2016: Bernie Sanders' Popularity Doubles as Hillary Clinton Slides in Polls / Sputnik International
A new Gallup survey released Friday shows that Vermont Senator and 2016 presidential US hopeful Bernie Sanders’ favorability rating has doubled, while rival Hillary Clinton received the worst favorability score she has seen since 2007, with 47% of respondents saying they hold a negative opinion of the former Secretary of State.
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Since March, favorability for Sanders has jumped from only 12% to 24%, as Clinton’s negativity rating jumped higher than her favorability rating of 43%.

Gallup noted that, as people learn more about Sanders and his name recognition rises, so does his favorability.  Currently, only 44% of respondents were able to rate him, compared to 89% of those polled who knew enough about Clinton to rate her.  This is sure to change as Sanders continues to shatter attendance records with his campaign stops.

Though, while Clinton’s “national image has taken a slight turn for the worse, which is also evident in her image among Democrats,” she continues to be the “only Democratic candidate for president with a national name” and is standing “head and shoulders above her next closest competitor—Sanders—in popularity for the presidential nomination,” Gallup’s Lydia Saad commented.

Clinton is currently viewed more favorably by older generations of Democrats and Democratic leaners than by younger adults, the poll determined.  She also does better among nonwhites, though she received equally high ratings from both men and women.

Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker to Audition for the Koch Brothers and Their Friends
By Kenneth P. Vogel

“Four leading GOP presidential candidates – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker – are traveling to a Southern California luxury hotel in coming days to make their cases directly to the Koch brothers and hundreds of other wealthy conservatives planning to spend close to $1 billion in the run-up to the 2016 election.”

Dismantling Structural Racism: Throughout much of our history, the elite in America has divided people along racial lines in an effort to consolidate wealth and power. We need to simultaneously address the structural and institutional racism which exists in this country while at the same time vigorously attacking the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality which is making the very rich much richer, and everyone else - especially the African-American community - much poorer. Meanwhile, too many people of color in this country find themselves subjected to a system that treats citizens who have not committed crimes like criminals. We have more people locked up in jail than any other country on earth. We need to invest in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. Finally, no person should have to worry that a routine interaction with law enforcement will end in violence and death. Black lives matter: we must reform our criminal justice system, move away from the militarization of police forces, and invest in community policing.

Bernie Sanders

This was included in an e-mail sent to his supporters explaining why he is running for President and which issues he says he will prioritize. 

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When does a candidate qualify for USSS protection (if he/she doesn't have it already)?

Major candidates (as determined by the Department of Homeland Security in consultation with the party leaders from both chambers of Congress) are protected by the Secret Service from 120 days prior to Election Day (the general election), but candidates can receive protection if credible threats are received which might warrant protection. I remember that, due to threats, then-Senator Obama had Secret Service protection during an event in San Francisco that I was at as far back as June 2007. During the primaries, many candidates will hire private security and some candidates – the incumbent Governors, for example – are protected by their regular state police details. I know there is some controversy over the fact that Governor Christie’s campaign isn’t reimbursing the state of New Jersey for the protection he receives from state police traveling with him outside of the state during campaign trips. Governor Walker’s campaign is reimbursing Wisconsin for those costs with his protection detail. 


Campaign video: Bernie Sanders 2016

Press attention both leads and lags public attention to the candidates. This makes a lot of sense. The public can take cues from the media about which candidates to pay attention to. But the media also gets a lot of feedback from the public. Or to put it more cynically: If Trump-related stories are piling up lots of pageviews and Trump-related TV segments get good ratings, then guess what? You’re probably going to see more of them.
—  Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

ttclovespad2015 replied to your post: ttclovespad2015 replied to your post: …

I agree with that as well. I’ve just seen a lot of early endorsing of Bernie Sanders because he seems to be saying the right things. We also can’t be naive enough to think that because he’s white that he will have an easier chance with Repubs.

Do you think people think that, though? That Bernie will have an easier time working with Republicans because he’s also a white male? I have no such illusion. I think it will be just as hard. I mean, I think Obama’s race does play a big factor in why they hate him so much, but I can’t really see them reversing some of the positions/tactics just because a white man is President. Especially a white man who seems like he’ll be more vocal about progressive issues than Obama. But, if by some miracle he is elected, it will be very interesting to see how that turns out. 

It’s interesting to think of how that will work out for Hillary, too. She’s a woman, but she’s also very corporate.  

Here are 5 Times Marco Rubio Skipped Work to Raise Money

Politico reports that Marco Rubio has missed intelligence briefings, committee hearings, and dozens of votes over the past few months. A lot of that was due to his fundraising schedule.


  1. “But in May, when he had a chance to vote for a symbolic resolution calling for the hostages’ release, Rubio was 1,000 miles away from the Capitol — in Coral Gables, Florida, raising money for his presidential campaign.
  2. "During a fundraising swing through California in January, Rubio missed an intelligence briefing on ISIL as well as two closed sessions before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.”
  3. “Because of a fundraiser in Houston, Rubio missed a confirmation vote for an undersecretary of the Homeland Security Department.”
  4. “A March fundraiser in Manhattan prompted Rubio to skip a confirmation vote for an intellectual property official.”
  5. And due to January fundraising in California, Rubio was one of just two senators to skip the final vote on a bill to construct the Keystone XL oil pipeline.“