You might not know his face- but if you’re a fan of Gravity Falls you know his work. Art Director Ian Worrel (http://enworrel.blogspot.com) just won an Emmy for individual achievement in art direction, and the team here at GF couldn’t be more proud. Ian himself is a pretty humble and reserved guy, so this is the perfect place to brag about him and totally embarrass the guy. Deal with it, Ian! 

If Gravity Falls was a real town, Ian Worrel would be its true founder, landscaper and architect. Every gnarled tree, cluster of moss, sweeping vista, creepy cave and foggy forest, not to mention the Mystery Shack itself- were conceived, drawn, and painted under his expert guidance. The guy is a legit genius, a natural talent, and of the most hardworking, warm, and genuinely smart people in the industry. 

When I was in my 3rd year in college, I had the absurd good fortune to be Ian’s room-mate. We were basically the Goofus and Gallant of CalArts. He would get up every morning at the crack of dawn to work diligently on his film, following his schedule and improving his craft with a level of seriousness and focus that became campus legend.  I on the other hand would wake up at noon, forget to shower, chase ducks around and almost get arrested by campus security for riding a miniature motorcycle throughout he halls. Imagine my surprise that this guy would agree to work with me then- and continue to do so all these years. I’m lucky to call him a collaborator, but even luckier to call him a friend.

And now that Ian is suitably embarrassed, I will share with you a never before known piece of Gravity Falls trivia. You know that stamp in the theme song title card? Does it resemble anyone to you? 

There is no Gravity Falls without Ian Worrel. Congrats buddy on this latest achievement! We’re all so proud to work with you, man!