2014 fanfest

If I've Got You
Lumi Sea, Cast
If I've Got You

Another one of those songs that done by Lumi Seawith the specific intention to make as as many people cry as possible. Originally scripted to be sung back to back as both of them died,with Equius dying before the end of the song and Nepeta having to finish it on her own, but we felt that might just be a little TOO sad and reigned it in a bit. That said, the performances of Murphy and Nicole hardly left a dry eye in the house.


Nepeta Leijon: Nicole Yu

Equius Zahhak: Murphy McShane

Lyrics and original composition by Lumi Sea

You can  watch the musical from the very beginning over here

“Homestuck: The Musical” is a musical adaption of Homestuck, the webcomic by Andrew Hussie, which can be found here:http://mspaintadventures.com

We performed at Northwest Fanfest 2014 in Vancouver, Canada.