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Ey everybody! Welcome the.. Wednesday, November 9th 2016 NLSS, I kind of wanted to just take a moment to address the elephant in the room. Obviously we’re coming off some pretty monumental news that has left people pretty divided. The truth is, we won’t know HOW this news fully affects us until 4 years from now until the results are clear.

Although not everyone is excited that SEGA has purchased the rights to produce a game based on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, all we can do now is remind ourselves that we’re all humans, and remember that we must all share the digital version of the next iteration of the Summer Olympics.

Thank you and welcome to the show.

—  What an Opening.

JR Tokyo Station (東京駅丸の内駅舎) with On-going Constructions, in Tokyo (東京) Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
JR Tokyo Station with on-going constructions in the front for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. After finishing, it will have better and large bus stations and conjunctions to handle huge number of visitors. Camera Information: Model: Sony ILCE-6000 (A6000) Lens: Sony 10-18mm f/4 Wide-Angle Zoom Lens OSS Alpha E-mount (SEL1018).


Tokyo 2020!

Congratulations to the awesome city of Tokyo, Japan for winning the right to host the 2020 Summer Olympics!

Like they did with the 1964 Olympics, one can expect the people of Tokyo, and the entire nation of Japan, to produce one of the greatest Summer Olympics ever.

I spent my teenage years growing up near Tokyo – and graduating from Yokohama High School. I came to love Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese people, and their customs during my three years there….and many subsequent visits throughout my U.S. Navy years and, recently, as a private citizen.

I’ll be back, too! Many more times!

The very short video above, produced by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bid Committee, introduces people to 21st Century Japan. It’s called Is Japan Cool? My emphatic answer: YES!


                    (Congratulations to all of Japan and the people of Tokyo!)

U.S. Olympic Committee will not bid on 2020 Olympics - ESPN

The U.S. Olympic Committee has notified all interested cities that it will not submit a bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Chicago, New York and Dallas were among those that had expressed interest in putting forth a bid to host the Games, but any bid was contingent upon the USOC working out a long-simmering revenue-sharing deal with the International Olympic Committee.

“We haven’t had any discussions with any particular (prospective) bid cities, so I don’t know how they feel, but it just hasn’t been on our radar screen,” USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky told ESPN.com on Monday. “We’ve been focused on the revenue (sharing) discussions and putting together the best team possible for 2012.”

Sandusky said Monday on Twitter that “I can confirm the US will not be bidding for the 2020 Olympic Games.” He told The Associated Press the cities that had expressed interest were notified over the weekend that no bid would happen.

Countries have until Sept. 1 to submit the name of candidate cities.

“With such little time left in the process, we don’t believe we could pull together a winning bid that could serve the Olympic and Paralympic movement,” Sandusky told the AP.

There also was no process in place to select a city, as there was for 2016, when Chicago beat out finalists Los Angeles and San Francisco to become the U.S. representative.

The USOC’s decision not to bid for 2020 means there will be at least a 20-year gap between Olympics in the United States. The last Games on U.S. soil were the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 and the last Summer Olympics were the Atlanta Games in 1996.

New York was, at one time, considered a favorite to host in 2012, but it lost in embarrassing fashion. Chicago finished fourth of four finalists for the 2016 Games, and that humiliating loss was viewed by many as more a reflection on the USOC’s relationship with the IOC than the city’s viability as an Olympic host.

America’s next chance to host an Olympics would be the 2022 Winter Games. Denver and the Reno/Tahoe area have expressed interest, though the USOC would put the same caveats on a bid for those games – that there would be no attempt unless the revenue-sharing deal is worked out and the relationship with the IOC improves.

h/t: ESPN.com