DIR EN GREY, a new jacket that shows "the truth"

The artwork for the new jacket was created by Koji Yoda, who was also helping with announced in 2011 “DUM SPIRO SPERO” and released in 2012 “Rinkaku”. Using 4 suggestions from the band - “beginning, water” “something that will feel like being born” “something shapeless, not defined etc” “being inside a living thing” - as keywords he created an original artwork. Furthermore, Yoda made a comment “it’s not about what was the story at the present time, it’s about what you will feel after seeing it and taking it into your hands. From that you will get an answer. The ‘ARCHE’ I saw was the rediscovered 'truth’”.

Also, the content of the Special Limited Edition (kyotaku: DVD/Blu-ray with 2CDs) was fully revealed. The additional disc from Special Limited Edition will not only include new songs “and Zero”, “ Tefutefu”, but also remixes of “SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH” and “Unraveling”, acoustic version of new songs “Soshaku” and “Behind a vacant image”, and a crossover version of “Uroko”, a total of 7 songs. Moreover, the studio live recording shot in one take of “Un deux” and “Chain repulsion”, footage from the summer tour “TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT-mode of "GAUZE”?-“, and extras "BEHIND THE SCENES OF ARCHE” will be included on the additional disc.
Extra CD from the Limited Edition will have a remix of “SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH”, acoustic version of “Soshaku” and crossover version of “Uroko”.

完全生産限定盤 特典CD /content of extra CD from Special Limited Edition

01. and Zero
02. てふてふ [tefutefu]
03. Sustain the untruth [REMIX]
04. Unraveling [REMIX]
05. 咀嚼(Acoustic Ver.)[soshaku]
06. 鱗(Crossover Ver.)[uroko]
07. Behind a vacant image(Acoustic Ver.)

完全生産限定盤 特典Blu-ray/DVD /content of Blu-ray/DVD from Special Limited Edition

・Un deux(Shot In One Take)
・Chain repulsion(Shot In One Take)
・TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?- 2014.08.30 SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST(「かすみ」「蜜と唾」「激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇」

初回限定盤 特典CD /content of extra CD from Limited Edition

01. Sustain the untruth [REMIX]
02. 咀嚼(Acoustic Ver.)
03. 鱗(Crossover Ver.)