let me share my own story from today:

i went to the grocery store down the street earlier today. i wasnt wearing any makeup, i was in a hoodie and sweats, tired as fuck, and thinking “hey, im not going to see anybody i know. i’m fine”

i get what i need and go to checkout but there was only one cashier working and it was one i had never seen before since this is the only grocery store i ever go to

i walk up to the cashier and i swear, i dont know why i decided today was the day i wanted to look like shit, because it was this guy i was friends with back in sixth grade (about seven years ago) and i s2g, puberty hit him like a freight truck

i have never seen a more attractive person

and here i was…standing in front of this literal god of sunlight…. wearing no makeup in sweats and a hoodie buying two bags of cat food and tampons

Kirk Douglas Born

December 9 1916, Amsterdam, NY–Conditions for Jews in Russia were infamous in the years before the war; their right of free movement was limited and pogroms were increasingly frequent, especially in the Ukraine.  Herschel Danielovich and his wife Bryna immigrated to Amsterdam in upstate New York from Chavusy, in modern-day Belarus, in 1910.  Their home town was well behind the front line still, but high inflation (often blamed on “Jewish speculation”) made conditions difficult for their remaining relatives there.

On December 9, Herschel and Bryna had their first and only son, Izzy.  He would grow up speaking Yiddish at home, worked his way through his youth and college years, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  He legally changed his name from Izzy Danielovich to his stage name of Kirk Douglas shortly before entering the Navy in World War II.

After World War II, Kirk Douglas would have a wildly successful career in Hollywood, including a starring appearance in Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory.  He played Colonel Dax, a French regimental commander who reluctantly leads his men into an attack he opposed, then defends three of them in a drumhead court martial when they are charged for cowardice as representatives of a second wave that refused to join the attack after the first were cut down.

The film was based on a similar incident which occurred at the very end of the battles in Champagne in early 1915, in which four corporals were executed by firing squad for refusing to leave their trenches into uninterfered-with German machine gun fire after being inadvertently shelled by their own artillery.

Kirk Douglas lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Today in 1915: Fire in Virginia Munitions Boomtown
Today in 1914: German Consul in Sunderland Convicted of High Treason

Old Souls

{A Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fan fiction}

Set immediately after the end of episode 20.

Chapter 1

A woman was crying in the middle of the hushed gallery—she had been crying for several minutes now—and Jin Woo didn’t know what to do about it.

He had come down from the law firm at the top of the building to eat his lunch alone. He disliked eating with his coworkers, so several times a week he would ride the service elevator to the first floor, walk to the corner store, eat a hasty meal, and spend the rest of his lunch hour sequestered in the gallery on the first floor. Jin Woo liked this spot because it was quiet and secluded. A great place to take in the new art installation or to people watch without drawing attention to himself. Today, the gallery was emptier than usual, which suited him just fine.

At first she didn’t attract his special attention. He only noticed at all because she was quite pretty. Dressed simply but fashionably, with slender legs and long dark hair that fell half way down her back. But then there was something else that kept him watching. An oddness in her manner. A startled disconsolate way of looking around, as though each new artifact belonged to her, a deeply personal memento, taken from her home and put on display without her knowledge.

He’d seen all kinds of strange reactions to the art that traveled through the gallery, but he didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone react to early Goryeo-era portraiture quite like this. And as she moved around she seem to grow more agitated. Barely taking in one piece before whirling to the next. She stopped in front of a painting depicting the palace at Song'ak and seemed to waver where she stood. Jin Woo heard her murmuring something he couldn’t quite make out. But as he strained to listen, he did hear it. A repeated word.

“Sorry.” She was saying “I’m sorry” over and over again. He could tell by the timbre of her voice that she was crying. Then without warning, she clasped her hand over her mouth and sank to the floor. Very like a flower bowed over by the wind.

Jin Woo was frozen with indecision. He considered standing up and leaving the way he’d come in. But he kept on hesitating and she kept on crying, shaking like a bluebell. Setting aside the pamphlet he’d been pretending to read, Jin Woo got up and moved reluctantly across the room toward the crying woman. He looked around, hopefully, to see if someone would come to his rescue. But the room was totally deserted except for the two of them.

Coming near he asked quietly, “Excuse me. Are you okay?” She didn’t look up or seem to hear him. A little louder he tried, “Is there someone I can call for you?”

Bending down he stretched out his hand and placed it gingerly on one trembling shoulder.

At his touch she looked up with a jerk and a start.

He started to draw back, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to—” but to his surprise she reached out and caught hold of his sleeve.

“You…” She said, searching his face with a gaze full of intimate familiarity. His breath caught in his throat. “It’s you.”

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 10



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heartcrystal08  asked:

Could there be a scenario where the turtles share a blanket w/ their s/o plz 🌟

Cuddles all day, every day <3


He spreads the blanket out over the two of you, you instantly grab it and pull it up to your chin and smile.  You snuggle into Leo as he wraps an arm around your shoulder and kisses the top of your head, the movie on the tv beginning to play.  It doesn’t take you two long before the both of you fall asleep in each other’s arms, the heat from the blanket making a comfortable environment to be in.  This is what mostly happens when the two of your share a blanket.  Leo really enjoys it, being cuddled up to you as much as he can.


“Quit hoggin’ the blanket!”

This is said quite often by the both of you, not being able to settle without tugging the blanket your way or his way.  Raph is pretty big so it takes more blanket to cover him up.  He’s not much for this whole snuggling under a blanket thing, but he’ll be up for it every once in a while; it’s nice to stay with you and rest.  He sneaks occasional kisses too.  And prepare to hear snoring, he does this literally every damn time.  Guy can’t stay awake for more than half an hour on the damn couch with the blanket.


If you ever manage to fall asleep before he does, he’ll just stare at you so lovingly with a smile on his face.  Stealing soft kisses from your cheeks and your lips, pulling up the blanket so that you’re not cold.  He lets you have more of the blanket than he does, just so you’re warm and comfortable.  And even if you stay awake, he spoons you a lot, just loving the feeling of you close to him in this moment of silence.  


He’d be more than happy to share a blanket with you.  And he gets really affectionate when the blanket is over you two; so many kisses and nuzzles.  Eventually though he gets really sleepy, and you end up spooning him than he does you.  Mikey sleeps soundly after that.