America: Imagine A World Without Her

My students were waiting for this day…movie time. They thought they were going to be entertained. Instead, they are being challenged.  We only got to watch the first 25 minutes of the movie on the first day, because we were out of time. Students had been given a 4 page listening guide to encourage them to follow along and pay attention.  The first twenty-five minutes of the movie discusses the typical Zinn narrative of American shame that is being force-fed to our high school and college age students in their so-called history classes.  Indictments against America are laid out clearly and placed on the table of ideas for your examination.  I paused the movie a few minutes before the bell and asked the students, “How many of you are enjoying this movie…” I looked around, and their faces were all scrunched up…many looked like they were in pain…slowly, so as not to disappoint me, they half way raised a hand or two. Then someone said…was this movie made by socialists???  I said, “No, but he’s laying out the socialist ideology and the background of disinformation and lies that they believe. Doesn’t it help you understand, a little better, where they are coming from?”  If you are fed this garbage day after day, from liberal teachers who really think they’re giving out the truth…what options do you have…no one else is challenging the Zinn narrative of shame.  That’s what makes this movie so rich.  Dinesh D'Souza marches right into the ugly parts of our history and opens it up for examination, then he brings to light the truths that we never heard from our revisionist history teachers.  He tells the whole story and combats the shame narrative.  He empowers the American people to embrace the American dream once again.  I can’t say that I agreed with every premise he made about the Viet Nam War or the War in Afghanistan, but overall, this is a must see film for anyone who not only wants to understand where your liberal friends are coming from, but also wants to be able to combat the Howard Zinn narrative of shame that they are believing in. I cannot say this enough. America: Imagine a World Without Her is a valuable tool for dialoging with friends and family.  Dinesh D'Souza paid dearly for bringing us two of the top political documentaries of our time.  His first movie, “2016:Obama’s America” must have ticked off the Commander and Chief pretty bad.  Dinesh was federally targeted by the Obama administration and indicted on illegal election contributions which in effect amounted to a “hang nail” compared to the fraud and shady campaign goings on in DC.  Today he’s spending time in house arrest for eight months, was fined $30,000 (3 times the amount of his measly contribution) and will be forced to go to “re-education” training on a weekly basis for the next year.  I’d like to be in his re-education class. I bet he’ll have some re-educating to do.  You can buy the DVD or get the digital copy from Amazon Prime. It’s a purchase that is well worth your time!  This is a must see movie.