anonymous asked:

Can You Translate Koichi's twitter post from August 30th? It has a picture of an ipod in it. Thank you in advance :)

Oh, you mean this one, right?
cherylljexx translated it before (I can’t find her post right now, I would’ve linked it if I did (v_v); ) 
And hers was quite correct already, just missed a sentence, that’s why I write it down for you again:

{…I was taught earlier, how to make a penguin out of the wet towel-chicken, but even though I did my best, it rather ended up looking like an apostle.

… I don’t remember anything we were talking about during the meeting.

Dunno how this should look like an apostle.. (o_O); 
You know these warm and wet hand towels you get before eating in Japan? That’s what he’s talking about, I think.