Ok, so here is my take on the latest NSX. I went with the whole “GT500” vibe as I really wanted to see what it would look like haha. Yes, I know this car is mid-engined and has intercoolers etc towards the front of the car, perhaps it isn’t actually stock?

I had tonnes of colour variations but in the end went with the red as it felt more..appropriate. If you guys like this, i’ll make a “used/abused” version as well. 

Massive thank you to Webb Bland for the base photo he took for me to use. 


A Look Inside the Next Generation NSX

Significant technical revelations coming from the SAE 2015 World Congress and Exhibition concerning the NSX included:

  • The NSX includes Acura’s first use of a revolutionary multi-material space frame design that delivers class-leading body rigidity while remaining lightweight.
  • World’s first automotive application of new ablation casting1 technology resulting in world-class body rigidity for ultimate handling and control.
  • World’s first use of a three-dimensionally formed, ultra-high-strength steel A-pillar, supporting class-leading rigidity and crash performance while providing outstanding outward visibility.
  • The NSX achieves top-in-class aerodynamics targets without the use of active aerodynamic elements, while its 3-motor power unit is cooled through 10 heat exchangers all thanks to a total airflow management strategy that maximizes the flow of air around & through the NSX.
  • Displacement of the NSX’s twin turbo V-6 engine to be 3.5 liters.
  • The NSX will mark the introduction of the most capable and highest torque capacity All-Wheel Drive system in Acura’s history.
  • The latest proprietary logic advances Acura’s two decades-long pursuit of Super Handling that proactively responds to driver inputs, allowing the NSX to achieve a new level of line trace while at the same time intelligently supporting the driver in changing environments.