2014.01.03 - Love

[translation by NekoMaoMeow]


2014-01-03   23:10:38


Good evening everyone

Starting today, Messiah practice begins again.

It has been a while since I met everyone

Over the New Year, it was too relaxing
While my brain was still sluggish, we had to practice shouting at each other

Although there were fewer cast members today
I still enjoyed the company.

Lying down but we were not being lazy
We were actually stretching (laugh)

And now.

Messiah’s New Year party~

Since it won’t be long till the actual production begins
I am eating and drinking a lot to replenish my stamina

Because I still need to rehearse tomorrow, I have to moderate myself.

In any case

I really like this bunch of people.

Well then
This has again been short


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