I really wish there were more gifs of Doc. Looks like I’m going to have to make them myself or something at some point…[[SPOILERS FOR 2x07 BELOW]]]

I don’t think I will EVER be over Doc’s little speech to Wynonna. (SERIOUSLY WHY NO GIFS?) Telling her that all he wants is for her to be happy, healthy, and that he would do anything and give anything to see that she has that happiness. I mean, seriously??? I was a puddle in the floor.

Also, the scene with Doc and Dolls in the woods, and Dolls saying he’d be proud to call Doc his brother, and Jeremy going, “You two!” I mean, I can’t even with how much this show just makes me *happy.*

but also why do ppl use that “jeremy jordan was frustrated at supercorps so he lashed out” excuse like yeah u get to be annoyed at supercorps if we did some stupid shit like harass u but u could fucking address the specifics with some more hecking dignity like a grown ass man and not blurt out some bullshit about the ship itself like it’s some big ass joke like take rahul kohli for example jesus christ dude

So someone who I’ve been following for a really long time made an offensive comment that made me really annoyed and upset this morning. I was seriously contemplating sending them a message to ask them maybe not to do that again? Ever? But then it got me thinking: I used to say the exact same shit less than a year ago? How many people I made angry and upset before I started Realizing Things™?

So, instead of messaging that person, I decided to start from myself. Hence this post.

I want to apologize to all my followers and ex-followers. If you ever felt hurt and offended by something I said, I am trully sorry. I will undoubtedly fuck up again in the future, so you are always welcome to come virtually punch me in the face and I’d be very grateful.

Have a good day/night dears.

I alluded to this in a reply but I feel like it needs its own post. I absolutely love that Cicero, eternally an outsider by birth during his time, who believed so wholly in the Republic as it could be, whose name belied his class, who had to work infinitely harder to climb the cursus honorum, is the person whose works we have the most of from his time. The great families, the metelli and the claudii, the noblest born senators, the jealous conservative factionalists who abandoned Cicero in his time of need because he was a new man, have faded from history and we know so little about any of them, but over 2000 years later we remember Cicero in such vivid detail, and we love him!

We see Cicero’s world through his lens, our picture of the late Republic is indelibly colored by Cicero’s opinions, his thoughts, his feelings. In his own time he was never truly “allowed” into the most elite echelons of the senate despite his talent and intelligence and yet he is our main, sometimes our only, route of access, point of contact, with the Late Republic. He is the definitive voice of his time, and his immortality is largely due to the merit of his writings, his oratory and philosophy which are still admired and adored. In the end, his works brought him more fame than almost any other Roman politician, and I love that by outlasting through his talent and brilliance those who never thought he belonged, Cicero proved his worth and he proved everyone wrong and, in a way, eventually won.