Fandometrics In Depth: Shipping

Shipping is one of Tumblr’s favorite hobbies, drawing hundreds of millions of engagements each year. On Tumblr, shipping exists in many forms: fan art, fan fiction, manipulated GIFs and videos, and roleplay, just to name a few. It’s a common practice no matter what fandom you’re in—from television shows and movies to K-pop and video games. On Tumblr, the most popular type is slash—ships comprised of two male characters. Out of the top 150, 95 (63%) were guy/guy love.

We grabbed the top 30 ships from 2013—2016. 2013—2015 were ranked by reblogs alone. 2016 and 2017 are ranked by their Trending Score. This includes volume of searches, original posts, and likes in addition to reblogs. We’ve sorted the source content behind each year’s top ships below.


  • TV | 40%
  • Music | 40%
  • Anime | 10%
  • Celebrities | 6.67%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%

2013’s most reblogged ships were predominantly slash (76.67%). The remaining 23.33% were all heterosexual (het) ships—there were no femslash ships in the top 30 that year.

The most reblogged ship of the year was from an anime: MakoHaru (Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto, Free! series).

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  • TV | 40%
  • Anime | 20%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Celebrities | 10%
  • Movies | 10%
  • Web Celebrities | 6.67%

Though slash (66.67%) and het ships (26.67%) comprised most of the list in 2014, femslash ships (6.67%) made their debut.

 2014’s top ship was Destiel (Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural). Though the ship is not canon (yet), the 200th episode “Fan Fiction” paid homage to it.

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  • TV | 43.33%
  • Anime | 23.33%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 13.33%
  • Movie | 3.33%
  • Celebrities | 3.33%

In 2015, femslash numbers also doubled, representing 13.33% of the ships. Slash accounted for 60%, het just 26.67%.

2015 was a big year for Larry shippers—Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, One Direction) reached No. 1.

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  • TV | 50%
  • Movies | 20%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Music | 3.33%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%
  • Video games | 3.33%

Slash ships began to take a dip (56.67%) in 2016, while het ships grew (36.67%) and femslash decreased (6.67%).

Despite femslash’s waning popularity, 2016 marked the first year a f/f ship not only cracked the top five, but hit #1. Clexa (Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa, The 100) was embroiled in controversy when Commander Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and killed immediately after her and Clarke’s relationship was consummated. Her death launched a critical look at the “Bury Your Gays” trope by journalists and fans alike, and the argument that LGBTQ+ fans deserved better than the storylines given to them.

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2017 (thus far)

  • TV | 50%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • K-Pop | 13.33%
  • Music | 6.67%
  • Movies | 6.67%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Video games | 6.67%

In the first half of 2017, slash has continued to hold over half the conversation (56.67%). Het ships and f/f ships are starting to equal out at 26.67% and 16.67%, respectively.

This year’s top ship so far? Klance (Keith and Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender). Since we launched the weekly ship list on May 1st, Klance has been No. 1 seven times.

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Some great resources where you can learn even more about shipping and fandom:

A Guide to Old-Gen Girl Groups

Time moves on and trends change and people change with them. While I can understand this fact, I refuse to accept it (for now) and I just can’t move on and completely forget about all these amazing groups that have either disbanded or have been inactive for a long time.

With that out of the way, I would like to introduce you to this guide I created, to help new K-pop fans who may be interested to check out a few of the older groups that were around for the 2007-2015 era of K-pop.

(Note: Some groups underwent line-up changes along the way of their careers, so I will be using the line-up that was more recently active to present each group)

Girls’ Generation (2007-Present)


  • Taeyeon - Leader, Main Vocalist
  • Sunny - Lead Vocalist
  • Tiffany - Lead Vocalist
  • Hyoyeon - Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Yuri - Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Sooyoung - Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Yoona - Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group
  • Seohyun - Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Past Member:

  • Jessica (2007-2014)

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 with the single “Into the New World”. Their musical style relies heavily on electropop and bubblegum pop as well as dance music and their image focuses on carefree and cheerful themes but they have tackled other musical and visual styles as well. While they were relatively well-received since debut, their big hit “Gee” is what boosted their way to the top and has made them a household name in South Korea and most of East Asia, with K-pop fans referring to them as “The Nation’s Girl Group” and other similar titles. Their 2010 Japanese debut with a translated version of their 2009 hit “Genie” was largely succesful and they have met further popularity and success in their neighbouring country ever since.

Greatest Hits: “Gee” , “Genie” , “Oh!” , “The Boys” , “Lion Heart

2NE1 (2009-2016)


  • Bom - Main Vocalist
  • Dara - Vocalist, Face of the Group
  • CL - Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper
  • Minzy - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae

2NE1 debuted in 2009 with their hit single “Fire”. Known for their electronic-based sound and bold, in-your-face type of image, 2NE1 was loved for their fierce style and for daring to stand out, refusing to fit into any mold. Their best-selling hit “I Don’t Care” solidified their position as a top-tier group right after their debut and their follow-up hits allowed them to remain on top for the next six years after their debut.

Greatest Hits: “Fire” , “I Don’t Care” , “Lonely” , “I Am the Best” , “Ugly

SISTAR (2010-2017)


  • Bora - Sub-Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Daner
  • Hyolyn - Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper
  • Soyou - Lead Vocalist
  • Dasom - Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

SISTAR debuted in 2010 with the single “Push Push”. They worked closely with producer Brave Sound for the better part of their career and released extremely catchy dance singles which they accompanied with their sexy image and choreographies. Their rise to stardom started in 2011 with their best-selling hit “So Cool” and for the following six years they dominated the digital singles charts with their subsequent releases, a feat which earned them the nickname “Digital Monsters” for their astonishing digital sales and helped them solidify their position as a top group and form what Korean fans call “The Unbreakable Wall” along with Girls’ Generation and 2NE1.

Greatest Hits: “So Cool” , “Alone” , “Loving U” , “Give It to Me” , “Touch My Body

KARA (2007-2016)

Members (Last Active Line-up):

  • Gyuri (2007-2016) - Leader, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
  • Seungyeon (2007-2016) - Main Vocalist
  • Hara (2008-2016) - Vocalist, Rapper, Main Daner, Face of the Group
  • Youngji (2014-2016) - Vocalist, Main Rapper, Maknae

Past Members:

  • Sunghee (2007-2008)
  • Nicole (2007-2014)
  • Jiyoung (2008-2014)

KARA debuted in 2007 with their first studio album “The First Blooming” and used “Break It” as the lead single to promote it. After failing to reach the expected ammount of sales and recognition they had hoped to achieve, the group underwent a complete image change one year after debut, switching from R&B/Hip-Hop influenced sound and style, to a cute and bubbly image that was well-received by the public. Their first number-one hit, “Honey” (2009) soon followed and the group continued to gain more and more popularity with follow-up singles “Mister” (2009) and “Lupin”(2010), among others . Debuting in Japan with a translated version of their Korean hit “Mister” in 2010, KARA received further love and fame in Japan, making them one of the most-succeful Korean acts promoting in the Japanese market, with some members still working in Japan after the group’s disbandment.

Greatest Hits: “Honey” , “Mister”, “Lupin”, “Step” , “Pandora

Wonder Girls (2007-2017)

Members (Last Active Line-Up):

  • Yeeun (2007-2017) - Leader, Main Vocalist, Keyboardist
  • Sunmi (2007-2010, 2015-2017) - Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group, Bassist
  • Yubin (2007-2017) - Vocalist, Main Rapper, Drummer
  • Hyerim (2010-2017) - Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Guitarist, Maknae

Past Members:

  • Hyuna (2007-2007)
  • Sohee (2007-2013)
  • Sunye (2007-2015)

Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 with the maxi single “The Wonder Begins” and “Irony” as their debut single. The Wonder Girls are known as the “Retro Queens” of Korea thanks to their musical style that draws inspiration from the 60s, 70s and 80s and a fashion sense and visual style to match. In the later years of their career, the dance group learned how to play musical instruments, and made it a core part of their revamped image. Their rise to fame followed soon after their debut with their singles “Tell Me” which took their home country by storm and “Nobody” which followed the next year. Following the huge domestic success of “Nobody”, the group released an English version of the song the next year, specifically-made to target the American music market. The song was a hit and the group was the first Korean act to enter the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. They went on to appear on TV and radio shows and even tour with the Jonas Brothers as their opening act and star in their own Nickelodeon-produced movie while working even harder to polish their musical style and skills during their stay in the United States.

Greatest Hits: “Tell Me” , “So Hot” , “Nobody”, “Be My Baby” , “Like This

T-ara (2009-Present)


  • Boram (2009-2017) - Vocalist, Rapper
  • Q-ri (2009-Present) - Leader, Vocalist
  • Soyeon (2009-2016) - Main Vocalist
  • Eunjung (2009-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
  • Hyomin (2009-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Jiyeon (2009-Present) - Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group, Maknae

Past Members:

  • Hwayoung (2010-2012)
  • Areum (2012-2013)
  • Dani (Predebut) [2012-2014]

T-ara debuted in 2009 with the single “Lie”. Known as “K-pop’s Chameleons”, T-ara constantly redefine their musical and visual image while at the same time mainting their trademark hook-heavy dance style. Their first hit was “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, released in 2009. They continued to release hit songs for the three following years, and went on to debut in Japan in 2011 with a Japanese version of “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and then China, with their collaboration single “Little Apple” (2014) with Chinese duo Chopstick Brothers, making them one of the most succesful groups in South Korea, Japan and China. Their public image in South Korea suffered a big hit in 2012 after fabricated rumours arouse, claiming that the original members of the group were bullying a member who was removed from the group and company at that time. The group continued to release music in their home country, but were mostly supported by their international fans. Said rumours were finally proven false five years later, restoring the group’s image and ceasing all of the unjust accusations made against them.

Greatest Hits: “Bo Peep Bo Peep” , “Crazy Because of You” , “Roly-Poly” , “Cry Cry” , “Lovey-Dovey

4Minute (2009-2016)


  • Jihyun - Leader, Vocalist, Face of the Group
  • Gayoon - Main Vocalist
  • Jiyoon - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
  • HyunA - Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Face of the Group
  • Sohyun - Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae

4Minute debuted in 2009 with their best-selling hit single “Hot Issue” which helped them gain fame and recognition at the start of their careers. The group focused on dance, electronic and EDM music and sported a sexy but bold and independent image. They maintained their sound and style as well as the popularity they acquired with their debut and never failed to release music each year during the entirety of their career, making them one of the most consistent groups when it comes to hiatus periods between each of their comebacks.

Greatest Hits: “Hot Issue” , “Muzik” , “Volume Up” , “What’s Your Name?” , “Crazy

f(x) [2009-Present]


  • Victoria - Leader, Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Amber - Vocalist, Main Rapper
  • Luna - Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Krystal - Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

Past Member:

  • Sulli (2009-2015)

f(x) made their debut with single “LA chA TA” in 2009. Their style is a perfect mix of cute and soft vocals with an alternative visual and artistic style, often experimenting with new sounds and styles. Their big breakthrough came in 2011 with their single “Pinocchio” and the follow-up and best-selling single “Hot Summer”, receiving much love and adoration from K-pop fans worldwide.

Greatest Hits: “Pinocchio” , “Hot Summer” , “Electric Shock” , “Red Light” , “4 Walls

miss A (2010-Present)


  • Fei (2010-Present) - Lead Vocalist
  • Jia (2010-2016) - Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Min (2010-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Main Dancer
  • Suzy (2010-Present) - Main Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group, Maknae

miss A debuted in 2010 with hit single “Bad Girl Good Girl” from their debut EP “Bad but Good”. Adapting a sexy but also strong and independent public image right from the start of their career, miss A are famous for their dance-heavy title tracks and R&B-influenced b-sides and songs that promote female sexuality (”Touch”, “Hush”) but also independence and feminism (”Good Bye Baby”, “I Don’t Need a Man”). miss A’s songs never fail to impress and capture audiences.

Greatest Hits: “Bad Girl Good Girl” , “Breathe” , “Good Bye Baby” , “Touch” , “Hush

Brown Eyed Girls (2006-Present)


  • JeA - Leader, Main Vocalist
  • Miryo - Sub-Vocalist, Main Rapper
  • Narsha - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Gain - Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group, Maknae

Brown Eyed Girls debuted as an R&B/Ballad vocal group with “Come Closer” in 2006. Brown Eyed Girls are what one would call the ultimate feminist icons in the K-pop industry. Mature, bold, brave, sexy, strong, independent, unapologetic are all words that perfectly describe the core concepts that the group’s music and image revolve around. They started gaining popularity in 2008 with their song “L.O.V.E” and then captivated their home country with “Abracadabra” the following year. The Brown Eyed Girls are also notable for the relatively big age gap they have compared to their contemporary colleagues, and for staying together for eleven (and counting!) years, without any member changes too.

Greatest Hits: “L.O.V.E.” , “How Come?” ,  “Abracadabra” , “Sign” , “Sixth Sense

After School (2009-Present)

Members (Last Active LIne-up):

  • Jung-A (2009-2016) - Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Juyeon (2009-2015) - Vocalist, Dancer
  • U-ie (2009-2017) - Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group
  • Raina (2009-Present) - Main Vocalist, Dancer
  • Nana (2009-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer
  • Lizzy (2010-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Dancer
  • E-Young (2011-Present) - Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Kaeun (2012-Present) - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Dancer, Maknae

Past Members:

  • Soyoung (2009-2009)
  • Bekah (2009-2011)
  • Kahi (2009-2012)

After School debuted in 2009 with maxi single “New Schoolgirl” and used “Ah” to promote it. After School are notable for their admission-graduation system, but most importantly, for their complex choreographies; from drum-marching, to tap dancing, to pole dancing, they’ve trained for months to perfect said choreographies and have succeeded with much grace and efficiency. Their best-selling hit “Because of You” is their best-known hit and its success enabled them to continue releasing great music for the next six years after it’s release.

Greatest Hits: “Because of You” , “Bang!” , “Shampoo” , “Flashback” , “First Love

'When you’re black you have to fight': Tinashe, Kehlani and other female R&B artists struggle for attention
Only three black women have topped the charts in the past 10 years. Here's why.
By Gerrick D. Kennedy

Three years ago, all the signs pointed one way: Tinashe was on her way to pop stardom.

In 2012, when she was just 19, she produced two critically acclaimed mixtapes that landed her a deal at RCA. A year later her debut single, “2 On,” made it to No. 24 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Her 2014 debut album, “Aquarius,” was met with critical acclaim and she was nominated for a BET Award.

Since then, the singer-songwriter has toured with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, collaborated with Britney Spears, earned praise from idol Janet Jackson and issued two buzzy projects, including last year’s digital-only work “Nightride.”

Yet Tinashe’s career has hit an impasse.

Nearly two years after it was announced to much hype, RCA has yet to release her long-gestating sophomore album, “Joyride.” As a string of genre-hopping singles and collaborations with artists like Spears, Chris Brown and Young Thug failed to produce a major hit, “Joyride” and her young career have stalled.

Attempting a restart, she has learned many things: that pop hits speak louder than reviews, only crossover stars make real money and being a black female performer comes with inherent challenges.

“Critical acclaim hasn’t been enough in my experience,” said the 24-year-old, who was born Tinashe Kachingwe. “The label appreciates it, but the music business, in my perspective, is still so much based on revenue and how much they are making in sales. That’s where it gets really [crappy].”

“You just want to make art for the sake of art,” she continued, “and not have people [care] about a number, first-week sales or things like that.”

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Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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OCTOBER 22: Fun Home premieres (2013)

On this day in 2013, the musical Fun Home made its Broadway debut. Adapted by Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori from Alison Bechdel’s autobiographical graphic novel, Fun Home became a nationwide sensation for its bold depiction of a young butch lesbian coming to terms with her childhood and the fact that her deceased father was a deeply closeted gay man.

Fun Home: A True Story Becomes a Tony-Winning Best Musical” (x).

Fun Home first premiered in September of 2013 at The Public Theater, but it officially made the jump to Broadway on October 22, 2013. Starring Beth Malone, Emily Skeggs, and Sydney Lucas all as Alison Bechdel at different ages throughout her life, the musical follows the same structure as the graphic novel; the story begins with the adult cartoonist living out and proud in the modern day and follows adult Alison’s narration as she tells the story of her relationship with her father from the time she was a 10-year-old child, a questioning teenager, and as a college student writing a coming out letter to her parents.

The main cast of Fun Home poses for a publicity shot (x).

Although gay identity is not foreign territory to the theater world, it could be argued that lesbian identity had never been so thoroughly studied and cherished before Fun Home broke onto the scene. Invigorating the original work with 22 songs, when the official cast album was released in 2014, it debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top Cast Album Chart. Fun Home’s phenomenon status was reached when it was nominated for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and then nominated for over 12 Tony Awards – winning 5 of them including the culminating honor of Best Musical.


anonymous asked:

if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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Keiji Tanaka: Growing with “a sense of urgency” from Hanyu & Hino of the same year (Nikkan Sports 17-18 GP Athlete Profiles)

A nice profile on Keiji from Nikkan Sports. He is competing at the ongoing Cup of China, currently at 4th place in the SP! Best of luck in the free skate! 

Translated by gladi. Feel free to repost with credit. Source thanks to fiammaazzurro@twi. Accompanying pictures aren’t part of the article, and don’t belong to me.

(Above, credit unknown)

Keiji Tanaka, born on November 22, 1994 in Kurashiki, Okayma. During the winter of grade 1 in elementary school, he went with his mother to a nearby rink and thus began his competitive career. He came under the tutelage of his current coach, Hayashi, beginning in elementary grade 3, and trains in Kansai over the weekend. Beginning in his freshman year of college (2013), he moved base to Hyogo prefecture. Living alone and commuting to the rink on his bicycle, he achieved 8th place in the Japan Figure Skating Championships in his senior debut (2014). He was 3rd place at the NHK Trophy of the Grand Prix Series, and second place at the Japanese nationals in 2016. He is 172cm.

Keiji Tanaka: Growth with “a sense of urgency” from Hanyu & Hino of the same year

“Many people think this is a great name,” said Keiji Tanaka, second place in the 2016 Japan Figure Skating Championships., his features relaxing from a cool expression. His dad had named him Keiji with the thought that he “wanted to raise [him] with a strong sense of justice.” And, said with a laugh, “indeed I was, more so than others, incapable of mischief. Against each and every bad thing, I feel twice the resistance as others”––this is surely his true thought.

He began to skate in elementary grade 1, at the same rink in Kurashiki, Okayama as 2010 Vancouver Olympics bronze medalist, Daisuke Takahashi. Although he was known locally, during the summer of grade 4, he received a shock at the Youth Development Summer Camp in Nobeyama, Nagano. “There was just something different about Yuzu after all. At that point, I knew only the names of both Hanyu-kun and Hino-kun.” Having only traveled as far east as Kyoto at that point, young [Keiji Tanaka] encountered his rivals from from the same school year––Ryuju Hino from Tokyo, and Yuzuru Hanyu from Miyagi.

They played UNO (a card game) in their 4-people dormitory, and “the fried chicken and veggies and milk were delicious,” he recalled with a laugh. However, he could not forget Hanyu’s running posture, his adaptability to on-ground training for raising their sense of rhythm and so forth. From then on, twice a year, he would confirm Hanyu and Hino’s strength at the Nobeyama camp as well as the Japan Novice Figure Skating Championships.

“In year 1 of secondary school, for some reason I got to know that ‘Yuzu appears to have executed the (triple) Lutz and Flip,’ and frantically [attempted] jumps, et cetera. Hearing news of the two of them, I would get anxious and eager to train. Without the two of them, I also wouldn’t have the desire to improve myself.“

He watched Hanyu win the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, as one who had stayed in the junior category for six years. He competed at the senior level beginning in the 2014-15 season, however, “there are amazing athletes both [ahead of me and coming up from behind]. Of course, there  is a sense of unease even now.” (Tanaka) Even so, Tanaka asserts that the sense of urgency “that had never changed” made him stronger. “I need to be constantly at that danger line. I want to see skaters who always try to continue to grow, and I also want to be someone like that.” Last season, he was 19th place in his debut at the World Championships. The intensity of the world he experienced too, would surely transform into energy as he aims for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.


(2011 cr. Figure Skating Online)

(2017 Cup of China SP Protocol – 2017.11.03 – 4th place!)

anonymous asked:

What was the thing that happened in 2012, between bap and exo?

ok omg bap used to have one of the biggest fandoms back until around 2014 (and they also debuted in 2012 with exo) and basically they rivaled exo in like, every awards show. like imagine bts vs exo now x1000 and thats bap vs exo lol, their fans despised each other, there was an awards show where they fought for awards and then got fuckin busker buskered lmao. the only reason bap and exo arent still rivaling each other in terms of popularity and stuff is because there was a REALLY messy lawsuit with tsent and human right violations (as in ts wasnt even PAYING BAP AND IT WAS FUCKED UP!!! bap dealt with it because they were waiting for zelo to become legal so thry could all leave together lmao im emo) and lots of fans left bap bc of that, plus it took a long time for them to come back, and it sucks because they were really in their peak when it happened (like angel 1004 era!!!! which was!!! ICONIC!!!!). it was just a mess and their fanwars were so iconic….i loved it

7 for 7 (meaning yes, Jackson’s in it too)

Deal with it. 


No seriously, all of these Got6 fanatics who are threatening Jackson (Jia-er/Ka-yee) Wang, need to get it through their heads. In January of 2014, JYP debuted a new group consisting of 7…yes, 7 members.

Just in case you all forgot. SEVEN

They were (in age order): Mark Tuan, Im Jaebum, Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Youngjae, BamBam, and Kim Yugyeom

You see who’s the third oldest there? Yeah, memorize it.

The name of this group, the official, patented, copyrighted name of the group, was, wait for it, this might shock you.


Wow…(-.-) I wonder why they called it 7.

And I wonder where people got the message mixed up and decided to rename it Got6. (I mean, JYP hasn’t changed the name, the members haven’t come out with the new name, none of the above. In fact, even for the new Japanese Comeback Teaser, instead of using got7, they simply stated the names of the six members…did anyone see Got6? No? Or am I just blind?)

In fact, even the fandom name is called….wait for it. igot7

So, from calculated logic or, you know, common sense, if you don’t got 7, you ain’t a part of the fandom. (GASP)

Got6 fanatics aren’t fans of any of the boys…in fact, let’s see how. These 7 talented boys who are pretty much doing most of the work for this comeback that is going to kill us all, they have given us two options in terms of this fandom, in terms of how many of them we should allow into the group:




…haha, that’s funny.

Not 7 or 6, not 7 or nothing, you all don’t even have a choice anymore. Accept it.

But for those who have already fallen too deep down the disillusioned hole of 6, I can’t reason with them. I’m gonna talk to those who are thinking about joining them.

Do you guys know how hard it is to leave your parents and move in with people you don’t know, or how hard it is to leave your home country, learn a whole new language by yourself, fight to adjust yourself to a new environment?

If no, then let me say that I do. 

It’s scary, it’s depressing, and sometimes, it’s just enough to make you want to kill yourself. DO NOT TAKE THE FACT THAT JACKSON WANG IS STILL ALIVE AND FIGHTING TO PLEASE YOU ALL LIGHTLY. And to add to the fact, Jackson’s connection to his mom and dad is strong, and trust me, being away from your parents when that connection is that strong, you feel like dying sometimes, literally, your body feels like its breaking down, sometimes you get so anxious you can’t breathe, and sometimes you feel as if your sanity is slipping away from your fingers and you can’t do anything about it. You start questioning everything, you start shutting people out (or hiding it, which is worse), and so forth and so forth. DON’T TAKE IT LIGHTLY.

Learning a new language is hard all on it’s own. I speak three, and am learning a fourth, English isn’t my first, English isn’t my second. When I first began speaking the language habitually, people in the U.S (not my home country) looked down on me, made fun of me, and mocked/jeered me for every little word I got wrong or said with too thick of an accent. It was humiliating, it was almost enough to make me throw the towel and give up. DON’T TAKE JACKSON WANG SPEAKING KOREAN THE WAY HE DOES NOW LIGHTLY (OR BAMBAM OR MARK FOR THAT MATTER EITHER).

Let’s move on, do you know how hard it is to be anemic?

If no, let’s have a small lesson. Anemia is a blood problem, a blood deficiency problem. Either your body doesn’t make enough blood, or the blood it does make isn’t healthy enough. Blood means oxygen transport, oxygen means breathing, muscle health, and so much more.

So, being anemic, means that more than once, you feel like you can’t breathe. Your chest hurts, your muscles cramp, and you’re so out of breath it’s a struggle to take another one. You get light headed more than once, you’re tired literally all the time, you get migraines on a regular, you feel like passing out after too much exercise, you get colds often, you’re either always hungry or always full, you lose weight if you don’t eat properly (quicker than normal), your nails are brittle or weirdly shaped, you get pale, ecetera, ecetera. Now, I face all this, and that was as a normal person living life, not as an athlete or idol group member with such a hectic schedule. DO NOT TAKE JACKSON WANG SHOWING UP, JUMPING AROUND LIKE A HYPER CHIPMUNK (wait, that’s BamBam’s nickname), AND LAUGHING HIS HEART OUT ON STAGE FOR YOU ALL WITH THAT CHOREOGRAPHY LIGHTLY.

AND DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT, HATE, SEND THREATS, AND JAB AT JACKSON WANG WHEN HIS BODY HAS GONE THROUGH TOO MUCH AS AN ANEMIC AND HE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE TO ACTUALLY REST/MISS EVENTS OR GATHERINGS OR ELSE GO TO THE HOSPITAL. (What, will you guys finally be satisfied that he’s not doing this to leave the group when he passes out on stage and has to get rushed to the Emergency and connected to the IV and misses out on things due to doctor’s orders? Sheesh)

Let’s keep going: do you guys know how hard it is to not identify? 

No? Don’t get what I mean? Let me explain. I am Canadian and American and my parents are both Haitian. I was born in Canada, but can’t fully identify as Canadian since I moved away at such a young age, my family and others up there keep saying that I’m not a true Canadian because of this. I can’t fully identify as American since, one, I feel more Canadian inside myself, two, it was a struggle to even fit in at first, three, my home culture is completely different, four, English isn’t my first language (even if I’m fluent), and so forth. Sometimes I stick out like a sore thumb. And I can’t fully identify as Haitian, because one, I never visited Haiti, two, the sayings, full culture, and atmosphere of Haiti isn’t something I know. I have three identities, but in reality, I can’t really have one at all.

This is just an example. I’m sure that you all know that Jackson Wang is from Hong Kong, but one (or two, I don’t know exactly) of his parents are from the mainlaind, and he lives in South Korea. Fake ‘fans’ from each of these areas are hating on him saying that he’s not a true ‘Hong-Konger’ (is that even a word?), China-man, and, obviously, Korean. They are literally stealing his identity from him, and as much as he may show that it doesn’t get to him, this is Jackson we’re talking about…

It probably does…so STOP.

It is something enough to make you sit on your bed at night and wonder who you really are, NO ONE SHOULD BE FEELING THIS WAY, SO STOP MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Let’s also not forget that he has an entire Chinese fandom to cater to, and doing it by himself is A LOT of work, so with the struggles he’s going through physically and emotionally, it’s not a surprise JYP took him off of Japanese promotions (I’m sad about that, so I’ll just have to go break the repeat button on My Swagger). But it was necessary, they found it necessary, deal with it, and if you don’t, either go become a JYP board member/ CEO/ whatever else or just don’t say anything (I say this with all love of course).

Now, I’m not saying that Jackson Wang is perfect (he’s perfect for me, that’s different), he’s made some mistakes, and some of those shook me up a bit as a black girl (not the dreads, forget about that, DO NOT BRING IT UP ANYMORE), and some have shaken others up too. But he’s human. Yes, a human with a large platform to cater too, something he should keep in mind, but AGAIN, he is human. Hating on him on Instagram, making him too traumatized to read comments on Vlive (my breaking point), and sending him hate messages is AGAINST ALL HUMAN DECENCY. HE’S ALREADY BEEN SUICIDAL, DON’T PUT IT ON REPEAT!


Got7, yes 7, has tried enough times to show how he’s a part of them, how he is them, more than they really needed to. So stop. Got6 doesn’t exist, there is no fandom called igot6, and even if you try to make one, it’s not for the group I’ve come to know and love.


 (All this in light of the comeback I’m dying for and for Jackson’s teaser, and he’s not even my bias, dang).

And if anyone is offended (I apologize, not my intention, but it’s the truth)

Now, who else is hyped for 7 for 7? (*Raises both hands and feet, sees no one else doing it, still does it anyways)

It seems as if the One Direction boys can do no wrong, and that has been proven once again by former member Niall Horan, who has just conquered the American albums chart with ease on his first try. The singer’s debut solo title Flicker begins at No. 1 with 152,000 equivalent copies, with 128,000 of those being actual sales.

Including his work with the quintet that made him a star, Horan now has five No. 1 albums in the U.S. to his credit. He first reached the top with Up All Night back in 2011, and follow-up One Direction records Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013) and Four (2014) also debuted at the pinnacle of the Billboard 200. Between the five albums One Direction released and his sole solo effort, Horan has only missed hitting the No. 1 spot once in his career. The boy band’s final offering, Made In The A.M. stalled at No. 2, held back only by Justin Bieber’s Purpose, which nothing could beat.

Flicker has thus far spun off two singles, both of which have proven to not only be successful, but long-lasting hits. First up was “This Town,” which was originally released over a year ago. The song took its time climbing the charts, and it eventually rose all the way to No. 20 in America. After a considerable amount of time had passed (especially when taking into account the relatively short shelf life of most pop records), he dropped second single “Slow Hands,” which saw him take things in a more sultry direction. That tune performed even better on the Hot 100, rising all the way to No. 11, stopping just shy of becoming his first top 10 in America using his real name.

Horan is now the third of five former members of British boy band One Direction to score a No. 1 album in the U.S. Impressively, only three of the singers have dropped solo full-lengths, and they now have a sterling record when it comes to making a big splash on their own. Zayn was the first to do so, as he left the group, instead of waiting until it disbanded like the other four. His debut Mind Of Mine hit the top of the Billboard 200 back in March of 2016, powered in part by lead single “Pillowtalk,” which also started at No. 1.

Harry Styles found success going in a rockier direction this past summer with his self-titled full-length, and while he didn’t also notch a No. 1 hit single, his biggest track to date, “Sign Of The Times,” did make it all the way to No. 4 in the U.S.

The three former members of 1D who have rocketed to the peak position on the albums tally have been able to grow out of their boy band days by trying different sounds and styles, and each one sounds noticeably different from others. Zayn’s alt-R&B/pop couldn’t sound less like Harry Styles’ 70’s-esque rock, and Niall Horan is pulling off the acoustic guitar-fronted singer-songwriter look very well.

Forbes 29.10.17


🎠Allure of Dance Backstory and Extra’s🎠

▫️NamJinKook, and Suga’s Instagram posts through the years.
•Jungkook made his debut in 2014
•He met Suga through RM back in 2013 in the MAMA awards when they sat next to him and Suga’s been tsundere for him since. (no one can resist the bunny teeth)

29/?: https://mikaela-jl.tumblr.com/post/166117503679/29-allure-of-dance-au-30

⚜️Again, none of these Backstory and Extra posts are really necessary for the main plot of the story, it’s just an expansion of the alternate universe that resides in Allure of Dance.⚜️

Allure of Dance Au: https://mikaela-jl.tumblr.com/post/165425208269/just-another-social-media-au-because-why-not

[ARTICLE] Buffy announces departure from MADTOWN and plans to enlist in military

MADTOWN’s Buffy has announced that he has decided to leave the group and enlist in the army soon.

On November 10, Buffy posted the following letter to his Instagram and the group’s fan cafe.

“Hello. This is Buffy. It feels like I’m speaking to you for the first time in a very long while. I am writing because I have news to tell you.

I will be enlisting in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps on November 20.

You may be surprised by this sudden news, but I’ve worried a lot about my future for a very long time, and after having a lot of discussions about it with the members as well, I’ve decided to leave the group and voluntarily enlist.

I sincerely thank you for always believing in, supporting, and loving MADTOWN’s Buffy ever since my debut in 2014.

Our time promoting together, which may seem either short or long, will be a huge support for me as I go forward in the future.

As I am a citizen of the Republic of Korea before I am a singer, I will earnestly fulfil my military duty and return as a more mature Kim Joo Hyeon.

I once again sincerely thank my fans, and I’m sorry to have to tell you this news. I promise that I’ll definitely repay fans for all their love with good music when I’m discharged.

I have come all this way with the members since I was young, and I support their roads ahead more than anyone else.

Thank you for loving MADTOWN’s Buffy during all that time.

From Kim Joo Hyeon.”

source: soompi

Via SNS [Part 1]

Kim Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count: 2246

Genre: Fluff

Part 2 / Part 3 

“Oh Yugyeom loves Y/N. He is obsessed with her,” Jinyoung teased. A shy smile pulled at Yugyeom’s lips and his ears tinged red with embarrassment.

“No, I am not,” he whined cutely, in your opinion.

“Come on. Yes you are,” Jinyoung continued.

“She is my favorite artist. I will leave it at that,” Yugyeom said, trying to drop the conversation.

That is when Jackson butted in and said, “We all know that she is your ideal type so don’t even deny it.”

The beginning of the friendship between you and Yugyeom was a strange one. It all started when you received a tidal wave of mentions on Twitter and thousands of comments on Instagram all about this guy named Yugyeom. The comments consisted of oh my god! yugyeom @yu_gyeom loves you! follow him please! and @yu_geom says you are his favorite artist!! two worlds colliding! both of you are my favorites!!!! love you guys!! <3 :0. After days and days of receiving these comments you finally decided to check out who this Yugyeom kid was. So, the first thing you did was browse through his Instagram account. “Wow, this man is seriously good looking,” you thought to yourself as you scrolled through the dozens of selfies he had posted. After reading some of the captions to his posts you gathered that Yugyeom was part of some boy group called Got7.

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HOTSHOT has finally had a comeback (they debuted in 2014) and it is lit. I love the sound of the song; it’s a bop and he choreography is fire. For any new HOTSHOT fans (welcome) here’s a little guide to the members.

Choi Junhyuk, 25 : 0:33-0:49,  Leader, Main Vocalist

Kim Moonkyu (Timoteo), 24 : 1:30-1:38, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group

Noh Taehyun (Kid Monster/KiMon), 23 : 0:18-0:30,  Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper 

Ha Sungwoon, 22 : Not featured due to WannaOne,  Main Vocalist

Yoon San (Yoonsan/San), 22 :  1:44-2:00, Main Rapper, Vocalist

Go Hojeong, 22 : 0:49-1:00,  Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer,  Maknae, Visual