2014 is my year

Day 5 of 365: I finally have an idea of where I’m going and I actually feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Six months from now (sheesh does that seem far away) I graduate high school. Five months from now I make my decision and click the accept button on the college of my choice. Four months from now I go to my Senior Prom and see all my classmates in the same place for the second to last time. Three months from now I turn 18. Two months from now I celebrate one last time home for my mom’s birthday. Although my future may seem far away, I feel closer to it than I have ever been and I am proud of myself for getting this far.

I don’t usually do this but I just need to take a second to talk about my achievements so far this year.

It’s been over 6 months since I’ve had a soda.
I have drastically reduced my junk food intake.
I’m currently wearing a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into since my sophomore year of high school.
I work out 5 days a week.
I’ve almost quintupled my jogging time since I’ve started. (5 mins and now currently at 23 and working up higher)
I’ve gotten piercings.
I’ve gotten a tattoo.
I have a house.
I’m moving out.
I haven’t harmed in almost a year.
I’ve stopped letting people walk all over me.
I shaved the side of my head.

I’m proud of myself. So goddamn proud. This time last year, I wasn’t in the best place. I was miserable. I’m getting a lot better. I’ve come so fucking far in a year, and I’m only going to keep going farther. I’m so proud.

Everything is finally falling into place. I got promoted to hardware department manager at work so I got a raise and full time hours. I’ve finally started online courses so I should be working from home by the end if the year. James and I are getting a car so I’ll be getting my permit next week (if the weather allows me to get to the DMV). Now we just need to decide where to move in the fall when our lease is up. We’re deciding between Nevada, Louisiana, and Mississippi at the moment. Plus we would like to start trying for baby #2 this year.

Wiwibloggs as Eurovision Slogans

• A Modern Wiwitale (2002)
• Slaying Rendez-vous (2003)
• Under The Same Realness (2004)
• Awakening (Of The Realness) (2005)
• Feel The Realness (2006)
• True Slaying (2007)
• Confluence Of Realness (2008)
• Share The (Wiwibloggs) Memes (2010)
• Feel Your Wiwi Beat (2011)
• Light Your Realness (2012)
• We Are Slaying (2013)
• #JoinUsSlaying (2014)
• Building Realness (2015)
• Slay Together (2016)


Changed my perspective, my life changed.
—  My six word for class. I could definitely agree because my life has definitely turned for the better. I’m at my prime and I’m glad. I was the person holding myself back.


Is all about embracing all of what 2014 has to offer ;) 

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