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BTW, who's the hunk in the gif you posted in my last ask? /curious/ and is he waving around chicken? Haha!

You mean…this hunk? 

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THIS, my friend, is Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. 

Occupation: singer, breakdancer, lady killer, actual angel. He is the leader and lead vocalist of the South Korean boy band Got7, debut January 2014. And he is the reason I don’t sleep at night. 

And now, a moment of silence for all the undergarments sacrificed in his honor. RIP. 

also yes that is chicken that he is waving around. this is the first time I’ve ever been jealous of a piece of chicken

I never thought any company could top SM entertainment for mismanagement, but YG really​ have done it. He’s literally screwed over all of his artists. 2NE1 was one of the best things to happen, and still had a huge following but he managed to completely screw them over because he just didn't​ give a shit. Winner had one of the strongest debuts of 2014 and they had full potential to even make it as big as big bang, but he still didn’t give a shit, resulting in the loss of one of the most talented members of the group. I don’t even know what he’s doing with Ikon right now, and Lee Hi is just there locked behind the walls, unable to show her full potential along with AKMU, and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna screw over black pink if this is how he’s gonna continue to do things. And despite all his major screw ups​ he’s still planning on debuting another boy group?? When his latest boy groups don’t even have half the fandom size they should be having by now coming from a company as big as YG?? And Black Pink just starting to establish themselves??? Idk but I’m starting​ to believe that YG will soon REALLY screw itself over through a series of horrible decisions. I just feel bad for all the talented​ artists who are stuck between not having much of a voice or a choice.

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Rupert Grint - The Guardian (2014)

Promo shoots for his stage debut Mojo at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London. On stage for eight performances a week in Jez Butterworth’s Mojo, his voice suffered.

“I’ve had to have vocal massages, which are extremely painful. You basically get strangled. That cockney language is almost Shakespearean.”

Exclusive: Listen to Lea Michele's new song 'Anything's Possible'
'Anything's Possible' is the latest track off Michele's second album 'Places,' out April 29.

Lea Michele is ready for battle.

Michele shared her soaring new song Anything’s Possible exclusively with USA TODAY, a Fight Song-style anthem that’s ready to inspire.

The singer also shared the release date for her sophomore album Places, out April 28, with a tour scheduled to follow in May.

Anything’s Possible is a personal favorite for Michele, who called the song “my personal anthem for the past two years.”

“This is a song about having faith through whatever life brings your way,“ she told USA TODAY. "To always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that anything is truly possible. It’s about leaving the negativity and the past behind and moving forward with confidence and strength.”

Anything’s Possible arrives on the heels of last week’s single Love Is Alive, Michele’s first new music since her 2014 debut album Louder.

Michele’s latest release kicks off a busy week for the star, as she heads to The Late Late Show on Tuesday and Ellen on Thursday.

It’s a new year full of new colorful possibilities! 😁🌈✨But it’s always good to reflect on past work to contrast where you’re at now! 🤔⏳🖼So for #throwbackthursday I have this little cutie called “Twizzler”! 😁💞She’s definitely a great example of contrast! 😉 I painted this piece back in 2014 and she debuted at SDCC

Dreamin’ (JB / Im Jaebum Scenario) Part 1
  • Requested by @little-babybird
  • JB (Jaebum) X Reader
  • Word Count: 560 
  • Part Two
  • Just a personal note, please do NOT send me asks like “what are your views on jb homophobic comment” etc. I will NOT answer any asks regarding the situation. Thank you.
  • Masterlist

The first step of being an idol was to get recruited by some company, train for a few years and make your debut.

You were one of the thousands of candidates that were fortunate to be recruited by JYP and train. The people that were recruited around the same time as you was a talented B-Boy called Jaebum. You quickly got to be close with Jaebum and were best friends due to similar taste in music and family background.

Through your trainee years, you’ve been close to the boy and witness of his growth and achievements. From when JB made his first appearance with Jinyoung: JJ Project ; and then in 2014, when he officially debuted as the Leader of GOT7.

However, where the light shone, there always follow shadows.

The Korean music industry has always been competitive, not everything was pretty as it seemed on the television. You’ve been training under JYP for more than 8 years and knew you had lost any hope of debuting when JYP formed Twice, after Miss A.

The harsh reality hit you. Not all dreams could come true. You made the painful decision to quit shortly after GOT7’s debut. Jaebum and you have not been able to contact each other as often as GOT7’s popularity grew, and somewhere along the line, you just completely lost contact with each other.

Even though your idol career was not successful, you found other options and expertise areas within the entertainment industry.

After you left from being a trainee, you continued your life as a normal citizen. You graduated university with Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media with flying colors. You are working now as a Multi-media freelancer. Within your freelancing career, you’ve been producing album covers, promotional materials, participating in post-editing works for the entertainment industry.

Many of your work has been globally recognized and you were content with life. However, occasionally you would catch Jaebum and GOT7 on television performing. Although you were so extremely proud of him, at the same it reminded clear to you, that the both of you lived in different worlds.

It wasn’t until recently when you were contacted by JYP and was commissioned to design the latest GOT7 Japanese single and related materials. You have arrived extremely early to the studio to hold a brief meeting with GOT7 themselves and other staff members. You were sitting with your tablet and coffee by the familiar meeting room, heart pounding and anxious to see Jaebum after two years the two of you lost contact.

The clock struck 8AM when the door of the meeting room, opened.

Jaebum and the rest of GOT7 restlessly shuffle into the empty meeting room while they nonchalantly greeted you (Mind you, It is 8 in the morning.) Jaebum chooses the seat right opposite you and when he has finally comfortable in his seat, he properly lifts his head and glanced at you.

You saw his eyes widen and his lips tighten. He was originally resting his head on the palm of his hand and leaned against his seat. But now, Jaebum’s posture was straight and his fingers hovered over his tightened lips as if to stop himself from speaking.

The both of you stared at each other for a mere few seconds when you decided to just smile and nod you head.

“Hello, Jaebum.”


Stage name: S.coups
Real name: Choi Seungcheol
Real name meaning: Clearly winning/winning (승/Seung). Fair (철/Cheol)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Age: 21 years old
Place of birth: Daegu
Graduate of: School of Performing Arts Seoul High School
Nickname: Beagle king

Training period: 6 years
What I do best: Rap, rap making

Wapop Show (August~September 2014)
Brand New (Music) Shows (November 2014)
Brand New (Music) Shows (December 2014)
천하제일 힙합대전 (The Country’s Best Hip Hop Concert) (December, 2014)
MBC Music Seventeen Debut Project (April~May 2015)

-My image according to myself
I hate to show my weaknesses but I’m (actually) really fragile on the inside.
Unlike my appearance, I’m very affectionate, mischievous and passionate!

Reading (kind of)

-Words I want to say to fans
We’ll try to be the proud Seventeen to (our) fans!! Let’s keep being together♥

trans. cr; fy-scoups | take out with full credits.

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Hi there! If this is overstepping at all please absolutely feel free to ignore this! I'm not sure if you're familiar with BEATWIN, a boy group that debuted in 2014? They are currently crowd-funding their next album and have only a few days left before the project fails. :( I'm devastated to think that all their efforts might go to waste. I made a post with all the links, and if you could reblog it I would be so very grateful!!! post/158530830099/beatwin-debuted-in-2014-has-only-a-few-days-left


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Benjamin Booker ft. Mavis Staples - Witness

What does it mean to say you’ve witnessed something? Maybe you were simply in the right place at the right time; maybe you were a bystander who watched silently as an event played out before you. But to bear witness implies something more powerful. 

When you bear witness in a courtroom or a church, you’re an active party, testifying as to what you’ve seen. One who bears witness speaks of her firsthand experience — of an incident, of spiritual enlightenment, of truth itself — back into the world so that it might change an outcome or a life.

It’s that second sort that interests Benjamin Booker in “Witness,” the title track from the follow-up to his explosive 2014 debut. The New Orleans-based songwriter — who’s favored a sound like the blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll mixed with gasoline and a lit cigarette — leans into more explicitly gospel territory here, letting his strepitous guitar take a backseat to an upright-piano melody and choral harmonies. 

Booker mourns violence against black bodies and hints at the insidious consequences of bearing false witness: “Thought that we saw that he had a gun / Thought that it looked like he started to run." 

Meanwhile, Mavis Staples sings the song’s chorus, lending her typical moral urgency to its central question: "Am I going to be a witness … just going to be a witness?” [Read More]

mmmkay YG......
  • WINNER: *Stars in the massively successful Winner Tv that was voted best idol variety show in 2014 even before they debuted*
  • WINNER: *all members participate in the writing/ composing of their songs* *said songs are critically acclaimed*
  • WINNER: *Upon debut raises YG's stocks by 6.57%*
  • WINNER: *has record breaking debut* *is the quickest group to ever win #1* *gains title of "monster rookie* *SURPASSES ALL OF YG'S EXPECTATIONS FOR THEM*
  • Mino: *dominates charts all summer long* *becomes a major trend setter in Korea and displays major impact with the songs he writes* *FEAR manages to become one of the longest withstanding songs on the charts, competing against the likes of Exo and their seniors Big Bang* *DOES ALL THIS WITHOUT ANY PROMOTION FROM YG WHATSOEVER
  • Seunghoon: *choreographs everything for WINNER* *does exceedingly well on variety shows*
  • Seungyoon: *has a super successful solo debut pre- debut* *slays the charts*
  • Nam: *produces title tracks for second album which receive universal acclaim, not one criticism to be had* *works his ass off for Actor School to improve himself and becomes a trending topic on Naver*
  • Jinwoo: *Becomes more beautiful by the year* *learns to play the drums only to be shoved in the back*
  • WINNER: *PRODUCES A BEAUTIFUL SECOND ALBUM AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF HIATUS* *ALBUM HITS #1* *ALBUM BECOMES #14 ON AMERICAN ITUNES CHARTS* *ALBUM CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED* *Namsong track "Pricked"despite not being promoted, managed to debut at number 2 on Melon and number 1 on iTunes in multiple countries namely Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and six other countries*
  • YG: ....
  • YG: ....
  • YG: *slams table* BUT I WANT RESULTS DAMMIT