So while I was away in London, I had Fallout UK ideas for the place despite telling myself that I wasn’t going to focus on the capital. Damn you, world building itch! Anyways, here we go.

  • Right when the bombs fell in 2077, it was rumoured that the Palace of Westminster would be the likely target, and lo and behold, it was. Some bizarre theorists have claimed that after the clock tower fell, Big Ben gave one last chime for help before the massive bell was buried under the rubble. To this day, nobody knows if Big Ben is still intact.
  • The government and monarchy were grateful that nuclear strike precautions had been put in place well before the bombs fell, although the original bunkers were unsuitable since the seals on the doors weren’t airtight. Thankfully a special Vault had been commissioned by Vault-Tec (named Vault Alpha, when the first Vaults were given Greek letter designations before the letter-number-letter designations for later Vaults).
  • The London Underground remained largely intact despite the devastation above, and the tube trains had become shelters for anyone who didn’t make it to a bunker or Vault. However, many of the people perished or became feral ghouls, and gangs of raiders often set up in the tube stations.
  • The overground train stations, such as Euston station and Paddington station, were rendered inaccessible after many of the entryways collapsed. It took survivors many years to move aside enough rubble to be able to enter them again.
  • Several Vaults had been built under Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, and the entire area soon became nicknamed Vault Park because at least eight Vaults had been built within the 253 hectare (625 acre) space.
  • Piccadilly Circus remained somewhat intact and became the basis for a new settlement in post-apocalyptic London. The old theatres were converted into meeting areas and other buildings were converted into housing. The tube station at Piccadilly Circus is also heavily guarded and protected against raiders and feral ghouls.
  • The River Thames became heavily irradiated since much of the nuclear fallout ended up in the river, and radiation levels can go as high as 450 rads/sec without adequate radiation protection. Some of the boats on the river are intact and people use those to travel up and down the river.
  • Remarkably, the London Eye remained standing, although many of the capsules were broken in the blast. The structure itself is very unstable and people have said it could collapse at any moment.

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Gwyneth balanced the stack of books she was carrying carefully as she walked through the market in Diamond City, her reading glasses sliding low on her nose. She didn’t know what Malcolm Latimer could have possibly wanted with four identical copies of Webster’s Dictionary from 2077, but it had been anightmare trying to find them, and she didn’t ultimately care what he wanted them for as long as he paid her what they had agreed on. Probably was just going to put them on a shelf, like the other elitist “book collectors” in the city.

Stupid, she thought, how they collected books that they didn’t (couldn’t) read. Status symbols. She almost hated how she’d become an integral cog in the machine of such a worthless, meaningless hobby. But it paid well enough, and gave her something to do. And if she didn’t have something to do here, some excuse to range outside of the walls of the Great Green Jewel, she would have lost her mind years ago.

Rounding the corner of the Power Noodles stand, Gwyneth let out a sharp, startled cry and dropped the books on the ground, snatching her glasses off her face.


          The voice was unmistakable, but the clothing all wrong. And she shouldn’t even be–

          He stared with wide eyes even as he set the noodles he’d been quietly enjoying upon the counter and knelt to help collect the books, looking from the titles to her as if the words might give some explanation, a puzzled scowl growing upon his face even while he handed them back…

          Satisfied her items were in order, the Grand Zealot stood and looked to his noodles, quickly picking them up again - maybe out of dislike for leaving his matters undone, maybe out of desire for something simple that made sense. He poked at them without meeting her eyes again for a childish moment before he finally remarked with a frown,

         “Was told you were dead.”

My Sweet Lord

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by deansdamnation

After an accident Dean loses his sight, but Castiel comes to help him work through it

Words: 2077, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

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tbh since i have a habit of making aus maybe lets just make it tua canon™ that nick’s fiancé didnt like… die

im playing w the idea that your first interaction w eddie winter is actually after he leaves his bunker; he’s getting his foot in the door of local crime, so the person who brings you the quest is actually hancock, who’s been dealing with a new guy selling a dif brand of drugs illegally in goodneighbor. basically you take the case w nick and follow the trail back to winter, which provides a lot of narrative opportunities to let the player decide what kind of person eddie is, as well as give nora the chance to voice her experiences w the case in 2077

in the end, both you and nick are offered a chance to exact your own justice, since by that point you’ve probably learned hes basically a huge asshole, but now both nick and nora are in a position where the law doesnt define how they should react. there’s the decision to kill a bad person but the thing is, it’s your decision, and for nick it really fucks him up. “i’ve seen this place make monsters out of men” is one of his lines and its probably something that haunted him bc he doesnt want to be one of those people

so im thinking tua and nick hesitate to make such a decision bc really theyve been clinging to the law to have some sort of moral compass in a pointedly immoral world, and in the lapse of judgment (lit) eddie starts a firefight

in tua canon™ nick’s desperation to finish what the original valentine started is something that backfires immensely; tua gets shot in the process and its messier than things like this are SUPPOSED to go and who really knows who finally killed winter

which is why they kind of split for a while after that. nick’s identity flounders so he isolates himself. tua’s guilty of the same

maximumrevolution  asked:

Nate 4 and 29

4. Is there an event or happening your Sole would like to erase from their past before October 23rd 2077? Why?

There were times when Nate lashed out at people he was close to during some of his PTSD episodes. One of the main reasons they get Codsworth is so that there’s someone to help Nate when Katrina isn’t around. Although the first few weeks were hard as looking at the Mr. Handy would remind him of the Mr. Gutsy models and he’d have an episode. One time he lashed out at Codsworth, but Katrina got in the way to take the hit. He’s never quite forgiven himself ever since even though both Katrina and Codsworth forgave him.

29. If your Sole’s life was a movie-genre, what would it be?

Either one of those military fiction movies or eventually a rom com because he spends his leisure time as Sentinel trying to get all the higher-ups in the Brotherhood hitched.

Thanks ^_^

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Not sure if you answered this already but I've been meaning to ask if Nate even exists in Tua's canon, like was she ever married or in a relationship before the she went into cryo-sleep?

nah, tua was never married. tua’s main source of grief in the story is, initially, her sister, miriam. when they were kids tua ran away and left miriam to fend for herself. in 2077, miriam, who made a career for herself in the military, comes to tua and asks for somewhere to stay before she’s redeployed for MP duty at fort prescott. miriam brings shaun w her and after tua gets over her own damn self, shes p anxious to make up for lost time. so it’s miriam who is shot by kellogg and miriam’s child who is kidnapped

(the shame of abandoning her sister manifests very often in the main story bc tua constantly feels like she has to make up for it somehow)

okay after watching the nuka-world trailer i have one prominent question in my mind.

how old is nuka world? or, rather, how long was quantum in development? or is the jingle even canon?

the line “where the river is made of quantum” is what got to me, since quantum wasn’t officially released until the day the bombs fell. so either nuka-world is a fairly new attraction in 2077 or quantum had been in development for a long time before it actually was released.

or they just wanted to make the song nuka-ey and catchy lol.