Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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                                   Phyllis Defending Billy Against Jack
  ↳“You’re usually the first to defend him. You want to follow him now?“

A Melhor Parte de Mim

Eu queria saber o que escrever
Sobre você, queria a perfeição
Palavras certas, hora certa
Para pronunciar meu sentimento,
Mas nada adiantaria
Tudo se resume a você…
A melhor parte de mim.

Mike .S. Costa

Book Review: Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay.

Genre: Historical Fantasy.

Goodreads rating: *** (3 stars).

Read: 25/03/2014 - 03/04/2017.

The Review:

Do you enjoy philosophical contemporary? Then this book is probably meant for you, not me. I went into this book expecting an epic fantasy. That is not what I got.

Synopsis: In this story, we follow a warrior of Senjan, a trader of Dubrava, an artist from Seressa, and a Mylasian aristocrat turn Seressini spy as they try to navigate a world on the verge of war. Far from home and all that is familiar, will they find their ways back or be lost forever?

Sounds pretty interesting, right? I can stomach a little real world commentary here and there, play along with an author trying to be an anthropologist. But this was a little too much. The pacing could’ve been fantastic if it weren’t for the constant breaks in the fourth wall where the author took a moment to relate his story to the real world. Almost every second paragraph was an attempt at philosophy.

Yet somehow, despite this constant philosophical commentary the characters remained rather 2D, in my opinion. There was never really any reason or conscious thought behind these characters actions. At one point our Seressini artist, never having laid a hand on a weapon, beats the crap out of an elite soldier. A trader is suddenly the best swordsman alive, only justified by a two-liner explaining he did some training off shore. The women sleep with everyone and anyone, like, sometimes even THEY don’t know why they’re doing it. It was very hard to get a grasp on these characters personalities.

Excluding the philosophical commentary, the plot itself was lacking. There’s no big battle; no great climax. The soldiers turn around before they hit the battlegrounds because they can’t be bothered; the raiders don’t raid because some political drivel that - coming from their slums, they shouldn’t be aware of. People go in for the kill but end up not even fighting. The entire book teases towards an eventual battle but the action just fizzles away. For a fantasy, the whole book felt very lifeless.

Of course, if you want to read about dudes being super macho man with no prior experience or training and women doing nothing but fucking said men, this book could be for you.

It just wasn’t for me.


it`s a belif in your dreams and you realise your dreams
I´m sorry becouse i`m don´t speak inglish ,if i know speak inglish am very happy
in my life my dreams are so beautiful
Good luck

Verses of The Sword explanation

Explanation for the “Verses of the Sword”

-4:89 “Seize them and kill them wherever you find them…”

-18: 65-81 “The Story of Al Khidhr”

-9:5 “Slay the idolaters where you find them…”

-8:12 “I will Cast Terror Into the Hearts Of Those Who Disbelieve…”

-9:123 “Fight Those Of The Unbelievers Who Are Near To You…”

-48:29 “Those With Him Are Severe Against The Unbelievers…”

-5:33 “The Punishment Of Those Who Wage War”

-69:30-31 “Seize him and chain him. And in Hell, burn him”

That was a terrible attempt right there at a claim. The verse was referring to what happens to the person who is to be punished in Hell on Judgement Day. Here are the verses above it:

-On that Day shall the (Great) Event come to pass.
-And the sky will be rent asunder, for it will that Day be flimsy,
-And the angels will be on its sides, and eight will, that Day, bear the Throne of thy Lord above them.
-That Day shall ye be brought to Judgment: not an act of yours that ye hide will be hidden.
-Then he that will be given his Record in his right hand will say: “Ah here! Read ye my Record!
-I did really understand that my Account would (One Day) reach me!”
-And he will be in a life of Bliss,
-In a Garden on high,
-The Fruits whereof (will hang in bunches) low and near.
-Eat ye and drink ye, with full satisfaction; because of the (good) that ye sent before you, in the days that are gone!“
-And he that will be given his Record in his left hand, will say: “Ah! Would that my Record had not been given to me
-And that I had never realised how my account (stood)!
-Ah! Would that (Death) had made an end of me!
-Of no profit to me has been my wealth!

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Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-04-03

[こじゆう温泉の旅/KojiYuu Onsen Trip]



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

We made our way there a day before the photoshoot,
The two of us stayed over
And talked like it’s for the first time
We had a wonderful time ♥



Tokyo Disney Land

Electrical Parade Dream Lights

Part 5


Kana-kun’s honest feelings about all Royz members:


Thanks to him, I’m able to express my thoughts and feelings straight and forward, him and his gentle and caring personality. Whenever Codomo Dragon was really worn out after live, he was encouraging Kana-kun every day, every morning. He’s a nice guy. Thank you for celebrating my birthday, I’ll cherish those purikura pictures forever. 


At first, I definitely thought it will take a lot of time to become his friend, and when I think back, it wasn’t like that AT ALL. Thanks to Kuinacchi I’ve become so spontaneous, I had no idea, there was such a side of personality inside me! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! We should go on a dinner again! And talk about everything!!


As he smiles everyday, it makes me always think how cute he is. But actually, he’s hell of hot-blooded and passionate guy. He always discuss stuff with PA (staff takes care of electronic music is and light effects) right after performance or rehearsal, and always play guitar before pre-production. To see such a passion for guitars, I just love it so much. Just must say, how lucky these guys are to have a mate with that kind of attitude. Thank you for always smiling and looking so cheerful! Kazuki-kun’s smile saved me for tons of time. I am grateful!


With Koudai-kun the same story, I hadn’t thought we’d  get along well at first. Even though we’ve spent plenty of time, there are still too many things we don’t know about each other. But!! I clearly WANT to become his friend. So I invited him out, to get closer, to know more about him, what is precious to him, and why he cherishes his band so much. And when I heard all of his feelings I completely fall in love with him. I am SO glad I met you, Koudai-kun! I want to spend more time with you!


Before we officially met all of Royz-san members, Tomoyan and Koudai-kun payed as a visit at one of our lives. I exchanged email address with him right away. He was the very first member I became close with! It was my first time hanging around naked in dressing room ever, I wouldn’t have done it without this guy (笑). I think, both of us were MOODMAKERS of the tour. He’s attentive to you, and very interesting guy. He’s the type of guy, you can get out of your head easily. Let’s get even better friends from now on. And let’s go to bath again!

~ Kana 2014-04-13 23:54:03

(I couldn’t find any picture Kana with Koudai.)

‘Social construct’ doesn’t mean “not real.” …these “fragile constructs,” as Hannon puts it, still have tremendous real world power. We live in a world that values and rewards certain identities and punishes, often brutally, those who don’t fit that mold.

Concepts like sexuality aren’t just names that we can take on or cast off at will. They are structures built into the very fabric of modern society, and they shape, from Day 1, how we understand the world and our place within it.

Herkeslerden Sevgili Aliye,

İnsanların hepsi bir değildir. Ben kendim iyi insan olmak isterim, fakat kötü olanlara da hayretle bakmam. Hatta kızmam bile, ancak kötülükleri bana taalluk ederse kendimi müdafaa ederim. Şunu esas olarak kabul etmeliyiz ki, insanların hemen ekserisi yalnız kendilerini düşünür. Dünyadaki bütün felaketlerin, uygunsuzlukların, bayağılıkların sebebi işte bu her şeyden evvel kendini düşünmek illetidir. İlk bakışta insana bir kurnazlık ve akıllılık gibi görünen bu hal hakikatte aptallıktır. Çünkü dünyada bir insanın yardım ve alakasına muhtaç olmadan yaşaması mümkün olmayacağına, hatta en kötü hayvanlarda bile birbirlerine yardım hissi mevcut bulunduğuna göre, sadece kendini düşünmek ve başkalarının da böyle yapmasını istemek kendi kendisinin kuyusunu kazmaktır. İnsan başkalarına yardım ettiği, başkalarını sevdiği kadar yükselir. Dünyada hayatın bir tek manası varsa o da sevmektir. Hatta mukabele edilmesini bile beklemeden sevmek. Başka bir insanı bahtiyar edebilmek, kendini bahtiyar edebilmekten daha güç fakat daha insancadır. Bugün böyle düşünenlere saf, hatta enayi derler. Fakat ne derlerse desinler, biz kalbimizin ve kafamızın doğru bulduğu şeyleri etrafın ne dediğine bakmadan yapmalıyız. Hayatta en büyük vazife, en büyük saadet olarak şunu almak lazımdır: Bize yakın ve uzak bütün insanlara yardım etmek, bütün insanların iyiliğine çalışmak…

Sabahattin Ali, Canım Aliye Ruhum Filiz s.17