2014 grads


Today I graduated from veterinary school. 

I’ve worked for seven years to get to this point in my life, graduating from the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course at one of the best universities in the world. There’s been tears and laughter, frustration and bliss, years and years of sleep deprivation, a period of severe depression and anxiety, and major curveballs in life that have changed everything. Although not everyone could be there today, the love ones I’ve lost, the family that couldn’t make it, I had the support of some people I couldn’t live without. In the past four years of vet school I’ve found the best friends I could ever have, and formed friendships that I know will last until the days when we’re old and grey, still telling the same stupid jokes and laughing hysterically. We’ve had academics and veterinary professionals inspire and encourage, and exams and challenges that have nearly broken us, but we pushed through - and here we are. 

Many of us have been holding the dream of being a veterinarian since we were little kids, as soon as we could walk and talk we talked about saving animals and had a fascination with nature and creatures that we held tight - now we’re in our mid-twenties, well and truly functional adults (or so they say), and we’ve made it, there are a hundred or so colleagues of mine out there that are still reeling from the events of the past few days, and the reality of finally achieving that dream, and I wish each and every one of them the best of luck in their future endeavours, if I don’t say so myself - we’re a fantastic bunch of people, and I know they say it about everyone, but I genuinely believe that there’s something special about our cohort. I love these guys with all my heart, and when I start my new adventure on Monday at my new job, I’ll no doubt be trying not to vomit I’ll be so nervous, but I know I’ll think of all these people who have changed my life, and there aren’t enough thanks in the world for what my amazing friends have done for me over the years.

Thank you guys.

Dr Brittany Sykes BAnVetBioSc DVM