2014 freshman class

a graduating senior's letter to freshman

tomorrow is my last day of high school. i guess it’s always been a tradition to give advice to freshman. when i try to think of just one solid line of advice, something that some scared 14 year old will hold onto for dear life until they are in my shoes in four years, it’s as if i’ve hopped on to a train that’s departing and i am screaming goodbye at the one’s i’m leaving behind. not once have i given someone a worthy goodbye. it always comes out in jumbled warnings and memories and wishes. but as my final day of high school lays ahead of me, i find myself on that train. i want to tell you to watch out for deadlines, and take more photos than you think you’ll need, and try new things even if you think you won’t like them. i’d tell you not to procrastinate, but in truth i just want you to learn to procrastinate well. don’t wait until the very last minute and end up turning in tear stained essays the morning following the night you spent rid with anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. turn in essays you write after you ditched studying to go driving around with your friends, essays that are filled with passion and too much conviction. always remember that what you get out of life is what you put into it. do not spend each day wishing for the next. you have to be there, so you might as well want to. i wish for you to love people with everything you’ve got, and then let them break you into a million tiny pieces, just so you know what it’s like. i wish for you to put up walls higher than the wall of china, and watch as one person single handedly breaks them down with just a few words. embrace every single thing that comes your way in the next four years, good and bad. embrace the positive and the negative, because you will learn from both. accept that the next four years are the only years when you will be surrounded by hundreds of people who are studying the same things as you, dealing with the same types of stress, are as much as they may hide it, are looking for support the same way you are. be that support for people. let other people be that support for you. and most importantly, be hungry. be hungry for growth, and success, and passion, and knowledge. remember that you are in no way required to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago. people say that high school is the time for finding yourself, but somehow i managed to lose myself more every day. cherish that, let yourself be constantly growing and constantly changing. realize that you will never find yourself and be happy with that thought, because to find yourself would mean that you had become stagnant. there are parts of your experience that are going to make you feel so numb, and you will settle with being stagnant and you will settle with feeling betrayed by your peers or your family or yourself. those times will come, but those times will also pass, and they are not worth letting the world break you. do not let the world make you hard, because you are beautiful and young and full of potential that you may or may not see right now. realize your own strengths, and do not dwell on the strengths of others. you are unique, you are important, and no matter what anyone tells you, the world needs you. 

these four years are short, so make it count. 

XXL 2014’s Freshman Class: Chance The Rapper, Rich Homie Quan, Isaiah Rashad, TY Dolla $ign, Lil Durk, Kevin Gates, Troy Ave, Vic Mensa, Lil Bibby, Jon Connor, Jarren Benton, August Alsina 

Getting Excited for 2015-16

Anna Gonzalez ‘16 (@NDBlogGonzo)


The unveiling of the 2015-15 Notre Dame Hockey schedule has me like

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The regular season begins on October 6 and ends on February 27. College hockey has a longer season than most other NCAA sports, but it flies by, as you well know. I only remain calm because I am in denial that I am now a senior and will be graduating in less than a year. What? Who said that? Never mind. Continuing…

The Irish, members of the Hockey East Association, will play 18 different schools from 10 states. Seven (!) of those schools are in Massachusetts. All the games are worth being excited about, but are the 5 that I can’t wait to see:

1. The first big series will be against Minnesota-Duluth when the Bulldogs come to visit on Oct. 23-24. I’m excited about this series because UMD was ranked 6th in the nation at the end of the 2014-15 season. Our freshman class last year was 10 members strong, and they showed a lot of potential. Now they’re sophomores: one year older, one season wiser. I’m ready to see what they’ll bring to the ice this year, and I think UMD will be the first big opportunity to showcase their talent.

2. The next big series is an unusual split series against Connecticut. The fact that it’s a split series is not unusual as it’s been that way a few years in a row now. What’s unusual is that the locations will be the XL Center in Hartford (the home of the Huskies) and the New York Islanders’ brand new home, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently taking donations for my travel expenses.

3. After they get back from New York, the Irish will play the Golden Gophers of Minnesota in a home series. Our series against Minnesota is always one of my favorites because Compton is so electric for the series. Like UMD, the Gophers will be challenging, but it’s not in the tradition of the Fighting Irish to shy away from a challenge.

4. On November 27, Hahvuhd is coming. The Crimson will be a nice contrast to our Blue and Gold on the ice for the annual Shillelagh Tournament. Those Harvard kids are known for being pretty smart, but they’re not bad at hockey either. They finished 11th in the USCHO Poll last season, but they’re no better than us Domers at exams or hockey. (Okay, they’re definitely better at me than hockey, but you get my point.)

The guys will head west to Denver for a New Years’ Series on Jan. 1-2, have a split series against Western Michigan and will bounce around between Indiana and the East Coast until finally…

5. THE FRIARS. They won it all last year, and they’ll be the penultimate series of the regular season for the Irish. It’ll be an away series against the reigning National Champions, and I feel as if our games against Providence are becoming a secondary Holy War on Ice.

Which games are you most excited for this season? Comment below or tweet me with your feedback, and let Hans and Franz pump you up!


After much anticipation XXL Magazine has finally unveiled their top twelve artists coming up in the Hip-Hop game this year. The gentlemen are: Chance The Rapper, Rich Homie Quan, Isaiah Rashad, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Durk, Kevin Gates, Troy Ave, Vic Mensa, Lil Bibby, Jon Connor, Jarren Benton and August Alsina collectively dubbed The Dirty Dozen. What do you guys think of this year’s lineup?