It’s been more than 60 days since Venezuela’s Supreme Court moved to dissolve the country’s National Assembly. The move intended to eliminate a thorn in the side of embattled President Nicolas Maduro was reversed after three days — but its political fallout has now barreled into its third month roiling city streets across the country.

In that time, the list of protesters’ demands — from the resumption of local elections to an end to the nationwide food shortage, to even the ouster of Maduro himself — has grown. And the death toll has mounted.

As The Associated Press reports, at least 60 people have died in clashes between demonstrators and security forces, and at least 1,000 protesters have been jailed.

As Venezuela Enters 3rd Month Of Protests, Anti-Maduro Ire Finds New Target

Photo: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

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Remembering The Great Poet Gwendolyn Brooks At 100

Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks was born almost 100 years ago, on June 7, 1917. 

The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet wrote about ordinary black life using extraordinary language. According to her daughter, Nora Blakely, that language even permeated her grocery lists, which Blakely describes as poetry in themselves: “She would describe things like ‘bright, pearlescent, ruby tomatoes’ and so forth, to be very clear about what we were supposed to find.“

Remembering The Great Poet Gwendolyn Brooks At 100


L'expression «nègre littéraire» officiellement remplacée par «prête-plume»
DICTIONNAIRE - Cette recommandation sera notamment envoyée aux médias afin qu’ils en tiennent compte et modifient leurs usages… Ne dites plus « nègre » pour désigner un auteur sous-traitant anonymement un texte signé par une autre personne, souvent célèbre. Employez plutôt le terme « prête-plume » par exemple. Dans un communiqué, le Conseil représentatif des associations noires de France (CRAN) explique que la formule « nègre littéraire » « s’est imposée dans le monde littéraire, justement parce le “nègre”, est celui qui fait tout le travail, sans en retirer le véritable bénéfice. » Le Cran a en effet obtenu gain de cause auprès de la ministre de la Culture. « Le terme “nègre (littéraire)" est inapproprié » « Considérant que le terme "nègre (littéraire)" est inapproprié pour désigner la fonction ou le métier d’écrivain de substitution, il est proposé, après consultation des membres de la Commission d’enrichissement de la langue française, d’employer le terme "prête-plume”, notamment utilisé en Amérique du Nord, ou encore, en fonction des contextes, les termes “auteur ou écrivain ou plume cachée”, voire “auteur ou écrivain ou plume de l’ombre" », indique le ministère de la Culture. >> A lire aussi : L'Académie française «s'oppose à toute réforme de l'orthographe»Ce jeudi, l’Académie française n’avait pas encore réagi. En 2014, le CRAN avait déjà fait débaptiser des pâtisseries nommées « Négro » et « Bamboula » et a, tout récemment, fait changer le nom du « bal nègre » et celui de la « Première Plantation ». Retrouvez cet article sur 20minutes
Qui sont les champions et les cancres de l'orthographe?
La Commission d’enrichissement de la langue française a une drôle de traduction pour «darknet»
L'Académie française «s'oppose à toute réforme de l'orthographe»
Académie française: L’institution ne supporte pas l’écriture «inclusive» et dénonce «un péril mortel»
Projet Voltaire: «Il existe de multiples moyens pour progresser en orthographe et à tout âge»

Image: Mike Tyson and Cus D'Amato in training. (Ken Regan/Camera 5 /Courtesy of Blue Rider Press & Plume)

On a November night in 1986, a crowd gathered in Las Vegas for an event that was hyped as “Judgement Day.” At the center of it all was a boxing ring with a referee and two fighters: Mike Tyson and Trevor Berbick.

Tyson was 20 years old and hoping to become the youngest ever heavyweight champion. Today he says he never would have been in that ring if it weren’t for trainer Constantine "Cus” D'Amato, a man Muhammad Ali once called “the bible of boxing.” According to Tyson, D'Amato is the reason he had such a legendary career. Now, he’s written a book about his time with the trainer. It’s called Iron Ambition: My Life with Cus D'Amato.

NPR’s David Greene interviewed Tyson at his home in Las Vegas.

Mike Tyson’s New Book Is A Memorial To The Man Who Made Him A Champion

When it comes to health care, Americans may be having buyer’s remorse.

More people approve of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, than the alternative health bill passed this month by House Republicans, according to a poll published Wednesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The numbers come just as members of the Senate are hammering out details of their own health care plan. Republicans are looking to fulfill their years-long campaign promises to repeal Obamacare. It’s just not clear that voters want them to do so.

Poll: Americans Increasingly Think Their Health Care Will Get Worse

Graphic: NPR

A major investigation by The Houston Chronicle recently revealed that districts in Texas were pressured by the state to provide fewer students with special education services, which can be expensive. In 2004, the Texas Education Agency told districts to restrict special education enrollment to 8.5 percent of all students. At the time, Texas’ average was close to the national rate of 13 percent.

After that, the state’s rate plummeted to the lowest in the country.

An analysis of the numbers shows that children who are learning English have been shut out even further. The rate for English language learners enrolled in special education was just 7.6 percent in 2016.

English Learners Were Hurt The Most When Texas Limited Special Education

Illustration: Sara Ariel Wong for NPR