2014 us figure skating championships

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I should probably be doing homework or working on Part 3 of Rhody Tales but instead I came up with an AU..... Bitty goes pro with figure skating and skips college. Jack's story still happens except without the Bitty stuff. They both go to the Winter Olympics (Jack for Team Canada Hockey, Bitty for USA Figure Skating). There are budget cuts so hockey and figure skating are on the same rink. Bitty is running late to warmups, and the hockey game is in overtime. Jack and Bits run into each other (1/

And Bitty is like “Hoy boy who is this beautiful hockey player” But he has to get to his event so he runs off. Later he tries to figure out who the hockey player is, and finds all the Falconers behind the scenes videos and stuff. Highkey falls in love with Jack. Somehow they meet again and Bitty tells Jack he has a massive crush on him and happy ever after I didn’t develop this AU enough yet. (2/2)

okay em @asexualhedgehog​ sent me this forever ago and i’m an awful friend (who spent too much time looking up the pyeongchang olympics and how you qualify for the olympic figure skating team) but i’m ready to do this!! finally!!!! 

i’ve been planning it for a while and it’s kind of turned into a multipart fiasco so i’m going to post a brief primer of everything that has happened before the fic takes place

anyway here goes, background info of a 2018 olympics au ft. zimbits, bad texting grammar, and some sport,,, probably:

  • takes place at the pyeongchang 2018 winter olympics 
  • bitty is 22, jack is 27
  • jack:
    • as em said, jack’s life follows canon apart from the absence of bitty (draft -> od -> coaching -> samwell -> falcs)
    • by 2018 he’s cap of the falcs and gets an A for the canadian olympic team for pyeongchang
  • bitty:
    • continued figure skating in hs and ended up placing second at the us national figure skating championships in 2014 thus earning a place on the us roster for the sochi olympics
    • he placed 9th overall in the mens singles (i’m basically replacing jason brown with bitty ngl) 
    • come 2018 my boy is ready to dominate, places 2nd at worlds and then 1st at the us national so ofc he’s on the 2018 olympic team
  • the rest of the smh are also there btw:
    • (i originally wanted to make them all do different sports (hmu if you want to know what they were gonna be, hint: shitty’s was biathlon lmao) but then that would fuck with the team dynamic that jack was still meant to have from going to samwell so)
    • lardo and shitty are there to support jacko (also bitty but i’ll get to that)
    • ransom and holster are on team canada w jack (ransom plays for the sabres, holster plays for the leafs - they find this hilarious) (also the reason holster is on team canada is bc when he married ransom he got canadian citizenship)
    • chowder and nursey are playing for team usa (chowder plays for the sharks bc come on, nursey plays for the wild) 
    • dex and farmer are there as their number 1 fans
    • (also yes it might be unrealistic to have 5 nhl, olympic worthy players coming from 1 arts college in mass within the span of 4 years but idc it’s my au)
  • bitty met lardo back in 2016 when he was competing in skate america
    • lardo happened to be in chicago with some of the smh watching jack’s first season game as captain (bc u know that fucker gets captain in his 2nd year goddamn connor mcdavid motherfucker)
    • ANYWAY thirdy’s wife carrie loves 17y/o figure skating prodigy eric bittle and has tickets to skate america and lardo ends up going because they’re in chicago for the weekend and somehow (i’m too lazy to think of how sorry) she bumps into said eric bittle (ooh wait it’s bc thirdy is ~famous~ and pulls some strings so carrie gets to meet bitty) and it’s like instant connection, bffs forever etc. bits and lardo exchange numbers and fb deets and even tho they don’t go to samwell together in this au they basically go to samwell together but like in their hearts
    • bits has never directly met shitty but he knows enough about him from lards to feel like he has
    • he’s heard about the rest of the team, jack included, but he never made the connection between larissa- samwell alumni and friend of famous nhl player’s wife- duan, and jack- grumpy but kind eyes falcs captain- zimmermann (bc bitty is kinda an idiot, i feel like we know this)
    • so yes, the smh (and bitty) are all at the 2018 winter olympics 
    • (also to get the hockey players and figure skaters to be in the same arena i basically kind of deleted the gangneung hockey centre so now both take place in the gangneung ice arena, sorry south korea)

and that’s all you need to know before i actually start this goddamn fic

,,,, when i start this goddamn fic


Mirai Nagasu - James Bond Medley

2014 US Figure Skating Championships Free Skate (January 11, 2014)

January 6th

1412 - Joan of Arc is born

1929 - Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta, India 

1994 - Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the knee at the US Figure Skating Championships

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Jason Brown Free Skate 2014 US Figure Skating Championships (by NastiaFan101take10)