don’t touch cyberpunk if you don’t get it.

don’t act like you’re on some holy crusade when you make a video game with neon and rain and the look of cyberpunk but then throw in stuff like how women’s rights and basic income are the backbone of a dystopia

don’t make a movie with scarlett johansson playing a poor send-up to motoko kusanagi and then lack the spine to even mention the socio-political points of why the character prefers a caucasian chassis in the first place (spoiler alert: it makes incredibly unkind point about western women). especially don’t call it feminist when the themes and narrative are stripped away in favor of a generic revenge tale. don’t retell akira and put it within and about the culture that dropped those nukes in the first place. the teenage edgelord connoisseurs can just go watch these anime and film in the first place

don’t copyright the word ‘cyberpunk’ no matter how noble your intentions are. you have no real way of guaranteeing that your successors at your place of work will share your sentiments.

don’t tell another faux-deep story that cosplays badly as Blade Runner about a hacker or a detective or an android and his manpain 

don’t give me more cool-looking stuff that either lacks the teeth to get political or has the fundamental politics of the genre contorted and perverted so that spoiled Gen X dudes never have to challenge themselves or their way of life. 

just…don’t, okay?



  • “For the gamers.”
  • The words “exciting,” “innovative,” and “revolutionary” are used in regards to a shooter.
  • Fallout 4 VR is shown
  • Some guy wears a graphic t-shirt + sports jacket on-stage.
  • A forgettable survival game trailer is released. You swear you have seen this game before. Haven’t you?
  • DLC.
  • Season Pass.
  • Person on-stage makes an awkward joke and 3 people in the audience laugh.
  • You see a fantastic cosplay.
  • Call of Duty WWII gameplay is shown + “We’re returning to our roots.”
  • Someone asks Todd Howard/Pete Hines about TES VI and they sigh and say, “It’s a long way off.
  • Red Dead Redemption announced to be releasing this year.
  • New Assassin’s Creed revealed.
  • New Wolfenstein revealed.
  • Forgettable white guy protagonist with stubble and a gravelly voice.
  • Remaster. Remaster. Remaster.
  • Yet another multiplayer team-based shooter.


  • New Far Cry game is really a Western.
  • Pokemon game for Switch revealed.
  • New IP from Bioware makes an appearance.
  • Xbox Scorpio costs less than $499 USD.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 makes an appearance.
  • Another awful song-and-dance number.
  • Beautiful indie game captures your heart.
  • Evil Within 2 revealed.
  • Reboot of a game from 10 years ago that looks like an entirely new IP.
  • A game leaves you thinking, “What in the fresh fuck is that meant to be?”
  • New Ratchet and Clank.
  • Remake? Remake!


  • Bethesda Game Studios reveals new IP. (Take an additional shot if it’s Starfield.)
  • Another Fallout spinoff-title developed by another studio is revealed.
  • Remedy’s new game revealed.
  • Release date for first episode of Final Fantasy VII remake announced.
  • Sony Conference features live orchestra AGAIN.
  • Bloodborne 2.
  • Square Enix talks about Final Fantasy XVI.
  • A game comes out of NOWHERE and destroys you. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Fuck, pour yourself another drink!
concept playlists part ii

it’s the year 2077 & you’re at a nightclub in tokyo with your best friend, you’re both on the run from a group of rebels but you feel safe in this little neon corner of nowhere so when a robot waiter offers you a strawberry daiquiri you accept it

you’re a tourist on mars & you’re trying to contact home but the signal is really crappy so you just end up buying yourself an icecream sundae & waiting in this strange alien queue to buy an interstellar sim card

you’re in a small virginian town that was wiped off the map several years ago housesitting for a mysterious neighbor when you find a secret passageway in their library, you have no idea where it leads but you’re curious to take a look 

you’re in victorian england & you’re walking down a path adorned with the warm aureate glow of gaslights & it’s snowing softly & you have your hands buried deep in your coat pockets while somewhere in the distance, someone announces that the queen is dead

you meet god at a gas station at 3.03 am & he asks you if you want to go for a motorcycle ride with him & when you say yes he warns you that he’s about to introduce you to things you can never unknow 

you’re in love with a ghost who shows up in all your household mirrors & keeps turning off the kitchen light but one night you realize that you’re the one that’s been doing all the haunting 

it’s a rehab centre for celestial beings, where angels with dying halos flitter past & talk to you of stars, you love working this job, learning about the woes of a dozen flighty beings, & they endow you with their strength & light in return

you’re stuck in a time loop inside of a 80′s horror flick and your entire world feels like it’s glitching around you nothing is real except for your strange lover with eyes like moonlight calling you to come back to bed 

you’re at an island at midnight all by yourself, the night sky is so clear the sea reflects the star-matted sky, a salty breeze lifts your hair, you breathe in deep & dream of someone beautiful coming to your rescue

hotmess / midyouth crisis / mud puppy / lucid dreaming

every terminal in fallout

Log 1: the boss man is makin us do these status reports regularly now

Log 2:Dont tell anyone but we use human Bones in our food, ok?

Log 3: Date:  October 22, 2077: my wife is giving birth tommorow! fucking win!