2016 f1 usgp

@taylorswift‘s Swiftie Pit Crew … here for you always and forever! Some of their homepages may have changed, but their usernames have stayed the same:)

Pit crew, starting with far left side crew member and going clockwise into a swirl, and ending with the final crew member holding the rear right spare tire: @theonewhodidntshow @13alltooswiftie @isaacswiftie13fan @kaleidoscopeofourmemories @whit-tay13 @brianc6234 @honourableswift @swiftthisway @rebeccacres @swiftiesparkleshine @worldsoldestswiftie @peruvian1989swiftie @ts1989fanatic @becauseoftswift @grinnbarrett719 @mari1998-12 @mackenziecatherine @swiftiefan20

October 22, 2016: the night Taylor’s piano appeared onstage and the ENTIRE PIT/CROWD WAS CHANTING “ALL TOO WELL. ALL TOO WELL(..)” OVER AND OVER AND SHE WAS RENDERED SPEECHLESS AND ACTUALLY SHOOK™ BY THE UNEXPECTED CROWD FAV. Rather than telling us all to shut our ungrateful bitch-ass mouths the fuck up, she sat down and started the intro to TIWYCF instead. Which is basically the same thing.