matching yours as you both offered a queasy smile before looking down at your books, trying your best to avoid any kind of attention for the rest of the day.

Viernes 28 de octubre del 2016- 00:20am Querido yo, cuantas cosas cambiaríamos si tuviéramos la oportunidad, cuantas lágrimas hubiéramos evitado, cuantos enojos sin sentidos, cuántas despedidas cuando realmente no queríamos irnos. Dañaste muchas personas ¿sabes? pero eso hablaremos luego, quiero hablar de alguien poco especial… vos. Como te lastimas… como rompiste tu corazón cuando lo único que tenia era una pequeña fisura de alguien que solo no supo qué hacer con él, y ahora mírate, dañando a todo aquel que se crea dichoso de hablarte. No se si lastimas con miedo de ser lastimado o por placer de ver dolor en los demás. Nunca se con que vendrás a sorprenderme y eso es una de las cosas que me hacen estar orgullosos de vos. Una de las pocas, claro. Ahora hablemos de todos aquellos que lastimaste, realmente no entiendo como haces para dormir, tal vez será una de las razones por las cuales no duermes bien de noche. Capaz tu insomnio sólo es la culpa de dañar a alguien que realmente no lo merecía.  El te amaba, más bien, ellos y vos igual los lastimaste. Otra cosa que te inquieta, tu maldita sexualidad. WOW, si que eres un dolor de cabeza, eres aquella basura en el ojo que no sale y no se si eres lágrima, agua o simplemente eso, una basura. ¿Realmente vos crees que nos van a aceptar? ¿en serio? yo creo que no, muchas mentes cuadradas en vidas sin sentidos que solo hacen una cosa, ponerle sentido a tu vida, y eso es lo que más te duele. Tal vez si no le hubieras dado tanta importancia a la sociedad sería todo distinto, o tal vez no, capaz la culpa es tuya por ser así, y seas vos el que debe cambiar de una vez por todas. ser miedoso e imperfecto, incapaz hasta inútil. Algo que las personas no quieren cerca, y no los culpo… solo mírate. Algunos momentos me pongo a pensar si realmente todo es nuestra culpa o es un conjunto de pequeños factores que nos transformaron en esto. Si hubieras tenido un padre más presente o una madre más alineada o unos abuelos con más tiempo de vida o un Juan que no lastima o un cerebro menos inocente o una Chiara a menor distancia o una cuchilla menos tal vez y solo tal vez todo sería distinto, pero no. Se que esto es el inicio de una larga charla, quiero hablar de tu sexualidad y tus miedos. De tus retos y dudas e el amor, de tus sueños rotos y metas que no alcanzamos. Pero me queda poco tiempo aquí, así que mi yo de las mil lágrimas, de los mil suspiros y sollozos, de esas sonrisas de guerra, chico de los cortes en el baño y de la maldita báscula. Te dejo, te guiaré los pasos, no lo olvides, prometimos ser mejores, debemos hacer historia en la vida. Debemos ser eso que prometimos ser, amar lo que prometimos amar y vivir sabiendo que muy pronto ya no estaremos aquí. Hasta pronto.
Haikyuu!! characters in a nutshell
  • Hinata: *bounces up to eye level* TOSS TO ME KAGEYAMA
  • Kageyama: SHUT UP
  • Tsukishima: ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
  • Yamaguchi: Nice one Tsukki
  • Tanaka: *rips shirt off* FIGHT ME
  • Ennoshita: chill
  • Asahi: *distressed noises*
  • Suga: guys... it's okAY OH MY GOD IS HINATA SICK???
  • Oikawa: Yahoo~ Iwa-chaaan~
  • Iwaizumi: where the fuCK IS OIKAWA
  • Matsukawa: *middle of a match* So. What food we getting?
  • Hanamaki: *salty over Iwaizumi and his arm wrestling wins*
  • Kindaichi: *ducks for cover when Oikawa serves*
  • Kentarou: *angry dog barking noises*
  • Kuroo: I wonder who I can annoy today.
  • Kenma: *clicks away on his psp*
  • Lev: brb saw a kitty.
  • Taketora: *whispers* why are girls so pretty
  • Akaasi: Bokuto no.

Idk if this has spread onto tumblr yet, but I had my daughter Dec 22 at 2:20am. She is such a chill baby and we are all in love. Naturally I will be quiet for now, but thanks to those who messaged me a congrats ☺️