This tour has made me really believe that we all should do what we wanna do. Sometimes people tell you what you should do, where they want you to go… Whether it’s your parents, your friends, or your boyfriends and girlfriends, or whatever. People will have a lot to say about what it is that you do and I just wanna remind you that the person who knows what you should do, for you, the best, is you.
And that’s what I have learned in my very long life… It’s that time passes, things pass, problems pass away, and what you are left with is you and your dreams, so take care of your dreams and make them work for you. And be happy amongst your dreams and the things that you love because when you get to be my age… And I don’t feel old, even though I totally am, I don’t feel that way, I feel that I’m still wrapped in my dreams and you should too.
—  Stevie Nicks, 24 Karat Gold Tour - November 15, 2016