anon response: This is not an attack on admins (love you guys), but whoever sent that confession about the STANLEY CUP being “Canada’s Cup” is an arrogant asshole. The Stanley Cup is hockey’s cup. It belongs to anyone who plays for it and earns it. It belongs to anyone in the league. It belongs to anyone who is a fan of the game. That confessor needs to hop off their high horse. You don’t own hockey. Great your country may have been the first to play it but you don’t own it. Don’t be so arrogant and foolish

anon response: Why do Canadian fans get so shitty towards American fans? Not all of us claim that hockey is “our” sport, and it makes trying to actually enjoy it a pain in the ass. It’s great to have pride of the sport and it’s meaning to your country, but some of you are so fucking arrogant and nasty to people that it’s embarrassing.