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Out of curiosity, what do you think about the Meyers-Briggs?

It’s kinda shit.

Some reasons of the many reasons why:

  1. It wasn’t developed by scientists, there was no experimental testing in its development, and it’s based on Jung’s (very outdated) theories.

  2. In real life, people exist on a spectrum; in the MBTI, you have to be 100% an extrovert or 100% an introvert, with nothing in between.

  3. There’s about a 50% chance that you’ll get put in a different personality category if you take the test after only a five week gap. If it were a good test, you’d be in the same category consistently.

  4. It ignores a lot of other key personality traits, for example, emotional stability vs reactivity (how calm you stay under pressure). It also doesn’t even completely measure the categories it’s supposed to.

So take it and wear the label if you want; humans actually often like putting ourselves in snappy-sounding categories - it’s validating and satisfying to know we belong to a group.

Just realize that it has about as much meaning as your astrological sign - you get what meaning out of it that you put into it.

(By the way, I’m either INFJ or INFP. It switches practically every time I’ve taken the MBTI over the years.)




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Yes, in 2011 we came here, we did a Latin American Tour.
Then we came to Mexico. We couldn’t belive it because, you know long time ago, our band disbanded. Then when hide passed away, I never thought to get together but anything could happen so, now we’re together again. When hide passed away, I wrote a song… I wrote a song to try to… I don’t know, I was trying to write a song to support my fans but this song also supported me.
Years later we disbanded, hide passed away. But after 10 years later, Toshi came back and then we’ve got reunited. Then few years later, also we wanted to have Taiji back in our band. He was an original member, we’ve started together, yet in 2011 Taiji also passed away.
So the next song, I’d like to dedicate this song to hide and Taiji.
I told that before, when you care about your friends, family, please give all your love while you can… before it’s too late.
Also I want to dedicate this song to my father.
—  Yoshiki before playing Without You during Mexico show [May 3, 2014]

The death on Friday of a New York City man after an apparent chokehold on the part of police has prompted an investigation by the Staten Island District Attorney’s office and caused Mayor Bill de Blasio to postpone a vacation while he talks with community leaders.

A passerby captured the interaction between Eric Garner, 43, and police on video, and the tape shows Garner saying at least eight times “I can’t breathe” as police appear to push his head into the ground. Garner, an asthmatic who weighed between 350 and 400 pounds, later died.

Police said Garner was resisting arrest and they suspected him of attempting to sell untaxed cigarettes. Witnesses told the Staten Island Advance that he’d just broken up a fight.

A representative in NYPD’s press room referred all questions to a press conference earlier Friday by de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton.

During the press conference, de Blasio called the death of Garner, a married father of six and grandfather of two, “a terrible tragedy.”

“Chokeholds are prohibited by the New York City Police Department and by most departments,” Bratton said during the press conference.

Along with the district attorney, police internal affairs also will investigate, Bratton and de Blasio said.

In the videotape, Garner is seen standing on a sidewalk in front of a store as two undercover officers appear to question him.

“Every time you see me, you’re messing with me – I’m tired of it,” Garner says. “I’m minding my business officer, I’m minding my business. Please just leave me alone.”

The conversation continues until Garner says, “Don’t touch me,” at which point an officer behind Garner appears to put him in a chokehold. Garner sinks quickly to the ground and four officers are on him, subduing him.

Garner says “I can’t breathe” at least eight times as an officer appears to mash his head into the sidewalk.

Police called paramedics and Garner died of cardiac arrest at Richmond University Medical Center, in Staten Island, the NY Daily News reported.

“When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time,” Esaw Garner, Eric Garner’s wife, told the NY Daily News.


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羽生名人が取り皿を片手に持ちながら、 もう片方の手でテーブル上のビール瓶、





(典拠:昼食・夕食・おやつ総合スレ 最後のきざみうどん15杯目の61)(適宜改行を施した)
(原典:第6回 羽生善治流カレーライスの食べ方 [平日開店ミシマガジン])

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It's happening! Obama will sign federal workplace equality executive order on Monday

After all the hype, it has finally been confirmed that on Monday, President Obama will sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against LGBT employees of federal contractors and the federal government.

A refresher, in case you missed all this the first time around:

The executive order has two components: It prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity – a move that affects 24,000 companies employing roughly 28 million workers, or about one-fifth of the nation’s workforce – and it explicitly bans discrimination against federal employees based on their gender identity. …

To the relief of the LGBT community, there is no sweeping religious exemption in the executive order. Obama is simply adding the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity to an existing executive order that protects employees of federal contractors from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. President George W. Bush amended that executive order in 2002 to allow religiously affiliated federal contractors to prioritize hiring employees of their particular religion, however, and Obama is keeping that language intact.

Systemic anti-LGBT employment discrimination is one of the next major hurdles we need to jump. This won’t establish universal workplace equality, but it’s quite a start. 


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I think we’re all on the same page. We still get excited by it and I think that that hasn’t tarnished in 10 years. And I remember getting the last script of season 9, the season finale, and I got all giddy about it. I was excited to see what happens in season 10. I think as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then, yeah, we will keep going, as long as people are hanging in with us and are still entertained. We love these stories.
—  Jensen Ackles at the TCA Panel today

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河口湖 2014:11:18 07:09:54 この撮影ポイントには日の出の時刻から大勢の人が集まっていました。道路沿いで路側にクルマの駐車スペースもあり、河口湖の紅葉富士撮影ポイントとして有名なところのようです。


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