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First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

so someone replied to my fae hp post complaining about me shitting on jkr’s world-building cuz actually it’s “something she did really REALLY well”??? the universe is amazing

but now im once again thinking about jkr’s shitty shitty world building &

do you ever just pour one out for all the magic theory we could’ve got

like holy shit joanne, did you never like. take a science class? did you get through your entire academic career without attending a single science class

you don’t learn the practical before you learn the theory!! especially not when that practical is dangerous as shit

harry learns theory once, when he’s taught DADA by umbridge in fifth year, & it’s entirely presented as a terrible no-good very bad teaching method primarily chosen to punish the students & also a sign of umbridge being ~overly protective

which, ok, not entirely unfair, harry is a fifth year & also they’re lowkey At War, but still. the fact that the whole academic curriculum at hogwarts does not at any point delve into the why of magic as well as the how is fucking TRAGIC. we could have had it ALL

why do spells have colours? what’s the history behind the incantations? (why isn’t history of magic about how spells developed over time???) are all spells affected by your emotional state like the patronus is? what the fuck is arthimancy & how in hell does it work where is my book that’s just hermione’s arthimancy textbook ft. all her notes scribbled in the margins why are you writing fantastic beasts when you could write THAT joanne!!!

like, god. how do wards work? how do you paint a moving portrait? who’s the wizarding equivalent of isaac newton? what are the limits of healing spells? would healing spells cure cancer?? why are there very specific spells for some things & then incredibly vague spells for other things? what’s the difference between ‘reparo’ & ‘episkey’? if you place a charm on an object does it last longer depending on the charm or your ability as a wizard? both? does the object affect the charm? is magical energy a finite resource? is it something wizards channel or produce? is there wizard discourse about whether it’s channelled or produced? is wizard/muggle a black & white binary or a messy grey spectrum? why can wizards do such incredible weird things as kids but not as adults? does learning spells ruin a wizard’s ability to do ‘accidental wandless magic’ when stressed/upset/in danger? 

i have!! so many questions!! jkr is never gonna answer!!! cuz she hates me!!! why does she hate me!!! give the textbooks joanne!!!!


were never meant to be gods.

after the dust settles
you meet the ones who made you,
and you find that the ruins of your suffering
and your deaths (and deaths and deaths and deaths)
are no longer yours–

they have spread
like the cracks in the goddamned sky
into legend and myth,
into story and scripture
into Time and Space, into Mind and Heart into
Blood and Life

in shrines unending, in churches pouring skaiaward:
those moments in glass,
those gravestones for your innocence.
here, the blood of your lover; here
the head of your brother;
here, her sightless eyes, his
useless legs. here the death of everyone
you ever loved.

everything you swore would be forgiven
forced onto you like horrorterrors.
like this divinity you did not want
and never asked for

you linger, yes, you
drift, you mourn, you
to silence, to darkness, to places
that green sun never touched.
to places they cannot see the way this broke you.
like cracks in the goddamned sky.

were never meant
to go home.

—  HEIRS OF GRIEF (or, What Happened After) [9/30] // @whereitglows
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Watch_Me (Wrench x Reader) [3]

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writing this from my ipad and surprise! Part 3 is officially up for reading. 

“Shaun, fuck you.” I said as I took down a ctOS guard. Dealing to clean the video before it sent to ctOS. I had hacked the entire camera system and override its system if anyone tried to hack in. Luckily, I installed a safe passage which only me, and me alone to hack it. “Like seriously, fuck you.”

“Where did the happy mood went to?” Shaun asked. I could sense that he was smiling. “I thought you were warming up to me.”

“Nevermind that,” I crouched down and did a silent assassination to another guard. I quickly moved within the shadows. “How was London?”

“Splendid, the Frye Twins were magnificent,” I rolled my eyes as I threw a dagger at the unsuspecting guard that was coming towards me. “I’m surprised that we found the Kenway Mansion. Still intact.”

I check my surroundings with my Eagle Vision which there were no guards. I put away the sniper rifle and disrupt the entire area, just in case the security guards call for backup or the public call 911. “Do tell, why am I at the ctOS tower?”

I loot the body of the dead guards. Got a few ammo and some… food. “Someone had saw what you did and well, its on is way to Blume.”


“But! We can erase the video if you hack the tower and replace it with something more humour.” Rebecca interjected before Shaun could open his mouth. I massaged the temple of my head as I let out a frustrated sigh.

“…Probably those Dedsec must have check me out,” I walked over to the tower, using my tablet to hack away, destroy and rebuilding the firewall, add some fake data, extract the video and replace it. “Done,” I leaned back, letting the fake video go.“

"Wait, what do you mean Dedsec?” Rebecca asked. She was curious, I can tell. “(Name), what did you do?” Judging by her tone, its like a mother, finding out what did her children did when she wasn’t looking.

I didn’t answer her question, instead I climb down the building, vault over the balcony and tuck and roll on the floor and walk to my vehicle. Breatheless from the climbing and killing, I open my mouth and said,“I’m sorry, what you say?” Still a bit peeved from Shaun, I’m not going to answer her. Sorry Becs.

I hear her sigh from the other side of the comms. “We will discuss this tomorrow. Rest up girl.” I took my bike from its hiding spot that was within the branches. “Tomorrow, you are helping out a friend of ours.”

I already put on my helmet and the ignition of the bike has already on. “Right, brief me tomorrow.”

“Be safe out there,” Desmond’s voice came. I almost went out of balance. “Becs!” I hissed. I almost, almost crash into a car.

“Sorry but its the best way to cool you down…”

I stopped at the traffic light. It was on the red. “You know how I don’t feel about this…” After what had happen to Desmond, I’ve been doing hacking missions all over the globe. Getting in fights and joining the Mafia, the Italian Mafia are the modern Italian Assassins Brotherhood.

His death had broke my heart. We were lovers, getting ready to settle down, ready to start a family, ready to get away from the conflict. Until Juno ask Des to place his hand at the glowing globe of the Ancient Temple.

Now I can’t risk falling in love with another man. Knowing the danger that I will caused the individual, will make my heart to be shattered once more.

The lights became green and I rode on. To a hideout that was an apartment. “Becs… just… Just don’t do it.” I used the lift to go to my designated floor and unlock the door.

Make my way to my bed and flop forward. Letting sleep to win over my tired body.

[ somewhere in San Francisco ]

“Sir, we found the Assassin.” The figure shuffled the pages of the file. They stood up, pulling a photo out of the file and placed it at the whiteboard. “She is here.”

“Well,” Another one spoke. “That is quite a surprise.”

“Should we send Team Sigma?”

“No, they are at London, dealing with the Assassins as we speak.” He took a sip of his Whiskey.

“Then, how do we deal with this extinct kind.” spat another Templar. “She doesn’t have any allies in San Francisco nor does she have anyone to assist her.”

“Except for Dedsec…” The figure piped in. “That group always targeting Blume and their ways are horrendous.”

“What should we do, your Excellency?”

The Leader of the Council of Elders of the Templars, the highest rank of all, Ellen Kaye emerged. The Templars around the table stood up as they watched her. Walking to the screen, watching the video.

“Observe this stray. We must learn what is her purpose in San Francisco.” Ellen turn around. “If she triggered something, send in Team Theta. They will handle this." 

Mike Pence honestly scares the shit out of me. Not only does he want to take away our right to marry who we love, but he wants to provide more funding to fucking torture camps trying to “turn us straight/cis” this man is absolutely horrifying

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