Um, guys? I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe I do) but: 

I heard back from my University today, and my application for a funded PhD program has been accepted!! 😍

I’m starting a three-year, fully-funded thesis in the fall! I’m going to be a doctor, you guys!! 💪💪💪

(A doctor of English literature, but still- there’s a nice ring to it.)

This has been my dream for almost 4 years now. I really can’t believe it yet. Or at all. 

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My wishlist for US politics:

  • Ranked ballots
  • Voting districts drawn in uniform shapes by a non-partisan organization, by population (ie, rectangles that each contain X% of the state’s registered voters)
  • Automatic voting registration when you turn 18
  • Federally mandated uniform rules for federal elections (voting hours, absentee ballots, polling locations, polling machines used, etc.)
  • Polls are open for a minimum of one week
  • Caps on campaign spending
  • Limits on media coverage for candidates (all candidates covered equally, no coverage during the last 48 hours before the polls open)
  • Automatic spot-check auditing for polling machines in each state
  • Congress may not excuse itself from any legislation it passes. It must abide by the rules it lays down for the rest of the country.
  • Congressional salaries taxed.
  • Members of Congress must recuse themselves from making laws regarding the governance of any industry in which they or their immediate family members have financial investments.
  • Voting rights for people with arrest records/felons
  • Actual availability of recourse/dire consequences if one group of politicians goes off the fucking rails
I feel like that would be a good start.

Joe Biden says he “very well may” run for president in 2020

  • Trump administration officials may see Elizabeth Warren as their greatest threat in 2020, but maybe they should keep an eye on Joe Biden.
  • The former vice president told attendees at a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas Thursday evening that he hasn’t ruled out running against Trump in the next election, when Biden will be almost 78 years old.
  • “I may very well do it,” Biden said about running for office again, according to CNN.
  • But first, Biden said he has to focus on putting his family back together as he and his loved ones continue to deal with the May 2015 death of his son Beau. Read more (5/19/17)

Joe Biden launches PAC, fueling rumors of a 2020 White House run

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday the launch of a political action committee, stirring speculation he may attempt to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020.
  • “Thinking big is stamped into the DNA of the American soul,” Biden wrote in a Medium post announcing the American Possibilities PAC. “That’s why the negativity, the pettiness, the small-mindedness of our politics today drives me crazy. It’s not who we are.”
  • The announcement has been seen as a possible indicator the former vice president is considering a 2020 presidential campaign. Read more (6/1/17)

53% of white people … I don’t wanna hear anymore BS about blaming millennials, or third party voters, or Russia, or anything else until we stay focused on addressing the REAL problem: white voters.

Whiteness — more than education, age, class and more than gender — was the most reliable indicator of whether someone was likely to vote for Trump. Including non-Black people of color who are white-passing, or who self-identify as white.

If you’re foolish enough to think Trump is so bad that just anybody can beat him in 2020 (kinda like everyone thought in 2016, remember?) then you really haven’t been paying attention. Despite what they might say publicly, a majority of white people love Trump.

[2016 Presidential Election Turnout Rate:
46.9% Didn’t Vote
25.6% Voted for Clinton
25.5% Voted for Trump
1.7% Voted for Johnson]

Hey guys

You see this shit right here?

“Oh I just wasn’t excited about Hillary”

“I just didn’t feel the candidates”

“My vote doesn’t matter anyway”

More than the people that voted for Stein or Johnson. More than the people who voted for Trump.

You know what swayed the election? The people who just decided not to vote.

So I want you to, right now, start saying this to yourself:

The person who wins the Democratic Primary will not align 100% with my views

They will believe things I’m not completely okay with

They won’t support everything I want them to support

They won’t be without flaws

They won’t be without past mistakes

And despite all of this

I will vote for them anyway

There are too many people whose vote are being actively blocked for you to just decide not to vote

There are too many people whose lives depend on you voting out Republicans for you not to vote

There are too many people who won’t even make it to 2020 because of what’s currently happening for you to decide voting just doesn’t matter

And I don’t want you to just repeat this mantra for 2020

I want you to make 2018 the biggest midterm election ever recorded.

I want you to make the Republicans shit their pants when they see the lines and lines of people voting on Tuesday November 6th, 2018

I want you to start right now making sure that everyone around you has everything in order to be able to vote in 2018 because the Republicans are actively working to make sure that people can’t vote

That’s how they work. They only win when the vote is suppressed. And they know that.

Fuck. Them. Up.