2014 swim collection

Behind The Scenes at Our St. Tropez Shoot

The glitz. The glamour. The beaches. Le sigh… we’re of course talking about St. Tropez, the glamorous French Riviera hotspot where ultimate bombshell Brigitte Bardot famously filmed And God Created Woman in 1955. Though Paris is the true birthplace of the bikini, Bardot—in her iconic gingham two-piece—is often credited with putting the bikini (and St. Tropez) on the map.   

With its bikini-clad history, and its stunning beaches and its variety of yacht options, St. Tropez was the perfect spot to shoot our Swim 2014 campaign!

Check out some highlights below. 

Club 55 is one of St. Tropez’s first beach club—and one of our favorite sites to shoot at! 

The only problem was the wind. Martha was posing under an umbrella and it literally got blown away! The solution? A change of scenery and a wind-proof beach braid instead of our usual bombshell waves. 

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