It’s 2:20AM and I haven’t been taking care of myself much as of lately. I think I’m beginning to feel it all crashing down on me.


asoiaf meme → 2/3 point of view characters: Bran Stark
“The stone is strong… The roots of the trees grow deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me… I’m not dead either.”

To the international ARMYs who have been nothing but supportive of BTS and the fandom every step of the way, who have been trying so hard to maturely fix the obstacles we face, who have done nothing wrong, but are still labeled as terrible, ignorant fans: I’m sorry. I know it’s disheartening giving it your best effort to be apart of the positive solution, and staying out of the way of the negatives, but still being overlooked and grouped together with the problematic ARMYs. I know many I-ARMYs have been consistently ruining the fandom’s reputation, and thus, even further enforcing the notion that I-ARMYs are a shitty, immature fandom. It fucking sucks. But I want you to know that even through the chaos of pointed fingers, resigned ARMYs, and lack of respect, I do not think all I-ARMYs are horrible. I recognize those of you who are innocent in this mess; I’m not going to quit this fandom because the majority of people seem to enjoy blaming others. I will continue to call myself an ARMY, and I will continue to join my fellow fans to try and fix things. I love ALL of you I-ARMYs, okay? We’re family, and teamwork makes the dream work.

I’m so excited to be renovating our master bathroom with @kohlerco and @wayfair ! This amazing bath by @monikahibbs is serving as major inspiration for the space! Check out all of the beautiful scheming in profile link (photo by @tracey_ayton #kohler #wayfair by janabekdesign

Does anyone else have the problem where your not skinny but your not overweight, your just a little bit chubby, or a bit out of shape, so anytime you say you want to lose a bit of weight or build so muscle people are always like “what no you’re FINE” or “NO YOU’RE NOT FAT WHY DO YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT???? ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS” ugh, I know all the things but I also want to look like I could kill a man, ya feel?

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1:20 am

We’re complete opposites you know. I have to have plans and routine and I hate it when things get messed up. But you love spontaneity and adventures and changing plans. I’m a dreamer and you’re a realist. But somehow you can make me real and I can make you dream. At least that’s how it seems. You’re a raging fire and somehow, sometimes I can be the water you need to cool down. I’m a hopeless romantic and you can cater to that but not always. You’re not that type of person. For you, space is good and touching isn’t necessary. But still, you’ll lean in and touch me somehow when we’re together because you know I need it. Or maybe it’s just because you need it too. We’re complete opposites in many ways but we fit. Things are natural and easy for us. Sure, we have our problems, but we can and are working on them. I know you’re leaving. I know you aren’t the type of person to have a long distance relationship. I know that when the time comes you won’t tell me to wait and that you need me. That’s okay. I still think that what we had, what we still have, is meant to last. At least longer than this. So perhaps one day, we will see each other and catch up over coffee and realize that we need to try again. But if not, I think I’ll always love you.

Okay, so I get why Taylor thought the tweet was about her, because besides her, Beyonce is the only female in the category. And as hot and sexy as Beyonce is, she isn’t white nor is she super thin (the media might see her as obeese and I’m not surprised if some gossip sites/trashy magazines say that. Morons…)- both categories Taylor can be categorized under.

To me, it just seems like an honest mistake due to not understanding Nicki correctly. However, Nicki did react badly to the tweet and could have handled it better, maybe even take it to a privet conversation and talk to her personally and talk it out like the adults they are. Taylor apolegized in a way with her second tweet but Nicki keeps trying to make Taylor the bad guy when neither of them them are.

It seems like an honest mistake which I thought was catered towardes Taylor as well when I saw the nominees to the category. Because let’s be honest, when Nicki said ‘unless you’re a white, thing female’ (not in these exsact words) and you know who’s nomineted for the award, the first person to pop in your head is Taylor. (Because it can’t be Ed)

Let’s just please drop it. We’re making drama out of nothing.