My Top Five Will Graham’s Cutest Moments

In chronological order

  1. Will lets the dogs out, Œuf (S1E04). That last moment of peace at his little home with his dogs.
  2. Will sees the dogs when he gets home. Yakimono (S2E07). How can your heart not burst at that smile?
  3. Will sees Kevin. Shiizakana (S2E09). Another rare candid smile.
  4. Will’s feeling randy. …And the Woman Clothed with the Sun (S3E09). Poor lonely Will.
  5. Will says please. The Wrath of the Lamb (S3E13). Picks up the mic, dusts it off, and asks Hannibal what he wants to sing as their duet. 

requested by granpappy-winchester who knew what I needed to spend my afternoon thinking about.