2014 hito

Kaoru reading the strings Vol 22 (Ongaku to hito Feb 2014)

“An elementary school kid (and still now) with many interests ”

From this issue on I’m going to probe into my memories, and for the next few issues I’ll talk about the time from when I was born until I was awakened to bands.

I was born in a hospital in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture.

I was a first born, but my parents were old when they had me so I think they raised me well.

I have a distant relative called Kaoru who is a scholar, and apparently hoping I would grow up to be a person like him they named me after him. I can do nothing but apologise for the way I actually turned out…

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Toshiya interview Ongaku to hito Feb 2014

The tour bus broke down on your American tour. It seemed tough.

Toshiya: Yeah… But well it wasn’t the first time we’ve had trouble on an overseas tour and we weren’t like “ahh, what should we do?!?…” However because of it we had to miss out on one of our shows. Luckily though, that venue was free the next day as well so we were able to move it to the next day and play then.

So for the band how was 2013? including those kinds of troubles.

Toshiya: Hmm… It’s not a very original way of saying it but it was like we confirmed our foundations, that kind of year.

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Shinya interview Ongaku to hito Feb 2014

What kind of year was 2013 for you?

Shinya: 2013… The year before that we ceased activities and then continued again right? And…  It was a year I put into action all the things I had been thinking about wanting to try in that time.

Speaking of that, in your previous interview as well you said that you re-looked at your style of playing.

Shinya: Yeah. At many minute things.

What kind of year do you think it was for the band?

Shinya: For the band as well, I think that during our break we each re-looked at ourselves. Then all of us coming back together after having gone through that I think we went forward holding a new power.

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Intro from Ongaku to hito, February 2014 issue

The future is here.

Only by one song the future of the band paints itself very strongly. DIR EN GREY’s new single SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH is a work that will become their signpost for 2014. In here the determination of 5 people is united, and through the mutual recognition the strong spirit of the band that says ‘let’s improve bands potential’ is overflowing. By the going through production different than anything they did before, there is a new air around them, it is an extremely nice to listen (lit. comfortable) single. Of course, even now, their road is very steep/rugged. It might end someday, unexpectedly. But they want to go forward. They still don’t want to allow the road to end for them. For this reason band made a choice. It is contracted in their latest release.

Starting from Kyo, who just had an announcement about his new activities, through long interview with band members, we also carried out a special interview together with Kaoru and Takashi Ueda from AA=, when they had a heated discussion about bands. Starting with the new single, this special edition with DIR EN GREY on cover and as an opening feature will go down to the bottom of what DIR EN GREY has as their core/focus.