2014 vlogs

Welcome back Jack! :D

Happy to hear you had an awesome time on tour and your break :)

I kinda got emotional during the video because I was watching some old vlogs and in a REALLY old vlog (2014 I think) you said:

One day I will be up, among those people. I will never ever in a million years get a million subscribers on the channel but I will fucking work as if I have 50 million on my channel

And this tour/break just proves that he is among all these people now and that he is still working his ass off to give the community the best content he can AND he is also almost at 17 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Jack saying he wants to make us proud again hit me a small bit… I can list millions of reasons why/how he has made us proud and him just doing YT makes me proud because he has come from a small cabin in the woods, to his own apartment to his own HOUSE! And that alone makes me proud to be in this community and support him in any way that I can :)

I’m so proud to see how far he has come and can’t wait to see how far he’ll go in the future!

Anyways… Glad you’re back Jack. Just know you can take a break when you need it! We’ll always be here, waiting for you with open arms! <3

And I’m just gonna leave this little quote here:

Different isn’t bad, different can be great

anonymous asked:

Omg you watch Rhiannon Ashlee?? I love her too I've watched her Since she was a young hipster living with her dad - now she's this lovely mummy! That's so cool that you watch her too!! Tell me what u like about her I wanna start a dialogue!!

me too, i’ve watched her since she had long hair I love her she’s my daughter sister. okay when she moved out on her own and vlogged frequently it was such an important part of my day to watch her daily vlogs. she was vlogging like going to blogger events, feeling alone and like she had no friends, transitioning into adulthood, cooking, cleaning her house. i remember when she was talking about how difficult it was to pay bills and it changed my perspective entirely because her main channel was huge but she was saying she wasn’t rich the way people thought she was. and then just her cooking fresh vegetables and fruits every day. it was literally like having a long distance friend. i feel like i grew up with her. now she has a baby i feel like she’s my friend that’s busy with her baby. i can remember like each vlog every day. her 2014 vlogs got me through my adulthood and inspired me so much

she’s so warm and friendly and kooky and silly and emotional and vulnerable. i just love her. she’s the exact type of friend i would have. she has such good energy. 

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in one of your fics you wrote about phil dealing with migraines or headaches in general. is that something you based of something he's said, or just purely your invention?

Based on truth. Up until the last few years, Phil tweeted almost monthly about having headaches, often just to say how bad they were. He stopped tweeted it as often but still did a few times a year. 

And in the 2014 Vidcon vlog they go to the spa with Cat, you can also hear Cat telling Phil that it would be good for the headaches he gets (link @ 4:46). I don’t think he ever said they were migraines, but it’s an assumption I’m making/have made for the purpose of fic. Either way he clearly gets pretty bad headaches on a regular basis. 

(It’s unclear whether he stopped tweeted about them along with how he stopped tweeting about most personal/health related things, or if the headaches actually stopped being so regular.)

The saga of Tyler Oakley and his skater boy

Tyler tries to play a prank on his best friend, but it goes wrong

So he tries to fill the hole in his heart with a skater boy

This relationship would never last and a fight causes the end

BUT NOT FOR LONG. Myler to the rescue

Later, Tyler is ashamed when he realizes Alfie is the third guy today

He tries to save Zyler by serenading Zoe with an air violin arrangement

But alas, Tyler ends the night in sorrow.

Don’t fall for skater boys



My California Summer 2014

I flew from London to LA for 2 amazing months last summer and here are some of the highlights.

Watch the full web series HERE